Falcons-Chargers will be blacked out in San Diego

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On Sunday, the 2-0 Falcons face the 2-0 Chargers in San Diego.  And the game won’t be televised live in Southern California.


Earlier this week, the Chargers announced that more than 11,000 tickets remained.  It’s unknown how close (or not) the Chargers came to selling enough seats to lift the curtain.

The Chargers eschewed (I love that word) the opportunity to reduce the minimum number of tickets from 100 percent to 85 percent.  If the final number fell within that 85-to-100 percent window, fans in San Diego have every right to be miffed.

But not nearly as miffed as they’ll be when the Chargers move to another portion of Southern California.

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  1. Sorry, a blackout doesn’t constitute a team moving. Chargers aren’t going anywhere. Besides AEG is in the process of being sold.

    However this is disappointing to say the least. When they win (if) against the Falcons, attendance will shoot up again.

  2. I’ll add to it by stating I’ve been to their stadium and upper deck seats are a rough place to watch the game from….it’s not much of a view
    and the stadium is run down

  3. Local news has it that an many as 9,200 tix remain. That’s pretty bad.

    Miffed? People don’t have the right to be miffed, if they don’t support the team.

  4. This is good news, for me at least. I live in Los Angeles and had the Chargers’ game forced on me last Sunday when most of the rest of the US got a decent game.

  5. Can we talk about how unfair it is that the Chargers have to fill a 70,000+ seat venue? San Diego is full of transplants from all over the country who hold allegiances towards other teams. About 15 teams have smaller stadiums, and about 31 teams have larger fan bases. If the Chargers played in Lucas Oil Stadium, Soldier Field, Heinz Field, this wouldn’t ever be an issue. Seems like an unfair policy that some teams need to sell 70k+, when others need to sell just barely over 60k.

  6. Patriot42: Not true. Games are blacked out everywhere within 75 miles of the county. San Diego County and LA County are less than 75 miles apart. This is why I can’t go to LA to go watch a blacked out game…they’re blacked out there too.

  7. You don’t deserve a team San Diego, hell give it to OKC before you let them stay there, you see what that small market town did for the Thunder? Best crowd in the NBA.

    Anyway I don’t know why but it really bother me that two 2-0 teams are being blacked out. Even Jaguar fans are shocked.

  8. Assuming the bolts move to LA. as long as they dont move 2 teams in then LA football will always sell out. The worst thing LA can do is divide its fans.
    BTW Patriot42, LA and SD share markets so when SD is blacked out so is LA, and vise versa.

  9. Patriot42 says: Sep 20, 2012 4:55 PM

    Look at it this way, when the chargers move to LA you folks in San Diego will never be blacked out.
    Your screen name is Patriot42? Didn’t your team lose that Superbowl?

    17-14………I love me some me.

  10. You have two 2-0 teams playing very competetive football, in San Diego of all places, and you can’t even come close to selling out a game? Now what’s one of the most interesting ans intriguing games of the week can’t even be enjoyed on tv by home fans. This is why I can never take Chargers’ fans, and to an even greater extent, management, seriously.

  11. Hey dummies, stop saying moving to LA will be a solution. It won’t be! LA is a Raider town and how is that going to bring them to the games? Regardless if they do move to LA and they are blacked out, SD still won’t be able to see the game. It’s blacked out a radius of 100 miles from the spot of the game which already reaches Valencia to Palm Springs to El Centro when they play in SD. Even though those towns/cities are more than 100 miles away from SD, it’s still blacked out. Good logic guys!

  12. Gee I thought the economy was rebounding and people now had all that good Obama bail out money to play with? Hum. Must have been wrong.

    All I know is when they showed the stands at the Eagles game last week, the first 30 rows or so, about every other seat was empty. Clever how stadiums have painted the seats to match the colors the fans wear so you don’t notice that 30 of them are empty now.

  13. Even with losing seasons there were not many blackout Rams games in St. Louis. I hope Chargers move to L.A. so that the Rams can stay home – here in show me state.

