Reggie Bush on Hard Knocks: “I don’t think it helped us”

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Hard Knocks is an entertaining TV show, but most NFL teams have declined to participate because they think putting every detail of training camp on TV causes competitive disadvantages. Dolphins running back Reggie Bush thinks those teams are on to something.

Bush told reporters on Wednesday that his teammates weren’t in favor of Hard Knocks and he doesn’t think the show did anything to help the Dolphins.

“I don’t think guys were in favor of it, but we used it to our best advantage and just had fun with it and made the most of it (and) tried to continue to play football,” Bush said “I don’t think it helped us. I guess, if anything, it was a great show. I think they do a great job at capturing just what it takes to be in the NFL, to go through an NFL season and training camp, the business side of things, sports side of things. I think that’s great for fans. I think, for football players, I don’t think it makes or breaks us. I think a lot of guys probably prefer not to have the show around because then you kind of have to watch what you say and how you act, speak differently and walk differently.”

Multiple Dolphins players told Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald that they didn’t like the idea of Hard Knocks, and Salguero reports that most of the personnel department didn’t like doing the show either. So while Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and coach Joe Philbin have defended doing the show, the majority of the people on camera would have preferred to conduct their training camp business quietly.

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  1. He also said he didn’t think the show hurt, either.

    In any case – players don’t like Hard Knocks because they’re constantly being evaluated, so criticisms of them are being aired on national TV.

    Basically, how would you feel if your performance reviews at work were aired on TV? Probably not thrilled.

  2. You can certainly tell that certain guys on the Defense told them to GTFO of their faces with camera. The starting D-line hardly said a word, especially our star Cameron Wake. Cameron probably had to restrain himself from slapping a couple cameramen. He did not look happy at all that HBO was there.

  3. It is a pretty common understanding that the show is for the fans. It was a great show and after two weeks of the regular season, I don’t think the Dolphins are any worse off than if they had not done it. As a Fins fan, I was very appreciative to have an inside look at the team I have been cheering on for the last 30 years!

    Hey, where is the announcement on this site of Reggie Bush earning AFC player of the week? I see every other player announced on the site yet no Reggie Bush dominating the action last week!! The negative stories always make it on here…positive? not so much! Way to go Reggie!

    Michael David Smith:

  4. I thought it was very well put together. The music, local scenery, and montages were great.
    As far as the national broadcasting of firing players goes, I didn’t like that. That’s personal stuff. Justice would be an update with Ireland getting fired on camera.

  5. Michael David Smith:


    Ahhh thanks, it was not in the Dolphins news stream. And another backhanded compliment from Florio.. what is his problem with the Dolphins and their fans? Read every story written by the guy concerning the Fins.. every one has negative undertones or outright contempt. Strange.

    Still love the site though.

  6. Reggie, look at the season you are having! Maybe having a camera on you at all times made you prep harder……

  7. Of course it didn’t do anything for you Reggie – truly successful teams stay away from the show. Has there ever been a team that had real success that was featured on it?

    2001 Ravens – Following their Super Bowl win, they went 10-6 and lost in the Divisonal round

    2002 Cowboys – 5-11 – terrible season

    2003 – 2006 – no teams

    2007 Chiefs – 4-12 – terrible season

    2008 – Cowboys – 9-7, no playoffs

    2009 – Bengals – 10-6, lost in the Wild Card round

    2010 – Jets – 11-5, lost in AFC Championship – most successful Hard Knocks team

    2011 – no team

    Half of the teams listed above are known more for the drama of their franchise rather then their team’s on-field performance.

  8. @superseahawk says:Sep 20, 2012 7:15 AM

    I like how Reggie Bush speaks to the media. He seems honest. I know his college past might stain his reputation, but he has done well since then.

    Stain his reputation? 90% of star athletes at major programs recieve gifts etc. He just happened to be the one that got caught. I know you comment was positive, but anybody that holds anything against him for being part of a faulty college system, is a fool.

  9. “The negative stories always make it on here…positive? not so much!”

    Ha! You are not the only one who gets the impression or perception. Anyways, positive news hardly get the rating or views going.

  10. All of the players have twitter accounts, fan pages, and other forms of media to let you know more about them and what they do. Hard Knocks shows me what I really want to see and that is the WHOLE entire team and just exactly how this NFL thing works behind closed doors–good and bad. Sure there is some bad that comes along with it but the good is sometimes more beneficial…..ex Reggie Bush and just how hard he really works…..before and after practice. I always thought he was some pretty boy from Cally, now I know different. Seeing HK also made me extra comfortable with the VDavis trade. Thank You Hard Knocks even if nobody else does!

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