Lawrence Timmons mad at $21,000 fine for hitting Mark Sanchez

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Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons was fined $21,000 for a hit on Mark Sanchez on Sunday, and he’s not happy about it.

“What can you do? I was just playing ball,” Timmons told Joe Starkey of 93.7 The Fan. “I lowered my target like you’re supposed to do. I can’t help it if he slides or falls. It’s a tough spot to be in.”

Timmons, who signed a six-year, $50 million contract last year, added that “any time you get fined, it’s a lot of money.”

It’s not surprising that Timmons is upset to be losing $21,000, but it is surprising if he can look at this hit he delivered on Sanchez and honestly claim that he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Timmons lowered the crown of his helmet directly into Sanchez’s jaw, in a textbook illustration of exactly the kind of hit the NFL wants to eliminate. The NFL will fine hits like that every time.

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  1. I’m a lifelong Steeler fan, but that was a dirty hit to the head, period. Do it and pay the fine, or do not do it. It’s pretty simple.

  2. From what I remember Sanchez tried to go down and if not. Timmons would have hit him in the chest. Maybe. Either way, let’s hope this lights a fire under Timmons and he plays up to his contract as in 2 yrs ago.

  3. I just watched it again, and it was clearly a dirty hit. He was right on Sanchez, and lowered his helmet. There was no other place that was going to hit other than helmet to helmet.

    He is lucky he was not suspended for a game because that was pretty vicious.

  4. Sanchez declared himself as a runner when he started sprinting toward the line of scrimmage. At the last second he threw the ball and ducked. Not surprised at all the league would fine him though.

  5. Suspend him for a full season plus playoff games – that would get his attention. Until you do that, you’ll risk guys being put into beds for the rest of their lives paralyzed.

  6. When did football stop being football? Players should just sign a waiver recognizing football is a dangerous sport. Obviously they should know they are putting their bodies on the line when earning millions of dollars. There shouldn’t be fines for being a big hitter

  7. as a jets fan i thought it was a good hit. no, not a legal one. however, sanchez and the offense just was not the same after he got popped by timmons. it changed the momentum of the game in a big way imho.

  8. So he’s suppose to stop just because a QB may slide? Hows he know Sanchez isn’t going to keep running? Look at the picture above. Looks txt book to wasn’t late, and Sanchez ducks into his target sight..COMPLETE BULLS%$#

  9. We are a violent hitting team. We don’t play soft like the ravens do. We lay people out & don’t apologize for it. Many more bodies will hit the turf. Fine us if you want to, but much like the beatles…”The hits will keep on coming”

  10. When a moving target lowers his head level at the last second, what else is a tackler supposed to do?
    And saying he clearly lead with the crown of his helmet into sanchez’s helmet? Maybe watch it again, this time all the angles and with your eyes actually open.

  11. Why is it the stealers seem to be te only team in the league the don’t know the rules? Coaching maybe?

  12. @jkhart Runner or not, helmet to helmet is illegal, regardless of what position you play.

    For anyone, who makes that “he would have hit him in the chest” argument, look at the link to the YouTube video at :47. VERY clear…it was never going to be helmet to chest.

  13. A lot of you need eyes/heads examined. It is CRYSTAL CLEAR that Sanchez is upright and Timmons lowers his shoulder(freeze the video at 53 sec) – leading with the shoulder and NOT his helmet. Sanchez ‘turtles’ as Timmons contacts him. You can clearly see Sanchez drop down – probably 12 inches which causes him to take the impact in the upper chest and the top of the shoulder pad catching his cheek. If Sanchez reamained in his throwing posture Timmons would have hit him in the mid-section. How can these players react at full speed. You either need to make it a flag football league or let them play.
    Your telling me it is a dirty hit if a guy launches upward and it is dirty if a guy dives at the knees and it is dirty if a player dives at a midsection? Give me break!
    That was about as clean as a hit can get!

  14. Dirty hit but it turned the tide in the game…Sanchez probably had his bell rung on the play and said nothing

    Pay the fine and realize you helped your team win the game. I’m sure every defensive player in the league would take that trade off

  15. After watching it, it didn’t seem like Timmons tried to hit hit with his helmet, look closely, he turned his shoulder but it was too late. I’m an eagles fan and I’m saying that….It’s still a foul but I dont think intent was really there.

  16. I remember thinking at the time that it was a completely unnecessary dirty hit at the time and he should have been ejected.

  17. Timmons was caught between a possible scrambling runner who he could legally hit and a passer which Sanchez became right before contact in the head/shoulder area, illegal. Correct call; confusing rule.

  18. That tackle against a running back would not have been flagged or fined (leading with the head or not)….

    Outside the pocket heading for the line of schrimage, the quarterback is a running back unless he gives himself up and slides. Sanchez had just finished a pump move to back off the defenders and gave no indication of sliding, ergo he is a running back….

  19. watching that full speed, Sanchez saw it coming and was stopping, his head got slightly lower (he didn’t dramtically slip) and Timmons gave him the top of the helmet to the jaw….

    Timmons had plenty of opportunity to change that hit, and no matter who the hit was on, driving the crown of your head to the face of the runner is illegal…. 10 times out of 10…

    He should feel lucky it was only 21k….

  20. Sanchez ran out of the pocket and had the option of continuing to run or throw a pass, where is the line drawn between a runner and a passer ?
    Was Timmons (or any LB) supposed to stop and ask “Hey Mark, you gonna run or pass ?”
    A quarterback is still a BACK with the ball and this is tackle football. When a player is running and has the ball, expect to get hit.

  21. A Steelers’ player complaining about a fine? Shocking!!! Isn’t the NFL in a partnership with youth football, and the message being “don’t lead with your head when making a tackle”??? By now, everyone is aware of the danger of concussions (and paralysis). This danger is reduced if players don’t lead with their helmets. It would also reduce the number of times a player gets fined.

  22. @nesuperfan

    it is obvious you dont like the Steelers..for that matter you are blind to the play that took the video little fella and watch it with your eyes OPEN!!!timmons was lowering his head yes,but he was going at him with his shoulder,Sanchez ducked down into the hit creating the dirty hit.tell me little fella how is a linebacker going full speed suposed to change direction at the last second of a QB doing what Sanchez did?explain yourself and then we can talk..until you can be more clear on the facts in the video just shhhhhhhhh…if that was a player from ravens /colts raiders it would be the same thing.and you would not be happy with the call if it was your team..just saying..

  23. steelersownyou says:Sep 20, 2012 9:25 PM

    We are a violent hitting team. We don’t play soft like the ravens do. We lay people out & don’t apologize for it. Many more bodies will hit the turf. Fine us if you want to, but much like the beatles…”The hits will keep on coming”

    Hmmm, seems someone has a thing for the Ravens. Obsess much? Last time I checked, the Ravens swept your “violent hitting team” and won the division because of it. Might want to focus on the teams you can beat first Casey Kasem.

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