Stephen Ross may not be buying unsold Dolphins tickets this week

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Maybe they should have had another University of Florida reunion.

With the Jets and Tim Tebow coming to town, the Dolphins still can’t sell out their allotment of non-premium tickets, even though the team took full advantage this season of the rule that allows the minimum to be reduced from 100 percent to 85.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Dolphins have received a 24-hour extension of the deadline for selling enough seats to lift the local TV blackout.

“We’re hopeful of getting it on local television. We’re still hopeful of selling this game out,” Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene said Thursday, via the Sun-Sentinel. “We said last week that we would be looking at this on a week-to-week basis.”

Last week, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wrote a check (at 34 cents on the dollar) for all unsold non-premium seats at Sun Life Stadium.  This week, that may not be happening.

Or, perhaps more accurately, Ross and the Dolphins want fans to think that he won’t be writing the check.

Typically, extensions aren’t granted absent an assurance that the tickets will be sold, either to fans or to the team.  The problem for Ross is that, by buying the unsold tickets in the past, fans will see through the false sense of urgency that the 24-hour extension creates.

In the end, we think Ross will pay the money to get the game on TV.  At a time when more and more local residents have become ambivalent about the Dolphins, he needs to do everything he can to keep them from being out of sight and out of mind.

As opposed to being in plain view and out of mind.

31 responses to “Stephen Ross may not be buying unsold Dolphins tickets this week

  1. I live in Miami. Bleacher seats for the Marlins games are 20 cents. If Ross offered tickets at that price I maybe would, actually no, I still wouldnt go.

  2. Mr. Ross, you must be so proud.

    Your organization is now so irrelevant, you can’t even sell out a home game against the New York Jets.

    You will be buying your own tickets with your own money to get your team on tv for as long as Jeff Ireland is your GM.

    Quite the business model you’re workin’ there, pal.

  3. Ezra954 the nfl will never agree to move this team from Miami.
    However it would be great when Mr. Loss @ every cost Ross sell the team and take his lap dog with him Jeff.. Until then we want show up…

  4. How about you have another contest where the fans have to kick a 65 yard field goal? Or someone can suit up for a play and blitz the QB?

    I’m sure your PR boys can come up with some more impossible gimmicks to get interest in the team.

  5. All the talk about Ireland being fired etc etc…. I will tell you something continually poor TICKET SALES will get him fired for sure.

    Ticket sales are probably higher on an owners list of importance than actually winning games. Although to be fair wins/ticket sales do correlate. But you get my drift.

    I cant imagine whose seat is hotter, Ireland or Holmgren.

  6. Bad team or not, it’s pretty sad when the fanbase won’t show up to cheer against their hated rival. I am sure there are out of town dolfans that would love to go if they were local.

  7. Rumor has it that Stephen Ross called Woody Johnson and offered if the Jets start Tebow which could help a sell out, he will split the gate with Johnson.

  8. In Minnesota, for years the local TV networks bought up the tickets along with a few top companies to insure no blackouts.
    That deal ended two years ago and now it just the owners and the local tv networks footing the bill. They lose too much advertising money if the game isn’t on.
    They are hell bent for leather if you will to make sure they do not have a blackout. The reasoning is, once there is a blackout and the fans realize the world didn’t end, they will be less willing to buy tickets to loser games and be more picky. Thus, more blackouts.

  9. How about lower the ticket prices ? Doing a credible job on season seat relocations would help keep your season ticket base.

  10. Sadly the longer Ross buys the tickets, the longer Dolphins fans will rely on him to save the day. This won’t help create urgency in the fanbase and unfortunately will become the trend.

  11. Look at it this way. Only 1 team can relocate to LA. LA Dolphins, not so much. LA Chargers sounds better and probably much more realistic. Sorry Miami, looks like you are stuck with the Fins.

  12. How many conference championships have the dolphins been to in the Rex Ryan era. Better yet, how many playoff games have the Dolphins even been apart of?

    Righttttttt ZERO.

  13. League wide tickets prices need to drop. Frankly I wish all fans would stop showing up and force the league to drop it’s prices.

    Maybe it’s time we the fans lockout league.

  14. As a life long Dolphins fan, Its disapointing beyond belief. The saddest part is that games get blacked out even when the team is doing well. I believe we are still the only team in league history to have a playoff game blacked out.

  15. brealistic says: Sep 20, 2012 5:03 PM

    “Ezra954 the nfl will never agree to move this team from Miami.”

    That is what they said in Cleavland. Those were real fans then also.

  16. realnflmaster says:Sep 20, 2012 6:26 PM

    How many conference championships have the dolphins been to in the Rex Ryan era. Better yet, how many playoff games have the Dolphins even been apart of?

    Righttttttt ZERO.

    Wrong! ONE. hahahahaah
    PS- Im a Dolphins fan

  17. NFL is better on TV then in person. What’s amazing to me is that so many fans do go to games. I Love the NFL but even if someone offers me free tickets I’m staying home and watching it on my 65 inch TV. You just miss to much in person unless you bring a radio and portable TV, and at that point what’s the point of even being there. Going to games is for casual fans who don’t really care that they are missing most of the game.

  18. You are amazed that so many people go to games cause you are not a real fan. You an see alot of things happening on the field that u can’t see on a 65 inch TV. Only no nothing’s need a portable radio at the game. The point of going to a game is to support your team, if u don’t have one stay home with your TV.

  19. Florio, why don’t you just post the article you want to?


    Reading any article by you is like reading any article by James Walker except without the writing skill or intelligence.

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