Trent Richardson looking forward to meeting Jim Brown

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After a spring and summer spent talking about each other, Trent Richardson and Jim Brown are going to meet Sunday.

And Richardson said he’s looking forward to it.

Just to meet him is an honor,” Richardson said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He’s always been an icon. He’s always been somebody that you want to have a season like, have a career like. Just to meet him and be on the same field means a lot. He played with the old Browns and I guess we’re the new Browns.

“It’s not the same field but it’s the same stuff that he did, so I’m trying to do it just as good as him.”

It never really was a feud, but there was a lot of verbal pettiness. Brown called Richardson “ordinary.” Richardson suggested he didn’t care what Brown thought. And on and on it went.

Recently, Brown called Richardson’s touchdown “impressive.”

“That’s big coming from him,” Richardson said. “He’s a legend. He holds a lot of records here and I’m just trying to fill his shoes.”

Brown is coming to Sunday’s game to honor former teammate Ernie Green, who is being inducted into the Browns legends class along with Clarence Scott. But Richardson’s hope is that they can bury the hatchet over the “ordinary” remark and move on.

“That’s the plan,” Richardson said. “I’m pretty sure that he said that for a certain reason and trust me, it has pushed me to where I’m at to this point. I was hurt and I had to fight back and I thought about that every day.”

With new ownership likely pointing to other changes, getting Brown back on board — with Richardson and the team as a whole — is a step in the right direction the Browns need to take.

13 responses to “Trent Richardson looking forward to meeting Jim Brown

  1. For the most part, Trent has taken the high road….often seeming more mature than Brown. Good job, young man….do your thing and make Brown look like a bigger fool than he already does!

  2. 4ever85 – I have a feeling your not doing very good in your fantasy league. I however have A. Foster and CJ Thriller Spiller as my one two.

  3. “With new ownership likely pointing to other changes, getting Brown back on board — with Richardson and the team as a whole — is a step in the right direction the Browns need to take.”

    No it’s not. I’m sick of people acting the like the Browns still owe something to Jim Brown. We’re not talking about someone like Ozzie Newsome or John Elway who are constructively contributing to their respective teams. Jim Brown’s contribution to the Browns ended in the 60s and many Browns fans are sick of him. His self-serving attitude, complaints, and history with women are something the Browns should be distancing themselves from.

  4. I know it is still early in their careers but even at Alabama when Richardson was behind Ingram I always felt Richardson would be the better pro baller.

  5. brenenostler September 19, 2012, 8:20 PM EDT

    A decent head coach and QB is also another step that would get Cleveland going the right way (which they don’t have)

    Ya know, as a Browns fan for 35 years, I’ve kinda had it with crap like this. The coach is doing his job right now. He doesn’t owe us more information than he shares already. He doesn’t owe us some outlandish personality that makes fans like him. The players for two years have played their asses off for him. That should be more than enough for fans. Lay off the coach for last year, stick to the product we see improving this year.

  6. The picture with this piece shows Richardson hot-dogging it as he scores a TD.

    Brown never did that. 2 reasons – he didn’t need to. He would score, give the ball to the ref and trot off the field. The message was clear – I’ve been here before and I’ll be back. The 2nd reasons what that if he did that his

  7. (As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted) The 2nd reason was that if he did that his TEAMMATES would clean his clock, never mind the opposition.

    I know that rubbing it in your opponent’s face is the current fashion and has been for some time, but that doesn’t change the simple fact that is a no-class move.

    FYI – I am an old fart, proud of it, grateful for it, and Jim Brown was the greatest fullback, running back EVER. He played 9 seasons and ran for 1000 yards in 8 of them – in the days when they played 12 game seasons after 5 exhibition games. He averaged 5.2 yards per carry throughout his career. He quit at the top of his game just prior to the 1966 season – he was in England making a movie at the time and one of his reasons was so he could hang out with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

    I watched the greatest football game ever played on a little b&w tv and screamed my head off – I am a BALTIMORE Colts fan.

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