Santonio expects to take advantage of the Dolphins’ secondary


The last time Santonio Holmes and the Jets played in Miami, things got ugly both for him and for the team as he was benched in a 2011 season-ending loss to the Dolphins. Suffice to say, Holmes thinks it will go better this time.

Holmes said on Wednesday that he thinks the Jets’ receivers have a significant matchup advantage over the Dolphins’ defensive backs, and he’s planning to exploit that advantage in Miami on Sunday.

With our skills and our speed, we should really take advantage of those guys,” Holmes told

The Dolphins’ pass defense has struggled through two games this season, and Holmes thinks some early big plays are going to open things up for the Jets to get an early lead and then protect that lead by staying on the ground.

“We’d like to get an upper edge and advantage against those guys early, so now they have to come out and defend us and play us in a respectable manner,” Holmes said.

Holmes is confident, but the way the Dolphins’ secondary has played this season gives him good reasons for his confidence.

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  1. Like he was a world beater last game.Guess he has a short momeny. A lot of talk with little to back it up.

    I do expect them to “try” to throw being that they won’t be able to run the ball much.

    But, can they convert anything other than Tony’s special field goal fist pumps??- or-will Holmes pout and sulk on the bench yet again?

  2. Holmes also is confident that he’s not a moron.

    Unfortunately for him there’s not a high correlation between reality and his confidence.

  3. When will Santonio ever learn that he just needs to shut his mouth. First of all, no1 will give him credit or find it impressive if he does take advantage of the dolphin’s secondary… It’s easy.

    Second, Santonio could be the most over paid player in the league not named chris johnson.

    Bench this man!

  4. Dont these guys ever realize that when you talk , you put a huge target on yourself? Just show up Sunday and do it. Be a pro.

  5. Santonio keeping talking thrash, you’re lucky Stephen Hill is on the opposite side, because Sean Smith has and will continue to dominate your match up!

    You’re lucky Sean is probably going to have to guard against the faster and taller Stephen Hill.

    As long as you got Sanchize throwing that ball, you should stay quite.

  6. That will never happen! With Yeremiah Bell in the secondary..Oh! Wait! he’s not there anymore! Never mind, Vonte Davis will shut him down…Oh! Wait! He’s not there anymore either! Come to think of it, the dolphins may be screwed..

  7. Its been a long time since Santonio Holmes has had success against any secondary. In fact its been 27 games since Santonio has hit the century mark. I guess he has a chance to do it this week but I doubt it.

  8. Santonio has a rather myopic view. Santonio may be open but will Sanchez have time to get him the ball with the Jets under performing offensive line. Moreover without much of a running game.

  9. Yeah or secondary has (struggled) ok try watching the game instead of just looking at stats. Teams have passed a lot against us because no one can run the ball on us. They may get some yards but they better hope a few field goals will win the game for them because the dolphins d is good in the red zone. Keep picking the Jests to win. It’s pathetic, the Dolphins have owned the Jets so hard in resent years that the Jets hired our head coach, who we fired for providing the Dolphins with no offense, to coach the Jets offense. Lol.

  10. I’m a Jets fan, and I cannot stand Holmes. I had the “pleasure” of seeing him up close at Jets camp in Cortland with young fans wanting an autograph, and he couldn’t have been more rude. The guy is a first rate jerk, and he’s not really all that good. His body language on the field just sucks, and the Jets should have just released him last season after the stunt he pulled in Miami.

  11. Incredible how week in and week out Jets players are so willing to set themselves up for disappointment. And then complain to the media for unfairly criticisizing them when those expectations are not met.

  12. Dolphins secondary did struggle in the first half against the Raiders but not the second half. So to say that they have struggled through two games implies continuous struggles through 8 quarters and that is not the case.

    Would like to see Sparano try to run consistently against the Dolphins on Sunday. Good luck with that… fist pump…

  13. I used to think Mark Sanchez was overrated. Now I just feel bad for him. Hard to be good when you have no O-Line and this clown is your biggest “weapon”.

  14. I am still shocked and angry about the Vontae Davis trade….That 2nd rd pick we got have better turn into a bonafide probowler because it has set our secondary back. Now we got jerks like Holmes (who Vontae shut down last game) feeling alot more confident.

