Dunlap’s return could give Bengals shot in the arm

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The Cincinnati Bengals’ inability to generate pass pressure off the edge through two games has exposed an already vulnerable secondary as one of the league’s poorest units. Joe Flacco of the Ravens and previously-overwhelmed rookie Brandon Weeden of the Browns have had their way with Cincinnati’s pass defense.

But the Bengals may soon be getting a shot in the arm.

Per Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, defensive end Carlos Dunlap returned to the practice field on Wednesday after missing the first two games with a knee injury. Dunlap has been sidelined by a knee sprain since the preseason opener. According to Reedy, Dunlap is “on track to play” in Week Three against the Washington Redskins.

A third-year player out of Florida, Dunlap has 14 sacks in his first 24 NFL games.

12 responses to “Dunlap’s return could give Bengals shot in the arm

  1. If the bengals have one of the worst secondary’s in the league, that means the skins will try and run on them into the 4th quarter until they figure out its not working

  2. numberonesteelerhater says:
    Sep 20, 2012 8:49 AM

    “Doesn’t matter if Dunlap plays or not. Too many holes in that defense for one man to fix.”

    I wonder if the Ravens feel that way about not having their best pass rusher Suggs in there too?

    The Ravens defense is struggling big time in contrast to previous seasons. You know they need Suggs in there.

    For the Bengals Dunlap is their main pass rush guy. He’s that important.

  3. No, 1 man doesn’t change the performance but 4 would…Wait until Dunlap, Moch, Pat Sims and Jason Allen all get out there at the same time. Remember Dontay Moch(4 game suspension back week 5) and his 4.3 speed as a DE/OLB this is going to cause many fits for teams. You don’t know him now but you will very soon…Moch and Dunlap in the lineup will collectively cause havoc for teams coming up on the schedule. Dunlap, Bernard Scott and Jason Allen all play this weekend and we will need them.

  4. The problem is Rey Maualuga’s inability to tackle and his constant over-reacting to play-fakes. This makes it much easier for the offense to run and pass up the middle. While Dunlap will generate more of a pass rush, the offense will adjust to this.

    Also, the secondary sucks right now. Leon Hall is shaking off the rust from his achilles surgery so he’s not 100% and the Bengals still haven’t found a safety worth a damn.

  5. They need to put Burfict at MLB, move Hall to Safety replacing Miles and just have Manny Lawson in on 3rd and long. That should solve a lot of problems with people being out of place.

  6. Moch who?
    As a Bengals fan, I don’t think Dunlap will make a huge difference. The defense is simply bad. Moch hasn’t done anything in the NFL, he has yet to play a regular season game. I am not hanging my eggs on Moch’s basket unless he proves it on the filed. Have you look at Bengals secondary? they are terrible……….

  7. Dunlap is good, but not good enough to make our defense do a complete 180. Maualuga needs to be replaced, we need some kind of spark at the SS position, and ultimately better discipline by our corners. Then we might not be a bottom feeder defense.

  8. samoanjungle says:
    Sep 20, 2012 10:46 AM
    They need to put Burfict at MLB, move Hall to Safety replacing Miles and just have Manny Lawson in on 3rd and long. That should solve a lot of problems with people being out of place.

    Come on man are you joking? Hall is the best corner the bengals have! Burfict is starting at WLB and Lawson on the strong side. If you move Burfict to MLB and Lawson as a 3rd and long guy who will the other two lb starters be? Muckelroy and Skuta?

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