Somehow, it occurs to Jason Garrett that Felix should return kicks

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In an decisive stroke of leadership, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Felix Jones would continue to return kickoffs.

The day after Jerry Jones did.

Felix has been such a good player for us,” Garrett said, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “He’s coming off the injury from last year and if you just look at his track record as a play-making type player, both on offense and in the kicking game, he’s been pretty darn good.”

Garrett noted the fumble in Seattle last week, but added: “Felix does not have a huge history of having turnovers.”

Of course, this was the day after the owner said he remained confident in Felix “just because I do.”

“One of the things that I think we do a really good job of in this organization is we discuss things,” Garrett said when asked about the boss’s comments. “The Joneses and I discuss a lot of things. Our staff and I discuss a lot of things. We discuss a lot of things with our pro personnel and our college scouting departments. So the lines of communication are open. There’s nothing that’s going to be my decision or his decision or that guy’s decision or this guy’s decision.

“If we’re talking about a player playing, [special teams coach] Joe [DeCamillis] has a huge role in who’s going to be our returner. Now is he going to make the decision? No. I’m going to get involved in that discussion. Other people are going to get involved in that discussion. It’s just the way it works. We think that’s a good thing. Different people have different perspectives and different insights and then we come to a conclusion that we all think is good.

“We’ve never had any issues that way regarding personnel or really any kind of decision we have to make as an organization.”

And they won’t.

As long as everybody jumps when Jerry says jump.

33 responses to “Somehow, it occurs to Jason Garrett that Felix should return kicks

  1. He IS the one that mortgaged his eye-teeth to buy the team. Is it silly that he would actually be the boss? All owners have final say in everything. If they choose to not have final say then they probably inherited their team. It’s been a while since the last one, but no owner has won more Super Bowls than Jones since he bought the team, and no owner whether he inherited his team or not is making money like Jones is. Say what you want about Jones not being a “football guy” but he’s the former team captain of a national champion and has 23+ years of actual NFL management experience. What about your favorite team’s owner? What about the GM? He tried ceding control to Bill Parcells and results were meh. Why pay an outside guy millions of bucks to field a mediocre team? Jones can do that on his own. He’s got a more accomplished NFL management resume than perhaps 95-98% of all the “football guys” out there. No actual scientific methods were used in calculating that number.

  2. wow, as a long time cowboys fan and garrett optimist, this is tremendously disappointing to hear…jones is so overbearing that he can’t see the dysfuntion his role causes and undermines the entire organization…

  3. Garrett can tap dance around the subject all he wants, but the only “perspective” and “insight” that counts is Jones’, doubtlessly much to the chagrin of ‘Boys fans everywhere.

  4. in Dallas, the head coach has to report to jerry for any player changes and this is the reason Jimmy Johnson quit..Jerry is the owner, GM and Coach of the Cowboys.

  5. In my opinion this is the main problem with the Cowboys; it’s a team run by committee when one strong vision would be better.

    It reminds me of that scene in Robocop II when a panel of execs are sitting around a table deciding how a cop in crime ridden Detroit should be programmed, and they notice he never helps kittens out of trees.

    Or like in Brain Candy when a panel decides a failing pharmaceutical company needs a Mother’s Day drug.

    On a good team the Owner signs cheques, the GM picks players, and the coach coaches those players. The coach tells the GM what kind of players he wants, the GM tells the Owner how big a cheque to write, and the owner rolls in his money.

    When those lines get blurred Superbowls aren’t won.

  6. It was Jerrah who named him Felix. His real name is Orvis. Jerrah could not stand the name Orvis because as a child, his uncle carried the shrunken head of a ex-wife around in a backsack that he called “Orvis” and constantly took it out and shook it in lil Jerrah’s face and said: “JJ, u dont know jack sh*t about anything”…now you know…the rest of the story.

  7. For any head coach in the NFL to be effective, the answer has to be “a lot of people have input into the decision to play a player, but I make the final decision.” Doesn’t work that way in Dallas. They’ll never win.

  8. “They’ll never win.”

    Well, I won’t say “never”. Just never as long as Mr. Facelift is the owner, and probably never as long as anyone with his DNA is the owner.

