Steven Jackson to RG3: “It’s not the Big 12”

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On Wednesday, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III accused the Rams of dirty play.  On Thursday, the Rams shrugged off the complaints.

“It’s not the Big 12,” running back Steven Jackson said Thursday. “I don’t think we’re a dirty team.  I think we’re a team that’s hungry, young and eager and ready to make a turnaround in the franchise.”

Coach Jeff Fisher agreed, without referring to the conference in which Griffin played college football.

“We’re going to play aggressive and we’re going to play hard to the whistle and that’s it,” Fisher said. “This is the National Football League, he’s going to be a good player and if he took issue with how we played, so be it. I’m not concerned about that. I’m more concerned about the Bears.”

The Bears should be concerned about the Rams.  With cornerbacks Cortland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins already showing that they can get under the skin of Redskins receiver Josh Morgan and Lions receiver Titus Young, respectively, look for Cortnoris to hassle and harass and harangue Brandon Marshall all day long.

That’s one of the points I made in defending my prediction that the Rams will upset the Bears.  For the balance of the back-and-forth I had today with MDS on PFT Live, press the button below.

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73 responses to “Steven Jackson to RG3: “It’s not the Big 12”

  1. He tore you up and has been Off. Player of the week 50% of the ga,ES he’s played.

    He can say what he likes. Crap hit on Fletcher.Bad helmet to helmet on Davis. Pushed RG3’s helmet in the dirt and of course the push to the helmet at the end.

    That’s not the NFL either.

  2. im surprised he was able to say anything with the size of that tongue he has.

    didnt you get benched for acting like a jackass and getting a penalty?

  3. Steve, you fumbled the ball at the 1,it was RULED a fumble and overturned somehow? Ball was clearly coming out. Anyway you WATCHED the rest of the game from the sideline… Bitter maybe? I would say see ya later in the season but there is ZERO chance the Shams do anything but watch in January

  4. I’m conflicted on this.

    On one hand, Bob is a rookie with 2 whole games under his belt. He lacks both the wisdom and credentials to speak to how the NFL game should be played.

    On the other hand, Cortland has openly stated his desire to be known as the dirtiest player in the NFL. Such willful disregard for rules and for his opponents not only make him a contemptible person on and off the field, but it actively hurts his team, as it invites refs to make borderline calls go against him.

  5. Hate to break it to Jeff Fisher, but late hits after the whistle go way past the point of playing hard to the whistle. I hope that even the replacement refs saw enough last week of Finnegan and his band of cheap shot artists that they will be quick and fair with the flag and not let things get out of control again. To Jeff Fisher: Your words disappoint me – I always thought better of you.

  6. Gweez76:

    What NFL are you watching? Happens in every game I watch. Dirty or not you better be ready for it, not ready to whine about it afterwards.

  7. For the above it all crowd

    “Absolutely. I want to get a chance to put my helmet on whatever’s hurt (Romo’s ribs) — I’m going to be asking for some corner blitzes.

    “If I know Felix Jones’ shoulder’s hurt, I’m not going to cut him. I’m definitely going to try to hit him up high, so that’s just part of it. If you know something’s wrong with an opponent, you’re going to try to target in on that. We’re going to try to definitely get as many hits on that team as possible.”

    ^ Cortland Finnegan?
    Gregg Williams?
    Jeff Fisher?

    Nope. RG 3’s teammate DeAngelo Hall.

    This story has gone far enough. Everyone just needs to move on.

  8. RGIII will be one heck of a ball player, yet, he needs to keep his mouth shut… I like the kid, and he will prosper, but just shut up… You don’t see or hear Luck talking smack, or making negative comments, just further proof that he is a superior talent, citizen, and has a by far more intellect than the SECOND pick….. Luck will have 2 superbowls before he makes the playoffs

  9. did you really just type out “player of the week in 50% of the games he’s played”?

    Idiots like you are the only reason anyone hates on the kid. He had a very good game against a terrible NO defense, and you act like he’s an elite QB

  10. People keep complaining about the refs….what about the players? They are acting like freakin animals. Every play ends in shoving, shouting, slopping punches. Every fumble results in a scrum. This is getting to be a joke and 50% of the blame can be put on the players. Whether you think RG3 is being a whiny p#$# or not, he was hit late, and on the ground, several times. Cheap shots while on the ground. Just wait until Brady goes out to a late shot, or Aaron Rogers, for the entire year. It is just a matter of time, and it wont be blamed on the refs.

