Ryan Mathews looks ready for season debut

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Tackle Jared Gaither may be recovering slowly from a back injury, but two other injured Chargers are making better progress.

Running back Ryan Mathews carried a full workload at practice for the Chargers on Wednesday, one more step in his path back from a broken clavicle suffered in the first preseason game. Barring any setback in the next couple of days, it looks like Mathews, who has progressively done more work in practice each week, will be on the field when the Chargers face the Falcons in a matchup of 2-0 teams.

“I feel great, I feel healthy, and I feel strong,” Mathews said, via Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “I think (the coaches) know what I can do. I know they know I’m ready. It’s a long season, and they’re going to be real smart with me. Really, it’s just taking it day by day and seeing whether I go Saturday when they make that final decision.”

The Chargers also got tight end Antonio Gates back at practice after he missed the Titans win with a rib injury. He was only a limited participant, but coach Norv Turner said that Gates “looked good” during the session. Dante Rosario, who caught three touchdowns in place of Gates, was also limited with a calf injury so we’ll have to wait until later in the week to see what the tight end spot will look like for San Diego this week.

11 responses to “Ryan Mathews looks ready for season debut

  1. Seriously. I’ll say it again. Let him sit, activated, and only play him if things get desperate.

    Having watched he fast, and hard-hitting that Falcons D looked against the Donkeys, I would have no doubt that they would try their best to “kill the shoulder”.

  2. This guy is made of Paper Mache. I guarantee he will be on the sidelines soon with something. He is a total China Doll ,fragile.He spends more time on the sideline than Norv.

  3. I know my Raider brethren will pound me for this, but the AFC West must be won by a Cali team. It surely won’t be the rebuilding Raiders, so, c’mon SD, MAN UP. You have handled Peyton Manning well in the past, take KC down! As much as I dislike Howdy-Doody Rivers, this has to be his year. Raiders are out of contention, Broncos could be a threat, and KC is a paper-tiger with their QB. This could be your last chance Phil, last chance Norv. Now or Never.

  4. joetoronto:

    Not that anyone respects your opinions to begin, but you just like to talk out of your @#$.

    Gates is, and has been, one of the most dominant scorers (regardless of position) in the history of the league. In 2010 when he only played half the season, he put up so many yards and points, that it took the other top TE’s the entire season to match Gates’ numbers. So, if he’s a cream-puff, then he’s sure a tough-as-nails one.

    Mathews? The jury is out. But he did make the ProBowl in just his second season. How did McMuffin do last season?

    In fact, do you want to make a bet as to which RB has a better season this year? I’m going to bank on the Bull Dog. McMuffin likely won’t make it to the bye.

  5. The only thing im worried about w Atl is their WRs. Theyre both game changers and i honestly dont think yhe Chargers secondary can match up. We need to get to Matt Ryan and make him think quick.
    Either way, I see both teams putting up big #s

  6. How did I know “joetoronto” would be Trolling this thread?? “Dougy” up there said it all. It’s kind of sad that all you have to do with your life is search through PFT looking for Chargers posts…

    For someone that hates our team so much, you really are quite obsessed with them.

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