  14. San Diego is touted as being the “TEAM” every year from all of the “experts”. Yet they can’t seem to see out their stadium? That is either a clear indication that they have extremely fair weathered fans, or that they just don’t care about the team anymore.

  15. Hate on the Saints all you want, but that stadium stays steady sold out. That’s one reason it is usually so raucous in the dome because all 70,000 seats are always filled. It also helps that NOLA is one of the best cities to watch your team as a visitor.

  16. Local news has it that an many as 9,200 tix remain. That’s pretty bad.

    As a San Diego native, it is.

    Fan’s arent to happy with Norv staying here, and confidence is low despite looking really good (better than the last 4 years) and starting 2-0.

    But like I said, they win here and continue on. There will be no more blackouts in San Diego.

  17. This idea of punishing fans that already arent going to the game has never made sense. How does it help the NFL if the game isnt on TV?

  18. “Look at it this way, when the chargers move to LA you folks in San Diego will never be blacked out.”

    Yea, because LA has a great history of supporting their teams…

  19. Why should the Chargers move to LA?

    Los Angeles has had TWO professional football teams – one being the massively popular Raiders – and could not keep either team.

  20. lalan4:

    It depends on where you live. Unfortunately, the NFL’s strict blackout policy also applies to Sunday Ticket. So, if you’re within the “local market” range for San Diego, basically, all the way up to Ventura, and as far east as the Imperial County, you’re going to be seeing a black screen.

  21. mrplow3 says:
    Sep 20, 2012 5:21 PM
    You don’t deserve a team San Diego, hell give it to OKC before you let them stay there, you see what that small market town did for the Thunder? Best crowd in the NBA.

    Anyway I don’t know why but it really bother me that two 2-0 teams are being blacked out. Even Jaguar fans are shocked.


    Small market like OKC can do well but you have to understand, there’s not much to do in OKC that’s why college games and Thunder games are sold out. I’ve been to a Thunder game and it’s a good experience. San Diego on the other hand have many things to do and given the fact that with all the military bases there, there are a lot of transplant from other parts of the country that root for other teams.

    Jacksonville owner already said he would buy the remaining tickets to make sure no games are blacked out. Won’t happen here.

  22. dasmol says:
    Sep 20, 2012 5:12 PM
    Local news has it that an many as 9,200 tix remain. That’s pretty bad.

    Miffed? People don’t have the right to be miffed, if they don’t support the team.
    How do you know they don’t support the team? I live in Dayton, OH and support the Bengals by going to two games year. But with the costs involved we can’t afford to go to all of them. I’m going to be miffed and probably stop buying my 4 tickets a year (me and wife) if a single game is blacked out because Mikey didn’t take the opportunity to lower the threshold.

  23. let’s see, the game is blacked out in SD, still can’t see it in LA, gee, I can’t figger this one out, I know let’s just re-elect everything we always vote for, oooh thumbs down, quick!

  24. @Patriot42… The Chargers are the San Diego and LA default market team. When it’s blacked-out in one, it is blacked out in the other.

    You do not know what you are talking about.

    P.s… NO games are EVER blacked out as long as I have an internet connection.

  25. Alright you haters how about you use some common sense.
    San Diego was just named the second worst place in a country to find a job…gas is almost $4.50 a gallon ..the median home price is almost 500k
    No average joe in SD is spending what little extra $ they have left on going to the game when they can watch it on TV. And if it’s not on TV who cares, there’s plenty of other stuff to do like go to the beach.
    Every week most of the tickets left not sold are either club level, obstructed, or flat out garbage seats. No ones paying for them.

  26. wmthomas3 says:Sep 20, 2012 5:36 PM

    Meanwhile in Jacksonville –no blackouts for the 2012 season. Just sayin.


    How many seats does that tarp cover again? Just sayin.

  27. On top of Chargers stadium originally being a multipurpose stadium for both Chargers and Padres, it remains a total and complete dump of a stadium.

    Now if say we had a stadium like the Colts or Cowboys, I Guarantee you the Chargers would sell out too.

    But when your product (by this i mean the stadium) is so poorly run that i’d rather avoid the game experience altogether, that’s on ownership.