  9. jones had an incredible first 5 years as owner. he inherited the first overall pick in the 1989 draft and didn’t screw it up (aikman). he made another amazing pick in 1990 with taking emmitt smith #17 overall. the herschel walker trade allowed him to get more pieces he needed to have a dominant team in the early 1990s.

    the problem is, as quickly as the cowboys rose to be among the NFLs elite, they just as quickly fell off the map. he has done very little since then to put them back in a position to win consistently. no one is questioning his desire, but things aren’t as easy in the NFL now as they were in the early 90s. if he is going to constantly change coaches and personnel when things arent going his way, and undermine his coaches decisions regardless how things are going, he is going to continue to have to answer questions like “how does it feel to have not won a playoff game since 1996?”

  10. This is sooooo hilarious, Jason thought he was actually in charge of football decisions concerning the team. For any future head coach coming to Dallas please be aware that Jerry and only Jerry runs this team. That is the reason they have been soooo successful. As for Felix Jones, I’m sorry but this guy stinks. He’s had 1 Punt for a TD and that was his rookie year. His potential has already been spent. Here’s hoping the cowboys wake up soon and cut this guy and replace him with Lance Dunbar. WAKE UP JERRY!!!!!!!!

  11. Jerry’s in control alright. Since Jimmy Johnson and Parcells left because of Jones’ decisions with personnel I don’t think there will ever be a voicetress, opinionative HC in Dallas as long as Jerry “Ball Caps” Jones is there.

  12. I hate the Cowboys. And I’m glad they continue to struggle. And certainly, this story is entertaining. But is it really news? Why is it that in football, owner involvement in decision making is considered a problem. And Jones is criticized for being involved in day to day operations. Ummm… isn’t this kinda how every business operates? Yes. Owners hire others to make decisions, strategize, etc. But when they ask their managers to jump, the managers ask ‘how high’. And good owners may leave the day to day operations to the managers (as far as I know, JJ isn’t calling plays, doesn’t have a direct line to the coaches headset, etc.), but they generally aren’t absentee. And they almost always have input on employees.

    It’s fair to criticize JJ. That’s not my point. I think there’s an implied criticism of Jason Garrett and other Cowboy employees because they actually do what their boss wants. SHOCKING! NEVER heard of such a thing! And I do think that’s totally unfair. I doubt there is any coach that doesn’t listen to their owner. JJ just takes a higher profile. But I seriously doubt, the Cowboys experience is that atypical to other team’s.

  13. Felix Jones has no flexabilitiy, agility or durability therefore he needs to be removed from kick return. His running style is like Herschel Walker…meaning he has no cut backs, or jukes, he just purely runs straight…and by no means am I saying he is anywhere near the talent of Herschel Walker just similar style with a lot less production

  14. not saying i agree or disagree with this article… guess i m just wondering why this needed to be written. just seems like a perfect chance to pile on a team for no real reason… and i am generally all for piling on the cowboys when the chance arises

  15. merrimanku says:

    Jason was also told to make sure he gets his TPS reports in.

    I’m awarding you the Internet today!

  16. Lol @ “One of the things that I think we do a really good job of in this organization is we discuss things,”

    Yeah man, and there has been a LOT of “things” to “discuss” between you and jerrah lately, I’m sure.

  17. bkostela says:

    he has done very little since then to put them back in a position to win consistently.

    Life would be easier for Cowboys fans if that were true. But it’s actually much more painful than that. They’ve got good players…it’s just they haven’t had a real coach to lead them since Jimmy Johnson left. Jones is actually pretty darn good as a GM but he insists in meddling with the coaching, player discipline and everything else which throws the train off the tracks.

  18. “he is going to continue to have to answer questions like “how does it feel to have not won a playoff game since 1996?””

    And I’m going to have to continue to correct you and say “He wouldn’t know, the Cowboys have won two playoff games since 1996”. January 5, 1997 and January 17, 2010.

  19. Parcells left because of jones’ decisions with personnel. There are two things Jones did that Parcells didn’t want to do. Draft Demarcus Ware and bring TO in. He gave Parcells all the room he wanted to bring in his old buddies and Parcells is a big part of the reason why the Cowboys struggle with the OL. He blew several picks on offensive lineman, I think only McQuistan is left and he’s just a guy. Thank God we’re not drafting guys because they look like Bavaro or because they’re Rob Carpenter’s son. Parcells blew any chance to work with TO, wouldn’t even refer to him by name, just called him “the player”. Don’t tell me about why Parcells left, he’s a terrible personnel guy and he proved it AGAIN in Miami. I was glad to see him leave the Cowboys.

  20. “…if you just look at his track record as a play-making type player, both on offense and in the kicking game, he’s been pretty darn good.”

    Really? Cause from what I’ve seen, I see a player whose best years are behind him and seems to waste every opportunity given to him.

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