Former NFL running back Stephen Davis arrested

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When we last heard from former Panthers, Redskins and Rams running back Stephen Davis, he was joining one of the concussion lawsuits against the NFL.

Davis complained of short-term memory loss and said that one of the things he was having trouble remembering to do was pay his bills. Whether it is because of memory issues or not, Davis’ alleged failure to pay a tax bill has landed him in some trouble with the authorities.

Davis was arrested in Columbia, South Carolina on Wednesday for allegedly failing to pay taxes on a nightclub he owns in the area. reports that Davis has been charged with operating a business without a license and three counts of writing fraudulent checks.

“Since the revocation of its license by the SC Department of Revenue in July 2012, the Revenue investigation proved that PURE Lounge continued to operate and conduct sales even without a retail license,” the SC Department of Revenue said in a statement.

Davis, who is due in court on Thursday, ran for 8,052 yards and 65 touchdowns during his 11-year NFL career.

26 responses to “Former NFL running back Stephen Davis arrested

  1. I somehow doubt he has memory loss. This just sounds like another broke player trying to find a plausible excuse to get out of his responsibilities.

    I hope I’m wrong, I was a SD48 fan when he was in Washington and Carolina.

  2. Sucks to hear. By all accounts, he seems like a decent guy. Hopefully it’s all just a misunderstanding. These guys don’t always make the best business decisions after leaving football – and when I say “don’t always”, I mean “rarely ever”.

  3. They should just send Michael Westbrook to collect the taxes. Bet Mr. Davis would remember to pay his bills real quick.

  4. by “paying taxes” do you mean drop trau, grab your ankles and hold your breath? Thats what the tax agents in SC did to my cousin.

  5. Just watched the video of Westbrook vs. Davis…If you haven’t seen it, you gotta take a look. Now I know where Andre Johnson got his moves…

  6. My favorite play of all time by SD is with the skins he runs up the gut and I swear it looked like he got swallowed up by the other 21 players on the field in a big pile and then out of no where he backs out of the pile to the left and off to the races for a TD! Great run and decent players.

  7. iamcline says:
    Sep 20, 2012 11:31 AM
    I somehow doubt he has memory loss. This just sounds like another broke player trying to find a plausible excuse to get out of his responsibilities.
    Broke people generally don’t own businesses. When you hear about a player going broke, it’s usually because of alimony, child support, and run-ins with the law.

    Let’s forget about the fact that Davis was always a bright, responsible guy, and a team leader, for a second. There are so many taxes surrounding the operation of a business like a night club, it’s not only extremely possible, but very likely that Davis, or anybody for that matter, could miss one by accident. Aside from taxes on the business itself, there’s the land, alcohol, sales, and who knows what else.

  8. I still remember Westbrook beating Davis like a punching bag because Stephen called him gay. Westbrook being a black belt, oops. Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they can’t kick your behind.

  9. For the record, Steven Davis is not broke, at least according to him. He had an interview on a DC sports radio program about his reason for filing suit. He spoke about it being more than just about the money. He also said he is not one of those players that effed off all of their money on nonsense; for whatever that’s worth.

    Either way, you don’t have be forgetful or broke to not pay taxes. There is also idiocy, procrastination, drug abuse, etc….

  10. I’m an accountant. Preparing, filing, and sometimes paying taxes for busy, unaware, and/or “forgetful” people is part of what I do. Davis needs to hire someone to take care of his business taxes, pronto.

  11. I own a business and while it is easy to miss some of the state requirements they usually send you a letter when you need a license or have unpaid taxes. They don’t go straight to arresting you unless you ignore them. The story says they revoked his business license over a year ago but he continued to do business and he wrote at least 3 fraudulent checks. That’s not playing by the rules and you are going to have to pay the price. I can’t imagine he will get a prison sentence….probably just a hefty fine but I don’t live in South Carolina so I don’t know how tough they can be.

  12. Davis was a fantastic back in his prime in Washington, one of the few bright spots of the Norv Turner era. Hope he gets it all straightened out……….There’s no mercy from the tax man, that’s for sure

  13. It’s funny how he forgot to pay taxes on this club and he has more than one in Columbia,SC . Still living in that big nice house in Columbia bet he remembered to pay taxes on it ……

  14. If Portis is added to the Redskins ring of honor, shouldn’t Davis be there also? I mean, IMO, he has done as much as Portis.

  15. Feel sorry for the guy, but let’s face it, being best remembered for having been pummeled into the dust by an unstable teammate was never going to be a harbinger of anything good in life for Davis. As for you jwreck, those who own businesses go broke all the time for various reasons, so you’re being a bit clueless embracing any other belief when it comes to that.

  16. In Carolina, we don’t remember the Westbrook beat-down nearly as clearly as we do his 1,444-yard 2003 season, the best run of which was the game-clinching TD against his old team. The Panthers were 0-for-life against the ‘Skins at that time (regular season or preseason), and of course we went on to win the NFC that year.

    Now, if I had several million bucks to my name, and wanted to stop working for The Man and go into business for myself, what kind of business would I go into?

    Owning bars and nightclubs would be LAST on the list.

  17. Nothing wrong with Panthers RBs, covercorner, but the team has become too fixated on passing at times now that Newton is in town and he also sucks up a good bit of designed rushes that would otherwise be given to RBs given his uncanny athleticism.

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