Snee says he’ll knee the head if anyone tries to dive at him again


Days later, the Giants are still shocked at the Buccaneers decision to dive at their knees on Sunday’s kneel-down.

And there’s more than a small measure of anger, as well.

Giants right guard Chris Snee said he would protect himself if anyone tries to do it in the future.

“We’ll just tighten up and just be ready for them to fire off,” Snee said, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “And I wouldn’t change my reaction in any way. If a guy dives at my knees, my knee is going into the back of his head. That’s what happened in the game, and that’s what will happen going forward.”

And while Bucs coach Greg Schiano became the focal point for the decision, after defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said they were just doing what they were told, Giants defensive end Justin Tuck said players have to accept responsibility as well.

“If [Giants defensive coordinator] Perry Fewell told me to dive at a guy’s knee, when we were losing, I would say ‘No,’” Tuck said. “And that is just a man on man talking.”

Even if it was a valid strategic ploy by Schiano, it’s also a bullet that’s already been fired, in his second game as an pro coach. As effective as it might have been at Rutgers, no one in the NFL will ever be caught off guard by it again.

And if Snee’s thoughts are held by offensive linemen throughout the league (as they likely are), the Bucs will have to be prepared for the retaliation as well.

38 responses to “Snee says he’ll knee the head if anyone tries to dive at him again

  1. In the words of Golic, “why should the offense dictate when the game is over.” Its a football play, do not cry if the other team does not wish to concede. Just go out next time and be ready.

  2. If the Giants were ready to play football then wouldnt this be a non issue? What if the D-line expects a QB sneak? Often times they will blast forward off the ball and hit the O-line low.

    How come linemen don’t complain about their knees in that situation? Just be ready to play on every play.

    This reminds me of the boxer who is told to protect himself at all times, and then 1 minute later comes out to tap gloves with his opponent and is knocked out.

  3. “Still shocked”? Are they waking up in the morning going “Man! I still can’t believe they did that!”

    And what’s this “Diving at the knee” crap. The Bucs made an attempt at pushing the giants o-line so they could create a possible fumble of the snap and cause a turn over. This whining and moaning from Giants players makes it sound like they were intentionally trying to harm.

    Were the chances of a turn over slim? Of course they were, but still larger chances then just sitting down and letting the team take it’s victory formation. If it was a 10 point game, then you could say Schiano was just being vindictive, but that’s not the case here.

  4. I seriously doubt any player was told to go after a guy’s knee as Tuck implies. They were likely told to try to cause and recover a fumble because the Giants would probably be napping…which they obviously were. Stop making this out to be more than it is. It was a simple football play where 1 team decided to go through the motions and the other decided to play hard. If the Giants didn’t notice the Bucs lining up to come after the ball, that is their own fault. No need to bash the other team because you were lazy and/or stupid.

  5. The Giants, the team that invented faking injuries to stop other people’s offenses, are looking like they need some vagisil or some tampons. You guys are still men yes?

  6. Seems straightforward.

    Schiano insists that he sees no problem with his players “playing hard until the end,” even if there’s only 10 seconds left and opposing offense wants to knee down.

    So, by that logic, their opponents shouldn’t kneel down, and instead throw deep passes and try to run up the score.

  7. My question is: the kneeldown has been around for decades so why did it take this to get people to complain about it?

  8. seriously?? every time there is a giants thread your like the first to comment on it and knock on them. do you have nothing better to do? I’d be cool with it if you did it on the cowboy threads or the eagles threads, but you don’t. so please, get off your knees, you’re blowing these threads.

  9. “As effective as it might have been at Rutgers, no one in the NFL will ever be caught off guard by it again.”

    right. just like “no one” in the nfl will ever be caught off guard by an on-side kick. or a flea-flicker. or the wildcat. or the statue-of-liberty. or…..

  10. I would be ok with schiano having his team play like this if he was consistent with it the last minute of the game. If you want to claim playing hard until then end, then please do so, but what was his excuse for not doing the same thing on the two plays before that happened? What about maybe USING THEIR LAST TIMEOUT they had remaining, in hopes of stoping the clock and getting the football back. Sorry but that whole last minute showed schiano trying to be a fake tough guy.

