Scott Pioli: Chiefs’ 0-2 start is not the end of the world


Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli still thinks the team he assembled can have a good 2012 season, despite back-to-back big losses.

Pioli acknowledged that the Chiefs haven’t looked as good as he thought they would so far this season, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a good team.

If any one of us knew what the answer was, we wouldn’t be sitting where we’re sitting right now,” Pioli told the Kansas City Star. “But I also don’t think it’s the end of the world. We have 14 games left. We’re certainly digging a hole but it’s not something we can’t get out of. Everyone within the organization is disappointed in the results so far. We’re all surprised because I don’t think any one of us went into the season thinking we would be 0-2. I don’t think any of us anticipated that.”

Pioli stressed that Week Two of the season is too early to panic.

“Our expectations at the beginning of this year were that we were going to be winning games,” Pioli said. “Right now, we haven’t done that. [But] we’re two games into a 16-game season.”

And Pioli insisted that Romeo Crennel is the right man to coach the Chiefs.

“Absolutely he is. I think he’s doing a good job. I really do,” Pioli said.

Expressing confidence in staying the course is about the only thing a general manager can do after an 0-2 start. But while it may not be the end of the world, the Chiefs need to play better this season, or it could be the end of Pioli’s reign as their general manager.

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  1. “Pioli stressed that Week Two of the season is too early to panic.”

    What about when the game ends on Sunday and they’re 0-3, is it time then?

  2. he’s dang right about that….

    its a 16 round fight, and every one of them counts…

    its a longgggggg season,

    how many years in a row have we seen teams start 4-0 and tank and teams suck and then rise,

    buffalo was 4-0 last year!

    the broncos were dead at 1-4….

    1 made playoffs , 1 didnt,

  3. You may wonder why Pioli is smiling in the picture. I think it’s because he knows he’s making millions while producing a truly unfortunate (that’s the polite word) product. He’ll continue to issue “no reason to panic” type pronouncements up until the day he “resigns” with a generous severance package, then he’ll land another high-paying gig as a “consultant”.

    Just more tasty fruit off the New England tree.

  4. Many feel the long drought of winning by the Chiefs have made the Chiefs a bottom feeder and as many thought the Chiefs would at last put a good team on the field instead have continued the losing record. If this continues he will find an empty stadium and hopefully the cheapskate owner putting heat underneath Pioli.

  5. If your team loses on a last second field goal, you can stomach that as just part of the game. But Pioli’s teams have started this year and last year getting blown out. After 20 years of excuses from the front office, I don’t know why Chiefs fans still go to the stadium.
    0-2 may not be the end of the world Scotty, but it could be the beginning of the end for YOU!

  6. No it’s not the end of the world. He is a loser, but he is a rich loser, who has a cool job, and he has a huge pilla to lay his overweight cranium on at night.

  7. As a season ticket holder I think its the end. We fans expected to see a better product on the field not some team that looks overmatched when they play. I think Romeo is in over his head, being head coach and D coordinator is to much for him. Also, I think this team is overhyped alot. DL players Dorsey and Jackson are not very good. They are not the answers at all. LBS are fair..Johnson is ok when he shows up. I like Houston, but Belcher su–s. They got rid of there best DB in Carr. Even Berry misses alot of tackles and is bad in coverage. And Cassell as everyone knows is attached to Pioli, so we are stuck with a QB that is overmatched. So yes Mr. Pioli, this team is what? How many millions under the cap? 15? 20? and this is what we get?

  8. Again, as I said yesterday…. has anybody just considered that maybe.. just maybe… this team isn’t a good team? Despite the preseason hype… the only game they have even looked decent in is the 1st preseason game for them against the 2nd preseason game for the Cardinals… the other 3 preseason games they looked terrible, and now they’ve started the season with 2 terrible losses… I realize that Pioli won’t admit a mistake, especially with Cassell… however, Cassell isn’t playing defense, and so far, their defense has been ATROCIOUS. Maybe that’s a side effect of them being annoyed by the fact that the offense in general looks bad. If one looks at Cassell’s fantasy numbers, along with Bowe’s they look like they lit it up last week, but all of that was in junk time against the 2nd string D that Buffalo threw out there when the game was clearly over. However, Pioli can’t admit he made a mistake with Cassell… as he built his entire reputation on Cassell being his draft pick that filled in for Brady when Brady went out that year…..

  9. Every year there are surprise teams, both good and bad. I thought that the Chiefs would be better though. As A Browns fan, I don’t feel as bad about losing Hillis. You know, that could be the problem Chiefs fan; You guys got some of our Karma with Romeo and now Hillis.

  10. The problem is not being 0-2, its losing to who we did.

    Falcons and Bills are both good teams. I dont mean to discredit them at all. In fact, the falcons look like a deep run in to the playoffs is a certainty.

    Its just that if you have been a “rebuilding” “reloading” “re….” team for as long as the chiefs have. AND, you have an abundance of talent in Charles, Berry, Houston, Hali, Bowe, Flowers, Baldwin, McCluster, Hillis, Moeki, Boss,…….. then we need be at the point where we are competing against the Falcons and beating the Bills.

