Still no movement in officials lockout


Another day, another day without any developments in the lockout of the NFL officials.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, no negotiations have occurred between the NFL and the NFL Referees Association.

On Tuesday, the NFLRA tried to kick-start the process by publicly calling upon the NFL to compromise on the pension issue by allowing all current officials to retain a defined-benefit pension plan (i.e., the employer bears the investment risk), with all new officials getting a defined-contribution pension plan (i.e., the employee has the investment risk).

It’s a fair argument, but the NFL remains unimpressed, digging in until the union breaks, with 61 or more of them deciding to end the lockout and return to work.

That’s all it takes to end a lockout.  Fifty percent of the bargaining unit, plus one, can end this thing.  If, as it’s been reported, most of the locked-out officials want to come back to work, 61 or more of them need to get together with a lawyer who knows how to draw up the paperwork and they can end this, instantly.

That’s not taking a side.  That’s reality.  The NFL is waiting for it to happen, and the NFLRA is trying to hold their guys together long enough for the NFL to realize that the replacements need to be replaced.

The only problem?  Even if the NFL knows it, the NFL never will admit it.

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  1. Ive said it before… i will bet ANYTHING that the nfl will pay them what they want and discuss pensions IF the referees would agree to some sort of evaluation, but they wont. I know florio never mentions this in his anti-nfl articles folks, but the officials refuse to have any type of reprimand for performance issues.

  2. The replacements blow but I still stand with the NFL on this issue. Unless the “real” refs want to be held more accountable AND become full time employees, they are asking for some ridiculous concessions.

  3. Prime example of a union attempting to dictate terms of employment, compensation and benefits to an employer. Sometimes, in less sophisticated environments, that actually works to some degree. In this situation, the union is about to be handed its arse in a paper bag.

  4. This isn’t on the officials, Mike. This is on the NFL. Steve Young was right on Monday night, and what Commissioner Goodell is doing is an insult to the officials, to the game, to the players, and to us as fans.

  5. I think the officials should be subjected to a yearly evaluation. Coaches and players could be involved and they would be either demoted or terminated if it was found that the official in question wasn’t doing his job at a satisfactory level. Perhaps their pay should also depend on how well they do their job.

    The officials aren’t victims here. Florio and his pro-union articles are getting really old and redundant at this point. The officials have balked at the proposal of adding more officiating teams, what does that tell you? It tells me that they know that they don’t take their jobs seriously enough and that new officiating teams would pose a threat to the easy responsibility free lifestyle they have become accustomed to.

  6. If you do the math, per game, per team, they are fighting over roughly $20,000. No Im not kidding. Thats the amount. Forget about the discipline side issue, its about money. $20,000 per team, per game. Is that amount worth the embarrassment and the annoyance to us fans that are watching 4 hour games?

  7. One problem I have though, is that the players aren’t held accountable. The “integrity” of the game? Yes the replacements are slow, and make some bad calls (and then take awhile to fix them), but the bigger part of the issue is “control of the game”.
    Is it important? Yes.
    Do the regular officials do a better job of it? Again yes.
    But I keep hearing the analogy that its like when there is a substitute teacher, and the kids act up. Except these aren’t kids. They are grown men, professionals, many of them multi-millionaires. Maybe if they’d respect the “integrity” of the game,and stop when they hear the whistle, half the delays of these games would go away.
    And the coaches? Be respectful, challenge bad calls when you have to, and if you want to blow your top, go yell at the guy who signs your check and is telling Goodel to play hardball the regular refs.

  8. Tired of ref talk. It is what it is.

    When the 61 refs get the stones, this will be over. Its ludicrous that these part timers had a pension in the first place, much less the wages they receive. In 95% of the employment sector part time employees aren’t eligible for ANYTHING other than wages.
    Don’t see that the NFL will cave, and don’t see why they should.

    Get it done, don’t get it done, the games will go on. As long as they are equally crappy on both sides, I’m OK with that.

  9. You Republicans read PFT’s posts and see a pro-union bias, while I (a liberal) reads them and detect an anti-union sentiment.

    So the logical truth is that PFT is biased neither way. So please, for the love of God, stop claiming that these posts are pro-union. Your ignorance makes my eyes bleed when I read your idiotic comments.

