Shad Khan shows up in Gangnam Style parody

Getty Images

It’s hard not to like Shad Khan, the tough-talking, mustachioed, self-made billionaire who bought the Jaguars earlier this year.

Sure, he may have overplayed the Maurice Jones-Drew holdout a bit with the “time to get on the train” stuff, but Khan seems to be genuinely interested in making the Jaguars and Jacksonville the best team and city they can be.

He also has a sense of humor, as evidence by his brief appearance in a Gangnam Style parody video created by Radio Now 97.9 in Jacksonville.  You can fast forward to 3:30 for the appearance from the Jags owner.

And just as Khan made a cameo in the parody video, the man responsible for the Gangnam Style sensation showed up in an SNL skit on Saturday night.  (Hey, we gotta support the peacock.)

UPDATE 3:38 p.m. ET:  He’s also dancing, at about 2:50.  I love this guy.