Titans want more patience from Jake Locker

Getty Images

The Titans won’t be changing quarterbacks after two lopsided losses, but they would like to see some changes from the guy playing quarterback.

John Glennon of the Tennessean reports that the team is stressing patience with Jake Locker during this week to get him to realize that the offense doesn’t need a big play on every snap to be successful. Locker admitted that there are times when he’s tried to do too much on the field.

“It’s something that every player struggles with, especially when you get down in a hole. You want to make something happen to get yourself and the team back in the game,” Locker said. “I think it’s hard for anybody as a competitor. Your competitive spirit takes over a little bit and you want to make a play. But you can’t force it.”

As Locker mentions, the Titans have been in big holes in each of the first two games and that makes it hard not to feel like you need to get everything back as quickly as possible. Letting the game come to you is a lot easier when you aren’t trailing by double digits heading into the locker room at halftime.

It would also help if the Titans could find some way to get Chris Johnson on track in the coming weeks. Asking Locker to exercise restraint when he’s also tasked with doing just about everything for the Titans offense isn’t something that’s going to lead to a great deal of success for the Tennessee offense.