Cowboys safety not happy that he has to wear leg pads now


Thigh pads are going to be mandatory in the NFL next year, but Cowboys safety Barry Church is getting a head start.

It’s not by choice, and he’s not crazy about it. But after taking a knee to the thigh last week and not being able to finish a game, he’s wearing a padded girdle with extra padding this week.

I usually don’t wear any pads on my legs,’’ Church said, via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. “But since this happened, I’ve got to.’’

Asked about the rules changes which will make such measures widespread next year, Church admitted he wasn’t wild about it.

“That’s going to stink,’’ he said. That’s real restricting when you have all of pads. But you do what you’ve got to.’’

At the same time, Church admitted if he’d have been wearing more protection last week, he would have been able to finish the game.

It’s a choice many players aren’t going to be happy about, whether it’s good for them or not.

6 responses to “Cowboys safety not happy that he has to wear leg pads now

  1. I played a lot of organized football in my life. 10 oz of thigh,knee and hip pads are not restricting in any capacity. It boggles my mind with these guys would open themselves up to thigh bruises.

    I’m glad they’ve made it a rule to make them mandatory.

  2. So maybe the pads will be a bit restricting. But they will be the same for every player so there is no disadvantage. Also, when players are getting paid millions of dollars and are out of the game because of a thigh bruise, something has to change.

  3. If I’m signing the checks as an owner, ALL of my players are wearing proper protective gear, including knee pads, thigh pads, etc.

    If a player doesn’t wear them, his risk of injury is increased, even slightly. They are paid too much money not to protect themselves as much as possible.

    At this level, every little advantage counts. If it gives me a slight advantage over my opponents because my players are wearing pads, and they are not, then I’ll take it.

  4. I understand his frustration. Most Cowboys already feel restricted by the ankle monitors they’re required to wear.

  5. And most Texans feel restricted by the injection needles they forget to take out of their arm and smell of living in the armpit of the state.

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