Giants give Panthers a prime-time pounding


Maybe this deserves the BREAKING NEWS tag, but it became more obvious tonight than it already was.

That Tom Coughlin guy? Pretty good at coaching football.

The Giants came in on a short-week, short-handed, and completely crashed the Panthers’ coming-out party with a 36-7 thrashing.

The Panthers were a team that was flying high, having just beaten the Saints and with Cam Newton making his prime time debut.

But Coughlin’s team beat the Panthers about the head and shoulders, with backups doing the bulk of the work. Running back Andre Brown had 20 carries for 113 yards and two touchdowns, and wide receiver Ramses Barden had nine catches for 138 yards, and was uncoverable early.

Those are things teams without leadership don’t do. Such teams latch onto excuses. The Giants keep rolling, as if those other guys never existed.

The only negative on the night for New York were a few more defensive players got hurt. Safety Antrel Rolle caught a camera on the sidelines with his knee late in the game, cornerback Corey Webster injured his right hand at some point, and Keith Rivers left with a hamstring.

The Panthers have significant problems on defense, beginning up front. They’ve got about two defensive linemen who would play regular snaps for a good defense (Charles Johnson and just-cut-by-Buffalo Dwan Edwards), and can’t get enough pass-rush to keep a quarterback the caliber of Eli Manning from scanning the field and finding third or fourth options at will.

But other problems were evident as well. Their special teams are a mess, and without Jonathan Stewart, their offense lacks ballast or balance.

As for Newton (three interceptions), he has all the potential in the world, but until he does the same thing more than one week in a row, all the questions anyone ever had about him are fair.

49 responses to “Giants give Panthers a prime-time pounding

  1. Why were the Panthers still trying late in the game — it was clearly already over and someone could have gotten hurt. I mean safety first everyone, right ladies – I mean Giant’s fans.

  2. I just wonder how many yes men Cam has around him. I like the kid but we have seen this show before. Only his second year though. That def is horrible …

  3. As a Cowboys fan, I am very disappointed that Bennett was never developed in Dallas. He has 15 receptions and 3 TDs already and is now with one of their biggest rivals in their division. I knew he would play well, once away from Garrett, who plays favorites, and Witten. They never liked Bennett and didn’t develop his game when he was with their team. It will end up haunting them for years to come. Just think, the Bengals were willing to part with a 2nd rounder in a trade for him 2 years ago.

  4. The Giants, up by 26 points, kick a field goal with a minute left. The Panthers, then down 29, continue running plays and trying to drive down the field and score.

    Though the Bucs’ hopes of recovering a fumbled snap were against great odds, in my opinion both the Giants’ and Panthers’ coaches’ decisions to “keep playing” in the final minute of tonight’s game had absolute ZERO chance of affecting the outcome of the game, while being of even GREATER injury risk than the Bucs victory-snap defensive line efforts.

    I have all the respect for Coughlin, but I hope he realizes how out of line he was for criticizing Schiano.

  5. Eli Manning broke his streak of taking every snap… but I don’t think he’ll mind with a win this complete, all three phases, start to finish.

  6. I thought we would win despite the starters being out. Just didn’t think it would be in this dominant a fashion. The Panthers are worlds better than the Yuks so I thought they’d put up a much bigger fight than this.

  7. You dont win with Cam make fans out of rappers and 10 year olds, and sell jerseys. But you dont win games. You with brains at this level…enough said.

  8. Cam Cheating is a one year wonder – was never much as a college player despite the hype – certainly not an NFL caliber QB – maybe a running back. He looked wretched tonight which is his new norm. He’s going to be a perpetual loser since he really has no strength other than running.

    What was remarkable is that he is so sluggish in his reads that you could see the pass rush coming and he did …. NOTHING … time after time he took a sack when he had plenty of time to throw the ball away.

    I feel sorry for you Panther fans – your QB is a dud and you will suffer for years with no hope of him ever getting better. His best year will be his first year. Kinda reminds me of what my Redskins will see with our own idiot, Griffin.

  9. I know its lowly Carolina, but the giants won the SB with the 32nd ranked run game last season….if they can run the ball like they did tonight they are going to be very tough to dethrone!

  10. Why would anyone pick a young team that went 6-10 last season over a defending Super Bowl Champion team, that has proven time and again that they are good on the road?… in a prime time nationally televised game no less.

    I have no clue why, but that’s exactly what the entire NFL Network pannel did before the game. It’s come to the point where as a Giant fan I feel even more confident the Giants will win when experts pick us to lose.

    Two Tom Coughlin era Super Bowl wins and it still feels this team is fighting an uphill battle for respect in the media. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me, but I am loving it… keep sleeping on the Giants people.

  11. Wait, this Cam guy is supposed to be a much better QB than Alice Smith who rightfully pointed out that 300 yd passing games mean squat when your team is losing.

