The Chad Johnson comeback effort continues with Inside the NFL interview

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Free-agent receiver Chad Johnson is still looking for a job.  And the man who is outside the NFL has gotten some air time on the next edition of CBS/Showtime’s Inside the NFL.

The folks at (who else?) have the video of the interview, during which Johnson insists that he was cut from the Dolphins only because of his arrest for domestic violence.  “That was the reason, there’s no need to blow smoke up my ass,” Johnson said, sheepishly adding the words “up my ass.”

Johnson, whose voice at time seemed to crack while discussing his current circumstances, admits he had an altercation with his wife in late July.  “I took full responsibility for it,” Johnson said.  “I apologized for it. . . .  I made a mistake.”

The interview debuts on the same day Johnson’s divorce from Evelyn Lozada reportedly became final.

Johnson also said he’s getting help for his temper.  “I’m taking classes, anger management classes, and I’m trying to find out how can I channel my anger when I’m in situations to where I would pop off?” Johnson said.  “How can I defuse those situations?”

Nothing Johnson said will make any team more likely to sign him.  In fact, talking could hurt his chances of getting a new job.

The perception remains — smoke or no smoke blown up his ass — that Johnson no longer can play.  And if anyone believed he could, he would have been among the 67 players who had tryouts on Tuesday of this week.

So between his performance last year with the Patriots, his performance in his short stint with the Dolphins, and the innocuous sideshow that turned sinister when he allegedly (or perhaps admittedly) head-butted his ex-wide, no one wants him.  And we don’t expect an interview with Inside the NFL or any other media outlet to change that.

18 responses to “The Chad Johnson comeback effort continues with Inside the NFL interview

  1. If a high-profile team, presumably one with a high-profile owner, finds itself needing a WR, they’ll come a-calling. This will be followed by weeks of yakkety yak, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, minimal production, lots of whining, and yet another release.

    The guy is DONE. He cannot play. Leave him to his worst enemy–himself.

  2. well chad when you made your hall of fame jackets and danced the river dance you ended it all then and have not been a factor since. on the bright side you do have your hof jacket just not from canton

  3. Look at all of you being so critical and hateful. I’d love to see what anonymous critics would say about you, your issues, and your skillset.

    Show the man some love, he’s trying to improve and earn a chance a job that he loves.

  4. voiceofreasonsays says: Sep 19, 2012 7:13 PM

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say we don’t care about this womanbeater or his comeback attempts anymore.

    how about you speak for yourself and not real fans and americans who will let the man be judge before we convict him

  5. How is it possible that this guy can’t figure out that everyone is just tired of his crap? Loudmouths grow very tiresome. He shouldn’t be surprised when people are happy to see him gone.

  6. What a shame…I really thought he had something left in the tank – even this year. You just shake have to shake your head and say “YOU IDIOT!”

    I commend his ex-wife for pulling the plug so quickly…to her credit that takes some courage to do. But my guess this wasn’t the first heated exchange they had but hopefully is the last.

    As for him…I always liked the fun he seemed to have on the field. He seemed to genuinely care for the game, his fans, and those around him. What a shame…all I can really say.

  7. Kind of interesting how Chad was always excused, while being a jerk! I kind of got sucked up into it all myself – fun antics, and at the end of the day he was there to entertain the fans with performance, athletic and otherwise. I guess I was the jerk!!

  8. The only place he had any success was with the Bengals who let him do whatever he wanted. When he got to teams with a more structured environment he struggled.

    Why would anyone give him a chance when he’s demonstrated he can’t even learn a play book?

  9. It is so obvious that Chad has a serious reading disability. How else could anyone POSSIBLY explain how a man who has played organized football his entire life not know how to read a playbook? Clearly while he was with the Bengals, he was allowed great latitude regarding what he did and where he ended up on each play, just ask Carson Palmer! He also more than likely had someone, a coach or practice squad player go through the plays and SHOW him what he needed to do, as he is most likely a visual learner. At this point in time, father time has closed in on him and he does not merit this kind of inordinately special treatment, he is completely lost, which, along with the phone not ringing, probably contributes to his anger management problems. As for blowing smoke up his aforementioned orifice, it is not possible to do so, because the smoke simply cannot get past his head!

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