  15. The Dolphins have given up a lot of yards through the air, but for the Raiders, that didn’t translate into a lot of points. The Texans, with a balanced attack, great D, not mention an elite WR, were able to take advantage of opportunities.

    Ask yourself: who do the Jets want to be first and foremost? They want to play great defense and run the football. So for Miami on Sunday, it will be:
    Step 1) Stonewall the running game (Shonn Green? hahaha)
    Step 2) Turn up the pressure by bringing more and more blitzes as the game goes on.
    Step 3) The Jets wilt under the South Florida sun like thirsty plant.

    I imagine New York will hang in this game for awhile, and fade late. Time to stop kidding everybody into thinking they are any better than Miami, because they are not.

  16. He’s right. And he has Sparano and Yeremiah Bell to lean on. This is why we had a Vontae in the first place. Holmes will eat Richard Marshall alive if they are dumb enough to put him on him.

  17. @tarniman:

    What are you talking about? Vontae was traded to the Colts, and they most definitely have not played the Jets. And actually, the early reports out of Indy regarding Davis are anything but flattering for the former first round pick.

    Still too early to tell, and I agree with your sentiment that we are worse off, at least in the short term, without Vontae. But if he doesn’t ever turn the page and become an elite cornerback, then Miami got an early beat on a bust, and salvaged a 2nd rounder in the process. Jury’s still out on that one.

  18. With Yeremiah Bell in the secondary..Oh! Wait! he’s not there anymore! Never mind, Vonte Davis will shut him down

    Y Bell is a great guy but a liability in coverage so scratch that one. As far as Vonte, he is currently ranked second or third to the bottom for ALL corners so…

  19. life long jets fan here, and reading that was brutal. after that debacle down there on New Years Day, and after compiling a 2-4 record against the Dolphins in the Rex era (that’s right, they’re actually doing better against NEW ENGLAND in that time frame), it’s like fingernails on the chalkboard. catch 8 passes for a buck-fifty and a couple scores, and actually win the frikkin’ game – THEN you may talk.

  20. Miami is not as bad as the media makes them out to be. They are better than they were last year and that team finished 6-3.

    Losing Marshall hurt production a bit but losing his critical drops, whiny attitude and shaky off-field issues (suspension issue) is a net gain. Bell was a liability in coverage but he was a good tackler. The Jets have underperformed against Miami the last few years and running against the Dolphins has been hard for everyone for a full year. I’ll take the WR/DB match-ups in this game. Holmes is wrongly arrogant. Sanchez has a ton of pressure now and that will lead to mistakes. The key will be whichever team’s TE play well will likely have the advantage.

  21. I do not care if Holmes has the game of his life, just do not let Sparano and the Jets kick 10 field goals and beat us. When Cam Cameron came back with the Ravens they won and it was a terrible feeling. Fins look like they may have a possible 3 headed running attack… it up in the S Fla heat on Sunday, by the 4th qtr Reggie will be breaking some more 30+ yard td runs!!!

  22. 7 catches in 19 targets against a mediocre secondary and half of one. Has he forgotten who is QB is?

    We’ll see what Miami’s coaches think about Holmes when they put Smith on Hill all game.

    The best coverage for Santonio Holmes is simply Santonio Holmes.

  23. johnnyjagfan says:
    Sep 20, 2012 10:35 AM

    Holmes scored against Pittsburgh. I guess that’s not “taking advantage” of the secondary?

    One TD is hardly what anyone would call “taking advantage” of the secondary. Sorry boss. Go back and watch some old tape of Young to Rice when they played the Rams twice a year and you’ll see what I mean.

  24. @ miamat….what r u talking about….I never even mentioned Indy. I was talking about the last game Vontae Davis played against the Jets with the Dolphins….He shut down Holmes and now Vontae is gone and the Dolphins Secondary is not as strong as last yr….that has Homles more confident going into this game. As for Vontae Davis we just in my opinion our best CB. Vontae was good for at least 4+ interceptions a season….He has done it twice in his short career. 4 ints is more than Sean Smith has in his entire career. We just traded away at least 4 ints away …and NO Im not happy about that. Say what u want about Vontae but the FACT of the Matter is he play better for the Phins than any other Corner we have. Now he is gone and Holmes know its and believe me he is happy Vontae is gone.

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