  11. The giants need to stop freaking out. It’s a legit strategy and frankly I’m tired of seeing teams take a knee at the end of the game. Play till the freakin whistle, and cry like a little girl when the other team plays till the whistle. Stop acting like women.

  12. This is a perfect example of Schiano not knowing the NFL rules. There’s a specific NFL rule that if the quarterback takes a knee or in the process of taking knee the ball is dead immediately. If for some reason there had been a fumble, the refs in the replay booth would have declared the ball dead, Gianrs retain possession. Guarantee Schiano is back in college 2014 at the latest.

  13. “So, by that logic, their opponents shouldn’t kneel down, and instead throw deep passes and try to run up the score.”

    Everyone keeps saying this as if it’s the ultimate defeat to Schiano’s plan. I’m sure Schiano (as well as EVERY other coach in the NFL) would love it if their opponent threw deep within 2 minutes only up by one score. The odds of a turnover on a deep bomb are wayyyy better then the odds of a turnover on a kneel.

  14. I find it funny that NOBODY ever had a problem with the victory formation EVER before this Sunday. Nobody bashed the Ravens for not going after Brady in the AFC championship after the missed FG.

    I just want this whole matter to go away, teams continuing to respect the victory formation as a sign of good sportsmanship, and karma bite Schiano in the ass whenever he decides to have Freeman kneel down.

  15. This is ridiculous beyond belief. I side with Tampa 10,000% no question about it. There is a reason the qb is completely surrounded with protection on kneel downs.

  16. The Giants are basically saying, “we’re gonna kneel on this instead of bombing it out to our stud receivers and quickly-developing TE. In exchange for making this look like a closer game than it should be and not running up the score on you, please don’t try to injure our players on the kneel.” and Schiano was like “nahhh…”

  17. I dont see why this is a big deal. Its football. its contact, and if the Bucs cause a fumble and score a TD, this is a non factor cause it worked….get over it Giants and their fans.

  18. With all the rules going to the offense and fines to the defense, I’m sure there will be ANOTHER rule on this play.

  19. 1) There’s nothing wrong with what the Bucs did. They were down by one score, and a recovered fumble could have sent the game into overtime. If they’d been down by more than 8 points, then I’d have a problem with what they did.

    2) There’s everything wrong with what Snee just said, stating in effect that he would intentionally try to injure a player who dove at his knees.

  20. I think it looked liked a close game because both teams scored a similar amount pf points and they were pretty evenly matched teams on that day, not because the giants did them a favor. Although it was really nice of Eli to do the bucs
    a “favor” and throw 3 picks.

  21. If teams did not take a knee at the end of the game when they were winning, the losing team and their fans would accuse them of “trying to run up the score” and we all know that.

  22. So just to be clear; we have a member of the New York Giants warning anyone that rushes the line at the end of a one score game, a play that is legal in a full contact sport, that he will break the rules and look to intentionally injure said player?

    What class. I wonder if coach will address this disgusting comment at the conclusion of practice, maybe meet with Snee at midfield and advise him that his comment is “bush league”. Maybe he should stick to throwing punches at the back of opponents heads, much like David Baas did at the end of the game, upset because his opponent, down one score, played until the final whistle.

    You play the game with class and integrity, like the New York Giants do. Twelve men on the field to exploit a rule in the Super Bowl? Class. Stalling the drives of your opponents with mysterious cramps? Integrity. Making something of nothing and crying and whining for days on end after winning a game because you interpret the victory formation as an absolute sign that both teams should stop playing and wait for the clock to expire? Ladies and gentlemen, your New York Giants.