  10. As we’ve seen with the Saint’s mess, whether he is right or wrong, Goddell doesn’t back down – even to his and the league’s extreme detriment. The NFLPA refs have been effectively fired. They will not ref another game. Goddell has spoken. All hail Goddell.

  11. The officials don’t seem to understand that public sympathy is not going to be on their side when the entire corporate world is moving from DB to DC pensions. You have the fans at home saying “wait a minute, I just had my pension changed, why are these guys so special?” The unionized and salaried workers are realizing that this wave is happening across all levels and all professions. It is not going to be a winning topic for the Refs.

  12. More proof from these comments that a lot of people here are simply looking at this from a political standpoint (“let’s bust the unions!!” and “stop the scabs!!”) and not from the perspective of a football fan.

    Guys, let’s save the politics for November and then we can unleash our political steam in a healthy way by voting for whoever lines up with our way of thinking. But this is FOOTBALL. It’s entertainment. Or at least it was. I don’t care about unions or owners or whatever … I just want this to end. Why can’t both sides give up something so that we can have our national pastime back?

  13. Why is this falsehood that the referees don’t get evaluated repeated all the time? They are evaluated every week on their performance which decides who gets playoff and super bowl assignments. Just because they don’t publish them in the newspaper doesn’t mean they aren’t being held accountable. Do any of you guys watch baseball or basketball? If you want to talk about officials not being accountable start there.

  14. This is an embarrassment to the nfl. After the Monday nighter the league needs to chuck its ego at the door and get some real referees on the feild.

  15. yousuxxors says: Sep 19, 2012 5:08 PM

    yes i love watching 10 hour games


    My God….I just realized…..

    Goodell has unilaterally expanded the schedule to 18 games. Time wise anyway.

  16. A lot of people probably will disagree with me but I like how they are letting the CBs be physical with the WRs. That is old school football.

  17. Natelyn69, im an independent who likes unions. These are pro union articles. If they were unbiased, mike wouldve mentioned at some point in the last four months that the referees wont sign a deal that includes reprimands for performance. Hes never mentioned it once. Thats a crucial piece of this standoff, but instead all we hear is why and how the NFL is stalling this and not negotiating, and who thinks its hurting the game.

  18. @packhawk04

    The officials refuse to take any kind of reprimand? If they are poorly graded they don’t get brought back next season! Get a clue or go home


    Please look in a dictionary before posting. You obviously have no idea what the word concessions means.


    The officials wanting to keep their terms of employment the same as when they hired is “dictating”?



    Just because it is happening everyewher doesn’t make it right.

  19. Want to Help Bring Back the Regular Refs?

    During this week’s NFL games, take a pencil & pad of paper and write down all the advertisers during the commercial breaks. AND THEN BOYCOTT THEIR PRODUCTS.

    Then, if you are extra ambitious … email the companies and tell them you will be not buying their products – but instead, you will be purchasing REPLACEMENT products … until the regular refs are back in action.

    Let’s face it, this whole mess is all about the Love of Money. Nobody gives a damn about the fans – just what’s in the fan’s wallets.

    BOYCOTT the money grubbers … hit them in the only place where it actually hurts … their wallets.

  20. Walletweb, thats the sticking point. They wont sign a deal that includes any kind of performance evaluations. How can they get a bad grade when theres no evaluation? Get a clue or go home.

  21. You Republicans read PFT’s posts and see a pro-union bias, while I (a liberal) reads them and detect an anti-union sentiment.

    First of all – the opposite of liberal is conservative – not ‘Republican’.

    Second – Why not just take all profits from the NFL and ‘redistribute’ to all owners, coaches, players, refs, anouncers, beer vendors, guy that cuts the grass – equally.

  22. The more i read this sites comments and see the majority here are of the anti- union pro billionaire types the more Im glad I have changed into a Saturday is football day guy. I can now see that having the money run to the top is good for me, i dont care and haven’t bought NFL gear in two years, thanks out of control owners. have fun with your WWNFL! the teams on Saturdays are at least all trying to win and wouldn’t have these clowns ruining their 5 hour games!

  23. It really doesn’t matter. The games are 15 minutes on average longer. I just wish everyone could remember the old refs. They have blown just as many calls. The current refs do allow more football to be played by the DBs. All in all, I think that when the old refs come back this whole ref thing will get a relook. I only hope the coaches continue to act like idiots to the refs after they come back. Maybe this can usher in the new error of Coach suspensions.

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