Video tribute to Steve Sabol will be shown at every NFL stadium


The late NFL Films president Steve Sabol will be honored at every NFL stadium this week with a video tribute to his life and work.

Sabol, who died of brain cancer on Tuesday at the age of 69, will be memorialized on the video boards of every stadium before kickoff of each game this week, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Steve and his father, Ed Sabol, had an enormous influence on the NFL over the last half century, starting by convincing the league to let them be the official videographers of the 1962 NFL championship game and eventually growing NFL Films into a huge fan favorite and a major reason for the NFL’s surge in popularity.

If the video tribute to be shown Sunday is produced by NFL Films, we’re sure it will be a fitting tribute to the man who dedicated his life to chronicling the sport he loved.

10 responses to “Video tribute to Steve Sabol will be shown at every NFL stadium

  1. I realize he was close to reaching his 70th birthday, but I already really miss that guy.

    Steve Sabol was a unique blend of kind-hearted, fun-spirited, football-knowledgeable, creative, witty, good-natured and just somehow able to find clever ways time and time again to make the NFL Experience so much more enjoyable to the fans.

    Steve Sabol enriched the Great Game immeasurably. Unquantifiably.

    Really wish he would have been able to enjoy his enshrinement in Canton while he was alive — ‘cuz he sure as heck is going to get in there.

    There can be no question about that!

  2. Unfortunately the NFL just announced that Sam Bacile will be producing the tribute .

    R.I.P Steve …
    Not many people have ever lived a better life –

    You deserved it too

  3. He lived a life that we all dreamed because he lived his dream and ours, too. He taught each and every one of us the game we love togerther, in my house and yours all over the world. He saw his father inducted into the Hall of Fame and he was blessed with 18 more months after finding out he had cancer (a good friend lost his wife after 3 weeks before she could even start chemo). A great man who touched many.

  4. phillyphever says: Sep 20, 2012 5:33 PM

    Good. Now about getting him into the HOF.

    The NFL ought to be ashamed he’s not there already. 100% class act and revolutionized the way we enjoy football today.

  5. Too soon. Im sure local guy Ray Didinger will have a smoothly worded and heartfelt tribute.

    Hope the tradition continues without missing a beat. Look forward to the bloopers from this years replacement refs.

  6. Sadly, there are no doubt tens of thousands who dress up each week in players jerseys, pretending to be football fans who probably have never even heard of Mr. Sabol or know anything about his considerable contributions to a sport they watch but know so little about.

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