Revis says he’s playing Sunday, but should he?


Cleared for contact 11 days after suffering a concussion, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was unequivocal regarding whether he’ll suit up for his team’s Week Three game against the Dolphins.

“I’m playing Sunday,” Revis said.

Asked how confident he is, Revis said it again:  “I’m playing.”

But does he have to take any more tests?  “No, I got cleared, so I’ll be playing.”

Um, we think he’s playing.

But here’s the bigger question, as given away by the headline.  Should he play?

The Jets don’t necessarily need him, given the quality of the Miami receiving corps.  So is it worth risking Revis getting another concussion and possibly having a Sidney Crosby one-two combination that knocks him out even longer?

I’d be tempted to keep him on ice, in anticipation of back-to-back visits from the best two teams in the NFL:  the 49ers and Texans.

Then again, my kid had a concussion 12 days ago and he’s been cleared and he repeatedly says he’s playing Saturday night and even though I won’t sleep well the next two nights worrying about him, it’ll be impossible to keep him off the field.

In the end, football players play football.  As long as they’re medically cleared to go, that’s what they do.

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  1. Medically cleared by NFL docs owned by the Jets. Ya, that’s it, he fine (wink wink). $20 bucks says Revis gets his bell rung and sits 3 games or more.

  2. there really is no foundation for this (for concussions at least) but Dr Joel Wallach and the idea he presents in his “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” tape could probably do wonders for concussions. I can only imagine a child with a full supply of vitamins and minerals in his body as well as a body that has the building blocks for strong bones in it could go a long way toward the protection of the brain.

    Check out youngevity. it can’t hurt except in the wallet but for you that does not matter.

  3. I would rather he played. No cheap games or pre-made excuses. Our best vs. their best. The Dolphins are not as bad as some think. This should be a pretty good game…as they have been over the last few years

  4. That’s a new one.

    I’ve heard of resting players after the team has won a playoff spot but not heard of a team sitting on a 1-1 record before.

    Or are you suggesting they should suck for the #1 draft pick?

  5. Nope, the jets will lose with or without him, but it will be fun to watch him cover bush and lane out of the backfield and with his other hand cover fasano. The game plan has to dictate heavy screens (blitz) and running the ball.

    Hopefully though, they will remain overlooked all season.

  6. I’m beginning to see football like boxing and MMA. You are signing up, to be paid handsomely, to use your body to abuse and be abused. As a Saints fan, I will say no one should outright be out trying to break someone forever. But isn’t your job to break a guy that play? Aren’t concussions and injuries why these guys are paid so handsomely? Not saying he should play. Two reasons: His health, his longevity with his team. At least sit out until they fall behind. However, when does the line get drawn? When do we move so far away from physical abuse that it becomes basketball? Remember, football is a contact sport. It is the Colosseum. If I can’t watch guys putting themselves in super human danger, similar to war, and get to see how they react, than the game loses some of it’s intrigue and appeal to me.

  7. I don’t know if he should, but the Jets had damn well better hope he can play. That defense is barely a shadow of itself with Revis not on the field.

    Cromartie’s a hell of an athlete, but the fact is, putting him on a skilled WR is a 50/50 proposition. Half the time he does a serviceable job, and the other half he gets mauled.

    There’s no gamble when it comes to Revis. He wins. With Cro you’ve got a coinfip, and that’s not a good situation to be in at all.

  8. Better question would be if he is cleared by the doctors to play.. why SHOULDN’T he?

    If you are saying a player shouldn’t play because there is a chance of him getting injured then shut the league down now.

    Every player on every play has the chance of injuy.

  9. Ummm yes? He should absolutely play. We all bash Goodell for making the game softer when things this like are become big stories. I’m with Revis. He’s cleared to play.

    Also, any given Sunday as to whether they need Revis.

  10. Florio, I fully appreciate keeping a football player out to prevent long term injury. Including your son, because of course his well being is important.

    But if the only reason is “Miami’s receiving corps is beyond terrible”, then I will argue that. We’ve seen plenty of upsets in the NFL (hence “Any Given Sunday”). As much as I hate Miami (Wooo, Bills fan for life!!!), I’d never underestimate a division rival. I love to insult their receivers as much as possible (and for good reason!), but they’re still capable of winning.

