No further talks scheduled between NFL, officials


With all sources insisting that nothing was happening between the NFL and the NFL Referees Association, the two sides secretly engaged in two days of talks earlier this week.

Jay Glazer of FOX first reported that negotiations occurred, for the first time in more than two weeks.  We’ve confirmed that, indeed, talks occurred.  A source tells PFT, however, that no further talks are scheduled.

As Glazer reported, serious financial issues remain between the two sides.  And the fact that talks occurred on Tuesday and Wednesday helps explain the out-of-the-blue press release issued on Tuesday by the NFLRA regarding the pension issue.

Apparently, the officials opted to send that “open letter” after the NFL closed the door on the possibility of changing the pension plan for new officials only.

Either way, the two sides have resumed the posture of folded arms and furrowed brows, as everyone hopes the replacements don’t eff up another weekend of football.

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  1. Let the old refs rot. If you are afraid to be held accountable for a poor performance, then you deserve to fade away like most of the other unions.

  2. I really respect these replacement refs for not quitting despite the extreme amounts of criticism they’ve taken. I bet by Week 12 they’re nearly as good as the old refs (if the old ones aren’t back by then).

  3. I really respect these replacement refs for not quitting despite the extreme amounts of criticism they’ve taken. I bet by Week 12 they’re nearly as good as the old refs (if the old ones aren’t back by then).

    lol okay

  4. Anyone who criticizes the union refs are hypocrites. If it were you, you would be fighting just as hard. The only reason you *itch is because your financial perspective is from the bottom. These men are doing nothing but fighting to retain what they have had for decades. Your desire for them to fold comes out of selfish and jealousy.

    Given the NFL’s own projections for the next 9 years, the NFL has very little financial reason to be fighting this, so it purely greed, malevolence and bully tactics. Pure and simple. They have one union to deal with, they don’t want another.

  5. No way the NFL comes to the table with a weak position, i.e. after the disaster on Monday. Hopefully the replacements have a relatively clean week this one and the next, the criticism fades and the two sides of this asinine standoff just split the difference behind the scenes.

  6. 20 years ago they would have called the new refs “scabs.” Just shows how greatly the whole issue of unions here in the US has changed. The NFL is swimming in money so this whole “no ref pension” issue is so much Jerry Jones BS. The worst thing is how all the FOX, CBS, and NBC talking heads have walked around this issue like it isn’t happening. Maybe Faith Hill can get this thing settled.

  7. With the soft background checks (not checking Facebook or previous employers?) on the replacement refs it’s a matter of time before organized crime works out a deal with a couple of these guys. I won’t be surprised if we don’t see some phantom calls that magically change the number.

    They need to get the refs back or the conspiracy theory will grow.

  8. dretwann says: “..the NFL has very little financial reason to be fighting this, so it purely greed, malevolence and bully tactics. Pure and simple…”

    What about principle? The total revenue doesn’t matter. If you’re paying someone what you believe is a fair wage for what they’re doing, you shouldn’t let them hold you hostage.

    If you think total revenue should be considered, then a janitor making 30K at a company earning 1 million in revenue should be able to go to the NFL and earn 270 million per year. If that was the case I’d take the most menial job at the largest company I could find and rake it in.

  9. I remember when replay was 1st utilized, union refs were so petulant about having their power to sway games slightly diminished, I’d swear they deliberately made bad calls just to force coaches to challenge, causing game delays, in an attempt to undermine the process.

    The fact is, ANY refs (experienced or not) are going to blow calls. The solution is take away ALL call-making responsibilities, and have booth officials with replay monitors officiate the game. The on-field officials can still spot the ball, communicate calls to the audience, and break up skirmishes, but that’s all the involvement they’ll get.

  10. Unions were for a different time. The world has changed. I would never have any interest in participating in a union. Unions totally stifle innovation. It smacks of socialism. However, I will continue to believe this has nothing to do with money. I think this has to do with the possibilty some refs are tainted. The league would rather fire them all than deal with the problem. Who in the media has the courage to investigate this angle? If it happened in the NBA why not the NFL?

  11. The officials’ only valid complaint that I have seen is wanting to grandfather the DBP. Grandfathering current membership seems like a fair compromise. So does the NFL’s desire for accountability and increased available officials. The NFLRA will not agree to that because they are afraid the NFL will just fire them 1 by 1 until the DFPs no longer exist. Both sides have a point and neither side wants to actually compromise.

    Maybe the NFL should grandfather the current guys and remove any offers and/or possibility of increased compensation for those officials and institute a mandatory retirement threshold based on age/experience/ability. They could start the contributions plan with new hires and spell out longevity and performance requirements necessary for increased compensation on an individual basis rather than collective benefits.

  12. Asking your employer for more money “smacks of socialism” now, does it? LOL, do you have ANY idea at all what “socialism” even means?

  13. Uhm… am I missing something here? These refs are paid over $100,000 a year and have a pension for a PART-TIME Job! I think the NFL has adequately paid them. Any of these refs ever hear of supply and demand? If there is not enough supply of refs, than the price to get them and keep them will go up1 Just because the NFL has the money doesn’t mean they have to give it away. At the same time the refs can have the choice to keep working their one full time job, where I am sure they are truly appreciated!

  14. Lock the refs out until they dissolve their little “you can’t fire bad refs” union. The replacement refs are making the season more interesting anyway.

  15. FinFan68 – thanks for usefully laying out the details. I’m tired of the “pay the man” posts. Both organizations have very real, detailed issues to hammer out in a billion-dollar industry.

  16. I’m wondering if the NFL isn’t opening itself to possible litigation. Some sharp lawyer may conclude that had the NFL had the proper officials working these games that subsequent injuries may not have occurred. With the heightened concern for the safety of the players I’m a bit surprised that they didn’t simply shut down all activity until the issue was resolved.

  17. Dretwann…

    I am on the side of the officials except for one key issue. For years, theyve had performance evaluations every year, and a bad grade meant you werent brought back. Not only do they want to do away with evaluations, they are refusing to sign a deal unless it includes no reprimand for the length of the contract for performance issues. If it was soley about money, i would be boycotting football. But its not soley about money.

  18. Its simple. The Integrety of the game is at sake. Pay the refs, the indecision and lack of consistency is killing the game for both the players and the viewers. No official is 100%.. they all make mistakes.. But worse than missed calls, is stopping or preventing a team from establishing momentum. Something I find gravely understated throughout this conversation. All the breaks, long ass games.. That Kills a sport..

    Not a player on earth would prefer 100% accuracy if it meant questioning every play on a field! If youve ever played football period yet alone above Pop warner. You know on EVERY SINGLE SNAP there is something technically Illegal happening.. A Hold.. a neutral zone infractions.. some sort of pass interferance.. your beating a dead drub with penalties. Just need the pace of the game and consistency of all calls both missed and made!

  19. Right now the players and the coaches are just as guilty of messing up the integrity of the game. Both are deliberately trying to push the envelope so that they can see what they can get away with.

    Then they come and whine about it. If they played like they normally do, then this wouldn’t be happening. They are making it worse for themselves.

    The substitute teacher analogy I have been seeing has been really good for showing this. What is bad though is that these players and coaches choose to be there and are ruining the experience.

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