  23. Here’s where the major issue is…
    Eli informed them pre-snap he was taking a knee… NOT ONCE in the history of the NFL has anyone scored on a botched QB kneel…
    If Eli steps up there, runs a play action pass, and throws to Cruz for an unnecessary 80-yard TD, he’s a jackass, and the GMen are running up the score…
    It works both ways… the game was over… take your loss like a respectable team, and don’t dive at knees the last play of the game…
    That may have worked at Rutgers vs. Florida Atlantic… but it doesn’t work, or gain you any respect in the NFL…

  24. This all can go away very quickly. All Mara has to do is call the League office and have Goodell again take millions of dollars of cap space from the Redskins and Cowboys. And while they’re at it, might as well take some from the Eagles too. They’re not using all of theirs anyway! Yeah, I know there’s no reason to take away cap space from teams not even involved in this treasonous act perpetrated on the poor, helpless Giants…but that’s never stopped the NFL before!

  25. An illegal cheap shot in retaliation for a legal play. Great. The Giants are just mad they weren’t prepared for that and got embarrassed. Now they are trying to paint themselves as victims. I highly doubt the Buccaneers had any intent to injure on that play. It was a one score game.

  26. Last I saw, players knees were not located on their waists. No Bucs player went for knees. The only one even low enough was #21, and he was scrambling around the line to get a fumble if it worked.

    Giants are lying through their teeth.

  27. The bucs had the whole fourth quarter to play hard and make a play. So now that the game is over you want to fire off and cause a fumble. Let’s take a second to consider the series of small miracles needed to pull of what they were trying. First cause a fumble on the exchange while in victory formation, how many times have you seen that happen. Then, second the defense actually recovers the fumble, then you throw a hail Mary for a touchdown. Come on man, the game is over. You wanted to make a play don’t give up 25 points in the fourth quarter and 250 yards passing, they had opportunities and they missed them. I get play to the last whistle but how pissed would they be if they were getting their heads kicked in and some team was still passing on them with a minute left. Game over win or lose like a professional.

  28. The one thing I’ve noticed with the kneel down formation these days, is that the offensive line and the quaterback are in very close proximity to each other. I remember seeing kneel downs when they first started happening, and you would have the QB farther away from the offensive line than was the case in the Giants-Bucs game. The ball was snapped, the QB would catch the ball and kneel, all the while the offensive line would at least be standing straight up waiting for the defensive line to come. If the opposing side did anything to the QB, then that could be a penalty. Perhaps after this, teams need to rethink the formation as a whole, and decide that if you want to take a knee, make sure the QB is far enough away, and the offensive line is ready just in case.

  29. not a fan of either team but i agree with coughlin and the giants, the bucs play was uncalled for, even if a turnover was forced time would have expired before a recovery and play could have been executed. its not worth the risk of injury on players on both teams and just makes schiano look like a sore loser. many of you defending the bucs/schiano would be singing a different tune if one of your starters was injured on that play

  30. The giants are coming off as whiners, and it’s a shame because it takes away from a great comeback win. As a Bucs fan, i know full well that they were let back into the game b/c of a lot of errors, and the experience that NY has as a squad came through for them. But, like it or not, the Bucs had a shot and they took it, and there is nothing wrong with that. There was nothing dirty about it either, so quit making it out to be something that it’s not. Loving all the tough guys out there too, calling for “karma”, “retribution” and “taking out their knees.” Yeah, go ahead and make your calls to other league members and put out bounties, haha! Bunch of nonsense. The Bucs are big boys and can take care of themselves. So sorry the Bucs didn’t roll over and concede a loss to football royalty. What they did do was come into your house and punch you in the mouth, and it shows that you didn’t like it. Good. I look forward to this team getting better and no longer being irrelevant, it won’t happen overnight but it’s a lot better than watching last seasons debacle. Good luck to everyone as the season plays out.

  31. So, if this was all about “playing hard to the final whistle,” why didn’t the Buc’s attack the kneel down right before halftime? Nope, they waited until AFTER the Giants abused them in the 2nd half. Looks like the actions of a pissed off sore loser.
    I sincerely hope the Buc’s head coach doesn’t tell his defense to do that again. Because opposing teams WILL be ready for it and might try to teach a lesson about how things are done in the NFL (something this rookie head coach knows NOTHING about).
    Also, stop being hypocrites…if the Buc’s pulled this on YOUR team and someone got hurt because of it, you’d be crying about poor sportsmanship and how the Buc’s coach was an a-hole.

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