Suh sends it back at Staley after “cheap” comments


Whether or not Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is dating some person named Lolo Jones is of no interest to me whatsoever.

In fact, if mentioning her name wasn’t helpful to the set-up of a good shots-fired moment, I probably wouldn’t have mentioned her at all.

At the end of an interview Wednesday, Suh was asked about the Jones rumors (which apparently exist), and turned his attention to the 49ers offensive line.

Ha ha, that’s funny. Real funny. Just like Joe Staley’s comments,” Suh said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.

The left tackle said the Lions defensive line was cheap and overrated, after his team’s 27-19 win Sunday night.

“I find it very interesting and laughable sometimes, but it’s not my concern,” Suh said when told of Staley’s comments. “I don’t go against him. The times that, I guess, I have, I’ve never had an issue with him. If he has an issue with me, he knows where to find me.”

As for the Lions line being overrated, Suh replied: “People are going to say what they want to say. Especially, I mean, you get a win, feel like you can talk. Great for you. That doesn’t really mean [expletive] to me.”

Suh has 2.5 sacks in two games, but called it a “very average start.”

“To me, if anything, I’m at where I’m supposed to be, or below,” Suh said. “There’s still things [I can do better]. A lot of mistakes. Things that I can see on the film that I’ve got to be able to adjust and make more plays. I’ve been put in some positions to where I can make plays. I can think back to the first game, I can think back to last game. So there’s still a lot of growth left.”

And if nothing else, there’s always Lolo Jones. Whoever she is.

22 responses to “Suh sends it back at Staley after “cheap” comments

  1. How do you not know who Lolo Jones is? She competed for the U.S. at the olympics in track and field. She is more known for being a 30 year old virgin. Real beautiful woman.

  2. I’m a 49er fan so let’s just disclose that right off the bat but Suh shouldn’t even worry about it. It’s just Joe being Joe and talking smack.

    Staley was totally owned the previous week by Clay Matthews so Joe himself has A LOT to learn in his position.

    Harbaugh needs to muzzle that boy imo. I cringed when I read what he said about the Detroit D.

    True or not, what’s the point riling a rival up?

  3. Of course Darin knows who LoLo Jones is. Hr is playing it cool, much like Suh was. Suh quickly found a diversion from the Lolo question to an easier football topic by bringing up a Staley. Any politician would be proud.

  4. It obviously means a lot to Suh since he brought up what Joe said.

    That OLine for the Niners deserves all the credit they get and more. I mean they have Alex Smith upright and throwing 70% completions, and have Frank Gore averaging over 6 YPC! This OLine is physical and won’t hesitate to bring it, as they go so will the Niners!

  5. Looks like Suh is well on his way to another 10 sack season. After watching the first two games I can confidently say that at this point I would rather resign Sammie Lee Hill, whose been great in the run game for us and would be a beast at NT in a 3-4, than resign Avril at $10 mill+ who never plays up to good competition.

  6. Joe didn’t call them cheap. He said they got cheap pressure. Joe said that they were dirty. But we all knew that already

  7. Enough with this Lolo Jones broad!!!
    Who cares about the state of her hymen, or who she’s with?
    She made the Olympic team and flopped. Bummer.
    Now go get a job.
    But…. Suh? Really? That’s what she came up with?

  8. As a Lions fan, it’s nice to hear Suh show some humility. Any NFL fan should appreciate that. I’m sure Niners fans, however, are pretty proud of their conceited offensive linemen. You can be good without being a self-righteous (fill-in-the-blank), you know. But Suh’s right – the comments ARE funny, because they’re completely inaccurate. You’d think an offensive lineman who is that good would be a little smarter and more well-informed. Oh well. Looking forward to the day the Niners eat crow. Mmmm….tasty!

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