Jared Gaither healing “very slowly”

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The San Diego Chargers believed they’d locked up their franchise left tackle when Jared Gaither inked a four-year, $24.6 million contract in March. Instead, Gaither has been much more roster albatross than blindside protector for quarterback Philip Rivers so far this season.

Gaither missed virtually all of training camp and the first two regular season games with a back injury. Per the Union-Tribune San Diego‘s Michael Gehlken, Gaither is healing “very slowly” and will miss his third straight game when the Bolts host the Falcons in Week Three.

“I’ve got to leave it up to the training room,” Gaither told Gehlken. “It’s a tough situation. As soon as I can be back. … My ultimate goal is to be on the field with my guys.”

The 2-0 Chargers have gotten by with undrafted free agent Mike Harris protecting Rivers against the Raiders and Titans. Harris will face his toughest test to date when he takes on Falcons right defensive end John Abraham this week.

10 responses to “Jared Gaither healing “very slowly”

  1. Heard this somewhere before: ” Go on take the money and run”. I am sure there is pain involved and a back is very tricky, but hey when you have that guarantee there is no hurry:)

  2. HAHAHA why am i not surprised, oh thats because this is the third team this lazy, worthless POS has done this to. He plays just long enough to get a contract then its off to the bench because my back hurts. Jared pull the string out or do us all a favor and cut yourself, you’re a disgrace to every player who has ever put on a uniform.

  3. Chargers have no one to blame but themselves. It’s not like there was a media cone of silence around his tenure in Baltimore.

  4. Just going off his comments in the media over the last few weeks you can tell this dude is not a gamer. Only willing to play once he is 100%? If every NFL player had that attitude there would be no games being played by week 3.

  5. “Chargers have no one to blame but themselves. It’s not like there was a media cone of silence around his tenure in Baltimore.”

    Let’s include the University of Maryland in that, also. When the Ravens drafted Gaither in the supplemental draft, Ralph Friedgen warned the Ravens brass what they were getting and about his work ethic, or lack of it.

    It cost the Ravens a 5th rounder, but they learned their lesson with this slacker fairly quickly.

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