Bruce Bochy uses his head to get Alex Smith’s back

San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy used his rather large head to get Alex Smith’s back.

During his pre-game meeting with reporters, Bochy twisted a 49ers hat on in a show of solidarity.

Yesterday, Smith was threatened with a $15,000 fine from the league for wearing non-approved gear in post-game press conferences for supporting the local baseball team.

This is our way of supporting him for supporting us,” Bochy said, via “And we’re all 49ers fans here so this is in honor of Alex. I’m glad he didn’t have to pay the fine. That’s good news.”

Bochy said he wasn’t worried about getting a threat of a similar fine from baseball officials.

“I don’t think so; I hope not,” Bochy said. “We’re having some fun with this. This is what it’s about. Some times we take things a little too serious, I think. [Smith] comes out here and supports us and we do appreciate it so this is our way of saying thanks.”

Bochy could have used a helmet, as he normally wears a size 8 1/8 cap, but had an equipment man stretch out a 7 3/4 49ers hat out for him. That’s as tight a squeeze as would have been on Smith’s wallet if the NFL didn’t show him some mercy.

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