A big weekend for the Jones family

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When the Ravens meet the Patriots on Sunday Night Football, it will be a big moment for one family that has players on each team: Patriots rookie defensive lineman Chandler Jones and his big brother, Ravens defensive lineman Arthur Jones.

Chandler and Arthur have another brother, and it’s a big weekend for him, too: Less than 24 hours before kickoff on Sunday night, Jon Jones will step into the Octagon in Toronto and defend his UFC light heavyweight title against former champion Vitor Belfort.

Assuming all goes well (and Jon Jones is a heavy favorite), Jon will fly to Baltimore on Sunday to take in the game. The middle of the three Jones boys, Jon says he’s not surprised that his two brothers made it to the NFL. But he is surprised that he’s an accomplished athlete as well.

“I knew my brothers would be in the NFL because they were standouts in college, but I thought it was a bit farfetched to think I’d be in the UFC, let alone a UFC champion,” Jon Jones said, in comments provided by the UFC. “I was a jazz choir singer [growing up]. I didn’t get in many fights as a kid. I never thought I’d be considered as one of the toughest fighters in the world.”

Arthur, Jon and Chandler grew up with a father who’s a preacher and instilled discipline and toughness and gave them unconventional workouts, like having them row a boat into the middle of a lake near their Upstate New York home and then telling them to jump in the water and swim back. Their mother, Camille Jones, says she never realized just how much toughness her husband instilled in her boys.

“Did I expect this? As far as athletic abilities, never,” Camille Jones said. “I thought all three of my boys were going to be preachers like their dad. When they first started playing sports, I was afraid that something would happen. I was scared they’d get hurt.”

On the defensive line and in the Octagon, the Jones brothers have been the ones doing the hurting. They’ll all have a big stage to show what they can do this weekend.

17 responses to “A big weekend for the Jones family

  1. Not a Pats fan, but Chandler Jones is easily the early favorite for defensive rookie of the year.

    That move he put on the TEN O-lineman to get the strip of Locker Week 1 to me has been the most impressive play of the year through 2 weeks.

  2. I wonder if this has ever happened before that twice in one year a team plays another team with a guy’s brother on it? First the McCourtys now the Joneses.

  3. I was going to say “nothing is worse than Cris Collinsworth”, then I realized that I would rather listen to nothing than listen to Cristine Collinsworth.

  4. mn2long:

    I have seen Jones fight, which makes it even more puzzling that he chickened out when the offer to fight Sonnen was made.

    He should have been able to handle Sonnen easily and yet he ran like a little girl.

    Two week notice notwithstanding, are you the baddest man on the planet or not. In this case, NOT.

  5. Not a huge UFC fan, but Jones had a good point not fighting Sonnen. If Sonnen ever gets the chance and it’s on regular notice Jones will easily handle him. That’s the benefit of being a champion, he gets to say no. You may not like it, but if Sonnen knew he was gonna get the fight and had extra time to prepare it wasn’t fair.

    You may want to think that it’s all about who’s the baddest man in the ring, but not knowing your opponent as well as he knows you is a very bad thing.

  6. Jon Jones ducking Sonnen is a black eye to the UFC and Jones’ reputation. Jones would never be in the position he’s in now if he didn’t take fights on short notice so to then turn down a fight on short notice is unbelievable. I’m cheering for Belfort.

  7. I want to know why he’s not fighting Sonnen. Jones wouldn’t fight him on short notice and shut down the whole event. There’s been more than enough time now to face him.

    The point is Jones had a whole UFC card canceled by not fighting. People had hotels, airline tickets and other things already booked for the event. He’s the first guy to ever do this.

    Moreover, he got his chance at the title to become champ when Evans had an injury and he replaced him. Albeit, it wasn’t short notice…

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