Jeremy Maclin returns to practice


The immediacy of Twitter can be a wonderful thing for following football.

News moves instantly, allowing people to stay up to date on their favorite teams from anywhere in the world without the lag time those of us born in the pre-internet days remember with increasing fuzziness. It can also be a frustrating thing for such followers, like on days when an injured player makes an appearance at practice just before it closes to the media but after the media has already sent out word that the player still isn’t practicing.

That’s just what happened at Eagles practice on Thursday when wide receiver Jeremy Maclin came out to practice after the rest of the team dressed to participate after he’d already been reported as a non-participant in practice. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer and other beat writers were quick to pass along the change in status for Maclin, who has been dealing with a hip injury since the opening game.

Maclin was able to play after missing both Wednesday and Thursday last week, so this would seem to be a good sign for his chances of being on the field against the Cardinals. Chris Mortensen of ESPN thought the opposite earlier on Thursday, although that was before any knowledge of Maclin’s practice schedule came to light. We won’t know until later just how much Maclin is able to do at practice, although doing anything is an obvious improvement over doing nothing for a second straight day.