    Im soooo tired of being a Check Mark on other teams schedules.

    Another thing… Giving up 75 points in the first 2 games of the season isnt the sign of a team that just needs to tweak some things.

  11. Why is it that people like Pioli always say something like, “We have 14 games left” or “It’s a long season”?

    It’s the NFL. It’s not a long season. 16 weeks. Goodness. Every game counts, unless you just aren’t that competitive. Hmmm…then you have to say something like that.

    Take the plane off auto-pilot, Pioli. This thing can’t land itself. Two games in the NFL are huge. HUGE.

    Quit using the Magic 8-Ball to run this team.

    And no…it’s not the end of the world. Pioli may think that he is in Utopia – but the KC fan base sure doesn’t think so.

  12. The Giants were a thoroughly mediocre team for nearly all of 2011.

    They didn’t peak in September.

    They peaked in February.

    The goal of the regular season isn’t to go 16-0.

    It’s to make the playoffs and have the team playing well together, and in good health.

    It’s a marathon. Not a sprint.

  13. Pioli sucks, 3 1st rounders on the d line, 3 more behind them and they’re giving up 38 points a game. Oh ya, and that sorry QB they have that’s being paid like a top 10 QB. Just lose, so we can start over, AGAIN.

  14. First of all Romeo as too much on his plate as the HC and DC. Too much too ask of a guy in his mid 60’s. Now having said that, it is a very real possiblility that they start the season at 0-5. There next 3 games are the Saints, Chargers, and Ravens. Not exactly a cream puff schedule. Especially for a defense as bad as theirs.

  15. That pre-draft coin flip a few years back sure was costly. Falcons win it and get Matt Ryan. KC takes Dorsey. Checkmate.

  16. Theres a difference when you’re 0-2 getting blown out both games and 0-2 by a combined 8 points, browns. Its still two early to press that panic button but the chiefs should be worried about getting blown out with a head coach whose supposly defensive minded. Crennel is a great DC, not a great HC, yes they’ve gotten a hugh boost last season when they beat the packers but when things starts to settle in, you see the real deal, well at least the players are not responsive. The west is still wide open but if you continue to fall behind early, it’ll be hard to catch up in the end.

  17. You know it’s time for a new regime when the current one rebuilds your team in to nothing better than the freaking raiders. The raiders!

    Goodbye overrated GM. Take your trash QB with you on the way out.

  18. Kansas city fan, we need to stop endorsing mediocrity,it’ll get better next year, is a broken record. It’s time to hold this organization “accountable” for the team they field,stop spending your hard-earned money on tickets and parking and sports memorabilia for the chiefs franchise and organization until they produce a “highly competitive product”on the field,no more lip service, propaganda,conjecture,or any other smoke and mirrors,we control our wallets and disposable income that were just throwing at this organization and they’re spending every dime of it with “no reprisals”.

    Stop the insanity now!!! Let them eat cake and blackout all the home games.

  19. The GM has done absolutely nothing but profited off of Belicheks brainpower! Pee-oli is laughing so hard because he is stealing everytime he cashes his check!!! He was brought in b/c he supposedly knew how to evaluate players. His insecurity had him terrorizing secretaries and non essential staff and everyone that reported to him with his micromanaging and secrecy. He has not upgraded the roster and overspent on the backup QB. He paid more for Cassel than Buffalo spent on Fitzpatrick and Buffalo has 2 blowout wins over KC. The productive players(Hali, Johnson, Bowe, Albert, Charles, Flowers) were here when Pioli arrived and he ran off Gonzalez, Waters, Pollard and Carr(allowed to walk). Meanwhile he drafts Tyson Jackson, Donald Washington, Dexter McCluster(little specialist) Jonathan Baldwin.He is a FRAUD and his ability to build is a major FAIL!!!

  20. slickster35 says: Sep 19, 2012 3:16 PM

    You know it’s time for a new regime when the current one rebuilds your team in to nothing better than the freaking raiders. The raiders!
    It might even be worse. The Raiders were only blown out once, and they even held a lead in that game going into the third quarter. Ha ha.

  21. buckeye94 says: Sep 19, 2012 12:55 PM

    There are alot of good teams in the NFL. Prob is someone has to win and someone has to loose.

    You have a point, when two 0-2 teams play, one has to win but when you look at every season, its your same teams that’s sucking like the chiefs. It took the lions years to final draft the right players and e even now, I don’t think they draft well and it may hurt them this season. I’ve just listened to bulldog, cheifs radio, and he just rips them for not being competitive.

  22. Some times being a Chiefs fan I wonder if I murdered children for fun in a previous life and am paying the price now.

    The worst part is we NEVER learn from our mistakes.

    Regardless of what you think of Matt Cassel the problem is how we got him. Instead of drafting a QB who could develop we continue to take other people’s outcasts that even if they do turn out good won’t be around very long.

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