The Week Two coaching hot seat

It’s Wednesday.  Which means that, if I fail to do the PFT Live coaching hot seat, I’ll be on the hot seat.

For now, I’m not.  (As far as I know.)  At least five NFL coaches are.

And here they are.

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12 responses to “The Week Two coaching hot seat

  1. If Shurmur is on the hot seat after 18 NFL games, the Browns are going to lose 1 life-long fan. I’m tired of this sh*t. Give a front office/coach combo some time to build a program.

  2. Reid does not deserve to be #2. The Eagles won 2 games that would have lost last year. This is a mentally tough team. They will fix this turnover problem. And the team is 2 – 0 for the first time since 2004. At the very least, but Reid at #4.

  3. As a Steeler fan, I agree. Every year they tear down the program. Give the people a chance to build something to evaluate first! I’m tired of seeing the browns at the bottom every year and I’m sure their fans are too. What ever happened to “any given Sunday” ? I actually feel bad for the city and fans who have to watch them rebuild every year. They can hate Art Modell all the want, but at least he built a winner in their town.

  4. There is no truth to the rumor that LeBraun James bought the Browns and will be moving them to south Beach.

  5. If Jimmy Haslam is smart, his first order of business is to fire Pat Shurmur. Sorry Pat, but you weren’t a qualified OC, let alone HC.

    Next, he will keep Tom Heckert as General Manager & will persuade Mike Holmgren & Gil Haskell to return to the sideline. That tandem CAN take this young team & work wonders with it!

    The last thing Haslam should do is hire someone that wants total control. No Cowher, No Gruden. If you can’t get Holmgren & Gil on the field, then my next attempt would be Kyle Shannahan or Panthers OC & former Browns OC Rob Chudzinski. Personally, I would like to see the current group stick with Holmgren & Haskell running the team/offense & Jauron stay on as DC.

  6. Dennis Allen took a top 10 offense in total yardage from last year (without Darren McFadden) & turned it into a clown car being driven by a guy who looks like Michael Madsen.
    With Knapp’s offense, it’s simple. 3rd & 4? No problem. He’ll dial up a dink-&-dunk idiotic play that gets 3 yards. 3rd & 6? He’ll get 4 yards. Tom Cable demoted him from play calling last time Knapp was Oakland’s OC.
    The team has gotten worse under Allen. Substantially worse. With the same players from last year.
    Dennis Allen should be on this list, merely because he is a doofus. I think he is severely over matched as a HC. McFadden is getting KILLED out there, & Palmer’s jersey is waaaaayyyy dirtier than it should be after each game. I was really hoping this year would be better. The Raiders may only beat the chefs this year…

  7. @rocketdogsports The Julio Jones trade is actually working out ok for Cleveland. Last year, the Browns ended up getting a stud on the D Line, they also were able to get Little who had just about 700 yards as a rookie, and helped us package a deal to get T. Rich, this year. You have to understand something. Julio had a great a QB to begin with, and I am not sure he would’ve had the same production in Cleveland, had the Browns nabbed him last year.

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