  11. When did the NFC West turn into the smashmouth division? Some of these head-t0-head matchups are going to be brutal.

  12. I’m not going to sit here and defend RG3 but I still believe that the Rams have changed and I mean that in a bad way. When I as watching the game I couldn’t believe how rude and disrespectful they were… like seriously they came over to the Skins bench and started to disrespect coaches… Respect the elders of the game man. They looked like hormonal teens looking for a fight. RG3 hasn’t said it is the big 12 he is just saying that football is physical and competitive yes, but there is a limit. Hurting a defenseless player is like slapping someone who is asleep. Rams I hope you all enjoyed your few seconds of fame because that will change with your overrated dirty coach with a corny mustache leading this team. Only person I respect on that team is Amendola cuz that kid is sick

  13. I think RG3 needs to get used to play like the Rams gave him, Its the NFL, he is going to see a hell of a lot more of that rough and tough play. He better just thank his lucky stars that he’s not a Receiver, they get pushed, pulled, slapped and grabbed and thats just what happens in the first 5 yards! Grow a pair RG3.

  14. I like that we rattled RGIII, he whines to much, other teams will take notice and improve our #1 from skins next year. Jackson deserves an competitive team.

  15. This coming from a player who chose to stay with a loser team his whole career. Way to shoot for the stars. Fisher is a dirty coach and that is what his teams do.

  16. Bobby is already complaining and im not surprised! Can’t wait for the Eagles to give him some more to complain about! The same way the rams made him complain, with bug hits and a loss, make that 2 this season. The deadskins are forever bottom dwellers!

  17. Now that they have shown their true colors, I expect even the replacement officials will be watching for the “unprofessional” actions from the Rams. I have never seen an NFL team get away with the amount of taunting type play as I did in this game. Refs need to do better.

  18. Since when did the NFC East become a division of whiners? I expect more from the Redskins than a bunch of crying after a physical loss.

    Good luck playing the Giants and Eagles if you think the Rams are too rough.

  19. I wonder where Steven Jackson’s injury prone Sam Bradford played? Oklahoma? Big 12? Steven is not about what college any person go to, you guys played dirty and got away with it. So don’t act you are innocent! Jeff Fisher is the master of dirty play! Think about reaping what you sow when someone knock your QB out again.

  20. Not that I have a problem with what was said, but why is Steven Jackson talking about what RGIII said? If RGIII said the Rams are dirty, wouldn’t he be talking about the defense?

    And if Steven Jackson was asked by a member of the media, then why wouldn’t that media member ask a person on the defense?

    Maybe, I’m missing something, but why is Steven Jackson responding to RGIII saying the Rams are dirty?! Shouldn’t it have been Long, or Finnegan?

  21. Do the Redskin cry babies ever shut up?

    I love how they act like the refs screwed them but the rams were robbed of two td’s. They also called some bs calls on them,including the hit on rg3 when he was in bounds .

    and stop acting like the rams were the only ones hitting after the flag – redskins were doing plenty of it themselves

  22. I think Jinnegans rolls off the tongue a little better, but that was a pretty smooth injection of a new nickname for this duo. Nice work.

  23. To gweezy76, that IS the NFL. It’s not small fry football where everybody gets ice cream win or lose. These are the fastest, strongest and most intense players that separate the strong from the weak. Football at the highest level.

  24. Dear Rams fans,

    As a Lions fan i can tell you this, When your team is bad for so long and finally becomes relevant again everybody and their mama screams about the team being dirty! Don’t listen to the haters! Good Luck to the Rams, I for one am rooting for yas!

  25. If the skins don’t want their star QB to take a lot of hits, stop calling QB draws and street the point for him to stay in the pocket unless otherwise. Would hate to see him get injured and miss games, the NFL needs guys like him. You can tell the presents of manning was missed last season with all the passing going on around the league.

  26. Steven has always seemed like he has a few extra chromosomes.

    Jeff Fisher’s teams have a commanding lead on total personal fouls committed over the past decade. Other coaches have criticized him in the past. Gregg Williams and his son are on his staff…

    From Haynesworth to Cortland his system produces scum. RGIII has spoken the truth and I’m pretty sure he is plenty smart enough to know it’s not the Big 12. London Fletcher said the same (he knows much more about football than Jackson) as did other vets–even the coach said the Rams were pathetic. Sunday’s game was a definite black eye on the league. The Rams should have had about 6 personal fouls called that weren’t.