    Keep in mind this would be great exposure for the Chargers in San Diego and ownership sees fit to not even have the game televised or reduce the number of tickets needed.

    There are tons of great diehard Charger fans, you wouldn’t pay full price of a new car for a used car, San Diego is one of the nicest and most costly places to live. We expect a good venue for our dollar just like the next man.

    Spanos Family, it’s always on you

  28. They Spanos clan should have signed up for the 85% rule. It’s almost as if they are trying to move and making little or no effort to conceal the fact.


  29. Embarrassing! I mean you have a team that has a top 5 QB plus a bunch of proven Wrs and still cannot sell tickets. We’ve had our times in cincy but it was becoz of the changes in personel and prima donnas that talked too much but never delivered when it mattered..I like the chargers and love watching them play..Hopefully the fans change their minds

  30. Let’s try this one again — evidently I said something that the moderator didn’t like.

    I’ll try a more conciliatory note this time: While I feel bad for blacked-out Charger fans in San Diego, this blackout works for me as a football fan in L.A. Since we are considered to be in the San Diego “market,” we generally get Charger games forced on us.

    The Chargers are not our “Home” team. The are San Diego’s team. I strongly doubt they would be widely embraced even if they moved to this area.

  31. It really sucks for people like me that would LOVE to spend that money and go to Every home game.. But alas…. I don’t live there.

    Even if the LA move does happen (I SERIOUSLY hope not) we’ll still be fans and remember the good days…

    LA Chargers just sounds funny. But the Los Angeles Rams sound alright.

  32. trend here—-

    the chargers are 5-0 in games that are blacked out in their market over the last 3 years!

    5 games in 3 years isnt terrible horrible for a transplant city either..plus the stadium holds 71,000 people as where most other stadiums hold 60,000 or so…

  33. Heck, we get it blacked out in San Bernardino County…..and we’re not even a county that’s adjacent to San Diego.

  34. Living in San Diego we have so many options. I’ll be a Charger fan as long as it doesn’t cost me any money. Otherwise I’ll watch whatever team is on TV or I’ll just go to the beach. The Chargers should just take the TV revenue and be happy. The City will no longer pay for the Chargers unsold seats. The taxpayers still hold that backdoor deal against the Chargers and ex mayor. Build your own darned stadium or move on.

  35. My wife and I are considering relocating to SD, (awesome job offer for my wife.) And every time we’ve been to that region it is startling to me how little support you see for the Chargers, i.e. bumper stickers, jerseys, hats, etc. It PALES in comparrison to the amount of Browns stuff you see in my native Cleveland -it’s EVERYWHERE – and the Browns have done anything but suck since 1989. Maybe it’s all the transplants in SoCal, maybe it’s just a different type of person, maybe there is just more to do but it always surprises me at the lack of team support or civic pride. Now I’m done.

  36. joeinoh:

    You just answered your own question. You’re considering moving out here, for work. Well, you’re not alone. People flock to southern California, because it’s a beautiful place to live, and raise a family, and until you’ve lived here for a season or two, you just have no idea how much better your life is with great weather 350-days a year.

    Also, you’re simply off base. If you spend even a full day in SD, you will see a TON of lighting bolts, everywhere. Again, it may be different in Ohio. There just isn’t the same eclectic lifestyle out there as there is in SoCal. So, that kind of thing tends to breed loyalty to a sports franchise.

    It’s not an exaggeration to say that in SoCal, in the winter, you can go off-roading in the desert, hit the slopes for some skiing, and then finish off at the ocean. All in the same day.

    There really is no other place like this in the entire country. No offense to Lake Erie. It’s nice and all. But not much in the way of surfing…

  37. The good news is if you live in San Diego and want to get last minute tickets to the game they are available.

  38. Don’t buy the argument that “this is San Diego, there is so much more to do rather than go to a football game.” Let’s see, NY, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, Washington, Baltimore, Philly….you get the idea also have a lot of things to do, places to go, yet I don’t see blackouts in those places. It is simple, there is a core contingent of fans and the rest don’t really care. Well, if they ever do move (I actually hope not) you will rue the day you ever ignored your NFL franchise.