    Bottom line for me: if it’s a pure safety issue, do whatever is necessary to keep him healthy. But if you’re being biased by the “skill of the opponent”, think again. Divisional games have a way of finding interesting outcomes.

  11. 3000 lawsuits say he shouldn’t play.

    The lawsuits infer that the players aren’t smart enough to determine when they should and shouldn’t play.

    Since the players are trying to hold the NFL responsible for their lives, and we know that Revis is all about the money. Keep him out!

    Don’t give him another way to extort either the Jets or the NFL.

  12. This is a good question. Miami doesn’t have wide receivers that the New York Jets necessarily “need” Revis for. Antonio Cromartie has done well against their former #2 WR (and current #1 WR) Brian Hartline in past games, and their second best receiver, Davone Bess, is a slot guy. They don’t have an “alpha” receiver that would demand Revis’ talent.

    So combine that with the fact that one thing the Miami offense is good at is running the ball. They had over 200 yards rushing against the Raiders AND were averaging near 5 yards per carry against the Texans. They’re going to want to run the ball to protect their rookie QB, so that means Revis (if he plays) might be required to play a ton of run support, with the resulting risk of a concussion if he tries to tackle running backs bigger than him.

    Revis helps the Jets win, but I’m not sure it’s a big help given the state of Miami’s wide receivers, and it could be a big risk given that Miami is going to play physical and run the ball early and often – Reggie Bush loves to run to the outside – and that could put Revis in a situation for a second concussion.

  13. “Then again, my kid had a concussion 12 days ago and he’s been cleared and he repeatedly says he’s playing Saturday night and even though I won’t sleep well the next two nights worrying about him, it’ll be impossible to keep him off the field.”

    Assuming he’s not past high school, it’s not impossible. You have complete jurisdiction. If he gets a second concussion I hope you do the smart thing and shut down his season.

  14. Miami has had a nasty habit of surprising the Jets, even when they are big underdogs… and they aren’t this time.

    Miami is coming off a pretty strong game with Bush going about 200 yards and Tannehill stretching the field with Hartline (wow, I never thought I’d need to write that sentence)

    making the assumption they won’t need Revis is a bold statement….

  15. Mike, irrespective of your accurate opinion of the Dolphin’s average receivers these two teams are at the same level. Most likely neither will make the playoffs. The main difference is the Jets have Rex Ryan who will not shut up. The Jets have some players they should not have spent alot of money on. The Dolphins should have spent more money to get players. The problem; they had salary cap issues due to releasing many expensive Parcells’ regime players.

    (Dolphins by 10 points)

  16. “given the quality of the Miami receiving corps. ”
    i get it, they’re not the best but is this necessary?
    close game but the dolphins win this 24-15 as Tony fist pumps his way out of Miami.

  17. Zzzzzz The Jets beat the Fish without Revis or Cromartie, just line up RB McKnight on any no-name fish receiver and watch Landry lay them out.

  18. Its impossible to keep your own 12 year old kid off the field? What are you talking about? Just do it if that is what you think is right.

  19. Crosby was misdiagnosed, it was actually a neck injury that was causing concussion like symptoms. I say he would be fine. Players routinely come back a week after when they do not have a history of concussions

  20. The whole point of the crack down on concussions is the medical staff is supposed to be being more carful… If he’s medically cleared for contact and medically cleared to play then that means he is fine. If he’s not fine the the medical staff should all be fired.

  21. The jets have also lost the majority to the Dolphins WITH Revis and Cromartie so not much to that statement.

    The 1:oo game favors Miami as the jets will probably wilt down the stretch. Don’t see that their offense can do much with Miami homefield weather advantage and defense. Miami has also won the Special Teams battle as of late. There is just no way to prepare for it when you play in New Jersey.

  22. hehateme2 – So the Jets offense wont do much due to the sunny fla skies? Look for the Jets to air it out Sunday against that secondary. Also, I think Miami will see plenty of Tebow running this game

  23. I say the first play should be a swing pass to jorvorski lane FB and have him head straight for revis to see if the jets doctors were telling the truth

  24. “Crosby was misdiagnosed, it was actually a neck injury that was causing concussion like sympto”

    Doubt it. You see players all the time now get rocked, wake up, and grab their neck once they realize they just got blown up. They know if they act like its their head they are out of the game more then likely.

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