  27. centralchamps says:
    Sep 20, 2012 10:28 PM
    Dear Rams fans,

    As a Lions fan i can tell you this, When your team is bad for so long and finally becomes relevant again everybody and their mama screams about the team being dirty! Don’t listen to the haters! Good Luck to the Rams, I for one am rooting for yas!

    Don’t mistake a fluke year for the Lions being “relevant again.”

  28. This is a great quote. RG3 is the second coming of Vince Young and is already turning into a headcase with his complaining. It’s only a matter of time before the pressure of the DC media and fans causes him to implode.

  29. Funny how any thread about RGIII turns into a RGIII Bashing Thread..The Kid must be going places.In case you just started to watch football , all QB’s complain about something.Media is at its best.

  30. Early in the week the talking heads were saying how poor a job the refs did in controlling the Rams Redskins game … now when a player says the same thing he is a whining baby ….

    The Rams fans who think this is just “football” are morons – there is a playing to the hard, being physical … which 75% of the players out there manage to do .

    Then you have the other 25% who cannot play physical and cannot play tough so to try and prove themselves they past the whistle, slam guys head into the ground while they are getting up etc etc .

    Well what goes around comes around . If your fine with doing to other teams I am looking forward to Karma putting the hurt on the Rams ..

  31. So let me get this straight just because Finnegan and Jenkins did well against Titus Young and Josh Morgan they’re automatically supposed to manhandle Brandon Marshall who’s a proven Pro Bowl receiver?

  32. NFC beware! The NFC West has stockpiled talent! They play a tough nose hard hitting brand of football.. Very early in the year, But the NFC West is by no means a pushover.. just ask the PATS, Cowboys, Packers, Redskins, and even the almost 0-2 Lions! League take notice. If your soft.. NFC west is your new nightmare.. No legit offenses but damn the defenses with hit you..!

  33. A couple things.

    1. RG3 isn’t whining, he was asked specifically about those things by reporters and he said what he thought.

    2. Jackson : there were multiple Unsportsmanlike penalties during that game for players “whining” or “protesting” calls. Griffin wasn’t one of them – BUT you were. Physician heal thyself.

    3. Griffin: I like you, I am also a diehard Redskins fan. Yes the Rams were playing dirty, BUT there were a lot of questionable/dirty plays from the Redskins as well during the game.

    4. Jackson: This isn’t the Big12 really, I am sure that he didn’t know that, thanks for telling him. Your team was playing dirty, just as he needs to realize that his players were doing some questionable things, you need to do the same. I mean what would you say if players kept hitting Bradford late.

    This is a non story, teams need to focus about their next game.

    Why would it be an upset to see the Rams beat the Bears, didn’t you all watch the Bears/Packers?

  34. they don’t even need to get under Marshall’s skin, whenever it’s a TD, he’ll drop the ball…..

  35. Ok, maybe it came off a bit whiney, but every NFL fan outside of St. Louis and Washington have no idea what went on in this game. RG3 plays the game with class, and St. Louis came out throwing elbows and jawing throughout the game and was classless. I’ve never seen so much bs from an opposing team to the extend of what was on display from the Rams last Sunday. Fisher should have been fined on Monday for putting that crap on the field. Beware St. Louis, you are now on the NFL’s radar.

  36. A lot of whining Redskins’ fans. Redskins lost, Rams won. Now move on. This was a hard fought game with the refs letting things go ON BOTH sides of the football.

  37. I have no problem with a team playing hard till the whistle. It’s what the Rams do AFTER the whistle that makes them a dirty team.

  38. love that people can only rag on RG3 because of what he says because they can’t about his play. also, people never seem to comprehend that these guys are asked questions and just giving an answer, they are not calling a press conference to complain.

  39. thetokyosandblaster says: Sep 20, 2012 10:55 PM

    Don’t mistake a fluke year for the Lions being “relevant again.”

    Keep up the trolling, you’re a big reason people loved to gloat when the Giants trounced the Packers last year, and the 49ers did the same this year.

  40. RG3 was probably asked by a dumb reporter, “Do you feel the rams played dirty?” RG3 said yes! Boom you have a story and add more to it. They do these things all the time to make a player sound bad. They even do it with tebow and you know he never says anything negative.

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