Tebow hasn’t ruled out a run for office


With a sky-high level of popularity, the sky’s the limit for Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow.

And lurking among the clouds could be political office.

I haven’t ruled it out,” Tebow tells Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com.  “Whatever avenue I feel like I can make a difference in, I’d love to do.  I haven’t ruled out anything like that.  It won’t be anytime soon in my future, but it’ll be something I’ll at least look at and consider one day.”

Plenty of football players have gotten involved in politics after their careers ended.  Few if any enjoyed the mainstream appeal of Tebow, who continues to draw headlines even as his football skills slide (for now) into irrelevance.

Could Tebow eventually be the first former NFL player who becomes president?  The fact that he was born in the Philippines to a pair of U.S. citizens could give rise to legal challenges and interpretations.

Then there’s the question of which party he’s join.  On social issues like abortion, he’s already made clear his conservative leanings.  But one of the most frustrating realities for conscientious Christians is that each party has planks in the platform that mesh with the teachings of Jesus — and that defy them.  (That sentence alone should draw 250 comments.)

Tebow has enough popularity to run, and win, as an independent.  Given the unique way his life has unfolded, that could be the path that best suits him.

41 responses to “Tebow hasn’t ruled out a run for office

  1. If Tebow wants to run for president, then surely he was misremembering when he said he was born in another country, right?

  2. About time we have someone running for political office that puts religion in front of everything else!!

    “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

  3. initial inclination is to say “please god no” but the idea of him being an independent and what that would do to the political process amuses me. both parties would be clamoring to ballwash him because they don’t want to be in opposition to likely one of the most popular sitting presidents of all time, and one with no set political affiliation. as a result, i could actually see the country getting things done.

    but that would make ESPN even more unwatchable than it already is.

  4. So, we’re speculating from his Tebow’s completely generic and non-committal response to the question that he will one day become president? This article is just a desperate attempt to gain traffic to the site from a nonexistant story.

  5. Oh brother….

    This makes me think of that movie Idiocracy, President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

  6. How are more teams not trying to blow him up when he’s on punt coverage? Seems like an easy exploitation to me given how easily he gets pushed back when he’s there.

    When the jets use him in a trick play, the team has only themselves to blame.

  7. It’s not whether he’s left or right that worries me. It’s that he seems kinda dumb. Not that being being dumb has ever stopped anybody from running for office…

  8. I never thought an outspoken Christian would be blacklisted in America. Maybe we are in the end times.

    Politicians are all sell-outs and foreign collaborators anyway since the JFK assassination.

  9. Tebow will get embarrassed running for office even more than he’s been embarrassed by his passing skills….

    he should spend his time talking to the media less and learning how to be an actual NFL QB more so if Sanchez goes down or Ryan wakes up and decides Sanchez deserves a benching… there’s someone who can actually… you know… throw the ball…

  10. He’d make a perfect politician and “leader” of this country because he has absolutely zero qualifications to hold an office making decisions that impact the rest of us who actually work for a living.

  11. “About time we have someone running for political office that puts religion in front of everything else!!”

    Note to whatnojets: What if the religion that that someone running for political office puts in front of everything else is Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or a branch of Christianity that’s questionable to you?

    Yeah, I thought so…

  12. I’m as big a Tebow fan as anyone this side of Gainesville, but this is where even I draw the proverbial line.

    The Presidency should never, let me repeat that, NEVER, be a popularity contest. We need someone in office that knows HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS, because that’s exactly what government is… the world’s largest business. You have revenues (from taxes) and you have expenses (too many to list). And they need to be balanced. And only a successful BUSINESSMAN should be running our country.

    Tim, love you like a brother, in sync with your religious views too, but until you’ve run a business successfully, sorry, you probably won’t get my vote… unless you’re running against someone whose resume includes nothing more than being a community organizer or some other such nonsense.

  13. The last two presidents that were businessmen were Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush. America is not a business, and it is not a theocracy. Tebow could easily win a very conservative congressional district in Florida, but I can’t see him going much further than that. He would need to discuss subjects outside of football or religion, and I haven’t seen it.

  14. Citizenship issue is a non-issue. BOTH of his parents are Americans and were there temporarily. He’s still an American citizen. Silly stuff. Where’s football??

  15. Radioactivechimp says:
    “So, we’re speculating from his Tebow’s completely generic and non-committal response to the question that he will one day become president? This article is just a desperate attempt to gain traffic to the site from a nonexistant story.”

    Absolutely dead on! Maybe he will run in 30 years, or so (maybe not, too), but it’s a total comment troll right now. Garbage blog.

  16. Birthers would have a field day with Tebow. But the whole concept is silly since if ONE parent is born in the United States you can run for President. But Tebow can’t run until 2024 anyways.

  17. All due respect to the social conservatives the GOP has to go back to the days of the Eisenhower Republican otherwise they’re going to keep getting thumped on election day.

  18. What legal challenges? As long as he not trying to run for president he can hold any office he runs for. He’s still a US citizen

  19. He’d be a LOT wealthier if he’d just set up a chain of megachurches throughout the Southeast seaboard.

    He’d probably be a lot more influential, too, as his millions of devout religious-right followers would vote however he instructed. Conservative politicians would pay handsomely for his endorsement.

  20. But we’ve already had a soft brained, conservative president who let jesus make his decisions for him….and ironically, we’re still paying for his wars.

  21. well ever since America decided that God wasn’t a part of this country anymore, this country went down the crapper.

    Tebow would make a wonderful politician–not because of being a devout Christian, but because he is great leader, and there’s no arguing that.

    Maybe not President, but a highly respected Congressman/Mayor, etc…, absolutely.

  22. Do they let Philippinos run for President?

    “Im fine with it as long as Skip Bayless isnt his VP..good god that would be unbearable.”

    What a completely random statement. Like, what if the Pillsbury Dough Boy was his running mate? Sooooo annoying, right?

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