Fred Jackson healing faster than expected

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By averaging more than 10 yards per carry, running back C.J. Spiller appears to be helping more than the Bills offense.

He might also be helping Fred Jackson heal more quickly. Mark Ludwiczak of reports that Jackson has been doing light work with the team’s trainers during practice this week, less than two weeks after suffering a knee sprain that was thought to keep him out for three to eight weeks when he originally got hurt. Coach Chan Gailey said Thursday that Jackson is ahead of schedule in his return to action.

“Yeah he is,” Gailey said, via the team’s website. ”He must be a fast healer.”

The team isn’t ready to put a new timetable on Jackson’s return to action, although the fact that he’s back to work in any capacity suggests that it will wind up being on the lower end of the predicted absence. If Spiller remains as effective as he’s been in the last two games, Gailey and the Bills will have to make some tough decisions about how to split the workload in the backfield. Players don’t usually lose their starting jobs because of injury, but they also usually aren’t faced with players who have performed as well as Spiller when they make their returns.

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  1. What’s the rush? C.J. Spiller is obviously the offense of the Bills. Remember when Spiller was the second back and everyone thought he was a bust.

  2. This is a tough one. Freddy has earned the opportunity to be the starter but CJ needs 12-15 carries per game. They run more than just about anyone so they just need to find a way to effectively divvy up the available 30 carries. I’m very interested to see how they manage this.

  3. It’s great to hear he’s healing fast but the bills would be crazy to take the rock outta CJ’s hands, he’s been a total playmaker.

  4. Two great games from spiller. That’s it. He was a college phenom and I thought he would immediately be a star when he left Clemson but he hasn’t done much until this year. I think the jury is still out. If he continues to put up 100 yard plus performances then we might be seeing a special player taking form for a while.

  5. Fred is possibly still the better runner, is definitely the better receiver, blocker and offensive leader, however he is getting up there in age and has now has been knocked out with lengthy injuries in his last 2 games.

    Spiller is red hot, so you still gotta go with CJ and ride him as long and far as he’ll take you, Fred will have to be a good teammate and be ready to step up when The Bills need a spark.

  6. Spiller has had far more than 2 good games. Look at the end of last year after Freddy got hurt. He’s the real deal, and now the Bills have possibly the best RB duo in the nfl

  7. Is having 2 great backs really a problem? Sounds like fun to me.

    Freddy runs with authority. He makes one move and then makes would-be tacklers pay. He also has proven to be one of the best screen pass targets in the NFL. His blocking and leadership are also key.

    CJ is electric. He’s a threat to score every time he touches the ball. He has shown he is dangerous between the tackles, and deadly when he has the ball in space.

    These guys are both “every down” backs. So we have 2 excellent backs and an average QB. So get the ball in CJ or Fred’s hands every down and let em make plays. Putting the offense all on Fitz has not worked out so well

  8. Spiller is hot right now, so Gailey will continue to give him touches once Jackson is ready to go again if Spiller continues to produce anywhere close to what he’s done in the first 2 games. Fred has skills too, is very competitive, and will be effective once he is healed up. Two aggressive backs will work in this offense because of the area which is getting little credit thus far in ’12 — *the Offensive Line* They are nasty run blockers. Opponents will have no choice but to stack the box. That should open up the passing options for the questionable abilities of Fitz (Johnson and Graham ripping down the sidelines; Chandler and Jones 20+ yards deep in the middle), depending on which receivers are given blockings assignments near the line of scrimmage.

  9. When Fred is fully healthy, and there’s no reason to rush him back, use him and C.J. on every play, and take out a wide receiver. You’ve got stellar play at running back, and mediocre output after Stevie J.
    It looks like a very simple solution, and it’ll make the offense one step closer to being almost impossible to stop.

  10. Ive heard “Spiller is a bust” for 3 years. Here’s something to go look up. Jamal Charles played 3 years before he actually made an impact. Their stats are eerily similar. Running backs need to realize that going to the NFL means patient running, not just trying to hit a home run every time. Watching and learning from Jackson was the reason he is where he is now. Spiller is a beast. 2 headed monster, I like it. Come back Fred, there’s plenty of room for you. Lets not forget the O-Line play. Outstanding.

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