    That off my chest, Giants layed an egg against NY and has since been righting their ship. They are a very well coached team and a very talented team. They are one of the top 3 teams in the NFC IMHO. Carolina is not and will be fortunate to even sniff the playoffs unless they can get more consistency out their QB and their Defense.

    Congratulations to the Giants.

  12. Like I said all offseason…Cam Newton is a complete fluke and is being exposed now that the book is out on him. No surprise here. Giants aren’t even good and dhould really be 1-2 but hey, when it’s all said and done, they’ll still miss the playoffs.

  13. It was nice seeing the Giants once again shove another game down the throat of the media… All I heard all week was Cam Newton is going to run all over you, Cam Newton is going to throw all over you, you’ll never sack Cam Newton….. looks like those people were wrong.

  14. I’ve said it all along before the regular season, my three VASTLY overrated NFC teams are Carolina (slow down before anointing Newton the king already, he still has alot to learn, and their D is awful); Philadelphia (probably should have lost both of their games, it will be tough in that division); and Chicago (some people already had them winning the North before the season, Green Bay will have something to say about that).

  15. Wow!!! Cam Newton has turned into Vince Young. Yikes!!!
    Maybe Cam ought to stop the Superman crap and start focusing on having an NFL career.

  16. Eli Manning, boy i’ll tell you, this kid always shines the most when the deck is stacked against him he proves once again that he is one of the best in this league and will continue to be for a while.

  17. That game was rough to watch. That Carolina D is awful and that Offense is bad against solid defenses. Sorry guys, but you’re a few players away on both sides of the ball.

  18. Thank God- now all those people that know nothing and said how much a beast Cam Newton was can get off his sack already. Talented yes, athletic yes, top 10 QB NO! That’s right I can name ten signal callers I’d rather have under center than him. “But he was so good last year…” YEAH, and then coaches around the league saw some tape on him!

  19. Rodgers, Brees, Rivers, Ryan, Flacco, Manning, Manning, Brady, Schaub, Roethlisberger. Easily ten better QBs than CN#? (wtf’s his number 1? what a douche)

  20. Coughlin is the best coach in the NFL at the moment. No one game plans and works with what he has better…

  21. Honestly, given how “awesome” RG3 and Cam looked against the Saints, and given how “okay” they looked against other teams, I think the real take home lesson here is that the Saints defense is just awful.

  22. Not sure how RG3 is coming into play from this article, but I find no similarities between the two. One is a cerebral athlete, and the other is just a dumb jock. You can make your own judgement about who I’m referring to.

  23. Please tell me I am not the only one that is happy when I see all of the ‘experts’ choose my team to lose? I am befuddled how morons like Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders have jobs, the two offer zero intelligence or insight. But then again, they played the game so we are supposed to eat up everything they have to say. And, no wonder Mariucci isn’t a coach anymore, he doesn’t seem too bright.

  24. Awesome game for the g-men no doubt about it, but if there’s one thing that i think still needs work it’s finishing drives with touchdowns instead of field goals.

  25. That had to be the most poorly coached game on defense for Carolina. All the Giants did was run it down there throats and then throw 10-15 yard ins to Ramses Barden and it was always open because Carolina never stopped running zone. They never adjusted to man to man and Eli just sliced and diced them with the same play over and over. How about an adjustment Carolina. Just terrible.

  26. onebucplace says:
    Sep 20, 2012 11:29 PM

    Why were the Panthers still trying late in the game — it was clearly already over and someone could have gotten hurt. I mean safety first everyone, right ladies – I mean Giant’s fans.


    Yes ladies, please say you agree with the above comment. This definitely coming from a fan that would never, EVER see the bucs actually call a “V” formation in the foreseeable future.

    How many SB wins you guys got down there at Tampa? No, hold on, let’s just go with playoff wins? That’s right…. if you’re going to be happy with shoving the reigning SB champs in a failed attempt to try and win, by all means, have at it!!!

  27. cowboyhater says: Sep 21, 2012 9:00 AM

    Not sure how RG3 is coming into play from this article, but I find no similarities between the two. One is a cerebral athlete, and the other is just a dumb jock. You can make your own judgement about who I’m referring to.

    Funny, most of the negative comparisons I’ve seen with Newton are RG3 and Vince Young, with a couple Jamarcus Russels thrown in. lol. wow. In all fairness, a couple posters in another thread brought up Cutler, but RG3 and VY seem to be his only contemporaries.

    *rolls eyes. And I do agree with you about the cerebral aspect. Not sure who in their right mind pushes their teammate out of the way to do a superman pose when their down by a couple TDs, on the big stage, and really stinking up the joint.

  28. Every time Cam throws at least one INT, they lose the game. It’s not to put all the blame on him but it’s a fact.

    Panther fans are drunk on the Cam-Kool-Aid and don’t care how many games they lose and how bad of a team they put on the field, as long as they get to see their hero Cam score a TD and do that superman crap it’s all good with them.

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