Ryan Williams is having a rough week


Cardinals running back Ryan Williams had to wait a full year to start his NFL career after a serious knee injury in 2011 and things haven’t gone exactly as planned.

Williams has fumbled in each of his first two games, including a turnover late in the win over the Patriots that almost allowed New England to steal a victory. Darren Urban of the Cardinals website reports that Williams turned off his phone after the game on Sunday to give himself some privacy, but turning it back on brought bad news on Monday. Williams’ grandfather died, which puts a fumble into perspective without taking away any of the lingering pain.

Williams also admitted to Urban that he doesn’t totally trust his knee after so much time off the field. He’s not playing as fast or instinctively as he would like because he’s still worried about re-injuring himself during a game. Williams vowed to get things on track after the rough start to the year.

“It’s been a lot but the past couple of days, they’ve got to be gone and they will be gone. For me to be me, I can’t play like that,” Williams said. “This team expects a lot out of me. We’ve got good teams coming up and a lot of plays need to be made and they need to be made out of the backfield. I’m going to get it done. I’m going to get it done.”

The Cardinals haven’t gotten much out of their running game in their two victories to open the season. Getting Williams and/or Beanie Wells rolling would give the team a much better chance of building on their strong start because it looks like they have the kind of defense that will take care of things on their end.

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  1. Sure is great team-building foresight by the Cards, keep using those high draft picks to take more RBs year after year, instead of wasting them on offensive linemen! What good are they, anyway? ….hey, how’s that Tim Hightower doing?

  2. When was the last time the cards had a solid run game? Hopefully he keeps his head in the game, once you lose your focus and confidence sometimes you never get it back, hes gotta stop thinking and just run.

  3. Here’s hoping that every single player and coach who was in philly last year remembers VERY clearly what it was like to lose that ARZ game at home this year. I don’t care that ARZ is better this year, and they are. The Eagles need to roll these guys.

  4. Its the Battle of Philly QBs!

    Will Vick stop being Vick in order for his team to win? After showing they know how to control Wilson running out of the pocket, can the Cards again keep Vick under control?

    Will Kolb continue to control his inner demons of happy feet, too quick and incomplete reads, and poor passing decisions? (Oh wait, that is also TRUE of Vick!) Will Kolb’s faint familiarity with Philly give him the edge he needs to execute his part of the Offense?

    If these QBs wash out each other, the edge goes to the Cards Defense who are really playing HUNGRY! and want to go 3-0.

    This is one of the most talented and exciting team in the league and should be able to send Andy’s Philly birds packing if they stay focused and use that killer defense to role Vick! Remember what Larry says: “FFF”…Get’R’ Done!
    The run game will come…Whiz still has a few surprises in his bag of tricks!
    Condolences to Ryan Williams on the loss of his grandfather, Take your time, you will be fine and we still believe in you!

  6. I heard the only way they are getting Vick to play well is to give him some collie puppies to strangle with his hands before each game. But, they are scared to death of getting caught, so its all on the DL.

  7. William Powell is their best running back. I have no idea why the Cardinals are not playing him, other than it makes them look like fools for drafting Beanie and illiams.

  8. I’m putting security guards around Andy Reid at all times. If he even gets close to the management office, have him escorted back to the sideline as quickly as possible.. But wait, I have this player that is really worth a couple of picks, just hear me out! I just have a feeling the eagles are going to leave a player behind, and go home with a couple of draft picks…

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