  39. Tons of football fans here in San Diego, but I would say more than half are fans of other teams. Our bars are full every Sunday wherever you go watching games.
    Also the stadium experience is like going to a frat party where it’s everyone’s first time drinking.

  40. joeinoh:

    I can honestly say your lying and probably never been to San Diego. There is so much SD bolts and blue and gold on cars its crazy. Jerseys are everywhere.

    So don’t spout hate about how this city doesn’t have civic pride or loyalty. Most are just trying to pay their rent and pay for gas.

  41. Honestly, just move this team up the interstate already. I could go on with a rant about all that’s wrong with this franchise and its “fans”, but that’s just like picking on the dog faced boy at the circus at this point.

    Geez – 2 and 0 (though a mirage of a good team) and the Dolts can’t sell out? Good Lord that’s sad.

  42. The guy that asked if you can still watch the game if you have NFL ticket Well being in Utah I’ve had to have the ticket for the last 8 years. What I can tell you is I’m a 9ers fans and there games are never blacked out. But when I have waited for there games to start or try been blown out up till last year I would switch to other games and the games that are suppose to be blacked out I have still been able to watch it. But IDK if that was cause I live in Utah or cause I have the ticket. So hopefully that helps.

  43. To get to that 85% number, the chargers would have only needed to sell about 1,000 tickets between Tuesday and today. Pretty likely that they did.

  44. Quote from team rep: “We have held ticket prices flat for 5 years.” In the middle of a down economy…they held prices flat. Good call. The prices are too high even in a good economy. Try this Chargers…LOWER PRICES so that some of us who really only wanna go to 2-4 games don’t feel like we are getting ripped off? When I can buy for 50% in the secondary market, why buy in the primary?

  45. There is no excuse why the chargers are blacked out. Even if you fans stay in LA, its only 121 miles from San Diego, a two hour drive. If they can’t sell out with atlanta coming to town then what game will they sell out on? The only other two games that should be worthy of a sellout is against the broncos and ravens, you chargers fans are worse than the raiders, at least we know why they have blackouts. Your team is trying to do something by bringing in guys who can play, what support do they get?

  46. I’ve been to 4 Blackout games (preseason too) in the last 14 years that later became sellouts after the 72 hour deadline.

    I don’t know, if the deadline was on lets say a “pay day” maybe more people would go.

    Just a thought.

  47. Yes the whole “theres lots to do here” is a valid point. I can go surfing in the morning, skiing in the afternoon and camp out in the desert at night, and from my house im an hour drive away from Disneyland,Six Flags,Sea World, Legoland, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios, and the San Diegi zoo, so those of you who say theres lots to do in Philly, Chicago etc NO there isnt theres sightseeing and bars/clubs. And if you go to a Chargers game its about 30+% opposing fans cause theres lots of military, retirees and transplants from other cities your loyalty doesnt change cause you move away. If you live in Green Bay,Cleveland,Oakland,Detroit,Minnesota etc its because you were born there you didnt move there by choice and were born into loving the team thats in your region. Like others said our 71,100 capacity is above the league average, SD didnt take the 85% thing like Oakland because for every ticket over that 85% you have to share an increased % of the revenue with the visiting team

  48. i am a born and raised san diego fan…win or lose…i love my san diego teams…BUT…..my uncle, 3 cousins and I cancelled our season tickets this past year because our frustration with the owner and management of the Chargers…locally its known Dean is an arrogant…lets say…browneye…lol…we love the players….but if our corrupt city council and mayor doesnt allow city money to go towards a new stadium..i think the Chargers should leave…i would….our tax dollars went to a new padres stadium…bcause ownership promise “build it and we will bring BIG NAME PLAYERS…and then we got a padres big name player blowout yard sale…so it sucks the Chargers gotta suffer for what the pads did….and btw….we are a huge military town….transplants from all states…hoo rah

  49. Look, I love SD and want them to keep their team. But stop using the “there’s so much to do” excuse for not going to games or blaming it on the military. Considering the weather will stay awesome and the military will still be around town, doesn’t that make for the best reasons to move the team?

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