Adrian Peterson: 49ers haven’t seen run offense like ours


The 49ers defense has been about as easy to run on as a campaign slogan promising cancer to every American, but Vikings running back Adrian Peterson thinks that they’re in for a surprise this weekend.

Peterson thinks that the Vikings’ rushing attack, which has produced 218 yards through the first two weeks of the season, is going to provide problems for the San Francisco defenders. According to Peterson, the Niners have never seen anything like what the Vikings will be bringing to the field this Sunday.

“These guys are good, but we’re looking forward to the challenge,” Peterson said, via Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “I don’t think they’ve faced a run-attack offense like we have. So I think that can switch things up. We’re looking forward to playing those guys.”

Unless the Vikings are coming out with something really different this week, Peterson’s comment sounds like a serious stretch. The 49ers didn’t come up against good running offenses in either of their first two games, but their 2011 defense, which was pretty much the same as this year’s unit, shut down plenty of ground games comparable to what we’ve seen from the Vikings so far this year. That doesn’t mean that Peterson and the Vikes can’t be successful, but it won’t come from the 49ers being dazzled by something they’ve never seen before.

If the Vikings run offense is going to impress this weekend, it’s probably going to take a strong performance from Christian Ponder that forces the Niners to loosen up on defense. The Vikings know they need that kind of production from their passing game and we’d expect the 49ers defense to handle their business without too much trouble if Ponder can’t get it done.

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  1. As a Vikings fan, sometimes I wish Adrian Peterson would talk less. He’s just giving extra motivation to the 49ers. I love that he has confidence, but he doesn’t need to tell the media about it.

  2. As a Viking 4Life since 1968 I’ve seen it and unless that football is passed downfield for some completions my man Adrian will run for maybe 10 yards for the day. PLEASE pass that damn ball downfield even if it menas no completions. The offense has looked so lethargic with no attack whatsoever, the Viking offenseplays as if they’re afraid they’re going to hurt somebody’s feelings……………..please attack at least show you’re fighting back!

  3. AP career vs 49ers 33 carries 88 yds 0 td’s and the defense has gotten better. Maybe AP should think before he speaks because he hasn’t faced a decent defense yet this year either

  4. The last time the 2 teams played in San Francisco Peterson carried the ball 14 times for a total of 3 yards rushing. Less than a quarter of a yard per touch.

    Peterson ought to remember that before speaking foolishly.

  5. For just this week, I hope Peterson runs wild and gives the whiny Niners coach, players, and fans something to actually whine about.

  6. Well we played fairly decent against AP back in our ’09 game, holding him to 89 yards on 19 carries with no TDs…and this was before our defense became the best in the league….before Harbaugh and Fangio began running the show…and during a time when they had Farve at the helm.

    Gotta love AP….and thanks for the bulletin board material. Go Niners!!!

  7. Personally when it comes to Patrick Willis, I will try my best not to give extra motivation! Even if my name is Adrian Peterson.

  8. Wow Peterson?!? I’m hoping this is all smoke and mirrors because they want to come out passing. Niners have played two pass happy teams this season and haven’t been in their base defense much (3-4) Since Minn. doesn’t have much of a passing threat we will be in our base All Day! That means 22 carries for 43 yards. We’re not Jacksonville or Indy!! I hope he stays healthy after this game because we slayed almost every back we faced last year.

  9. This “bulletin board” nonsense is for the fans. If the 49ers players need this in order to get pumped up to play against the best RB in the NFL then they have already lost. Harbaugh and his team know exactly what AP is capable of, and I highly doubt they are over confident based upon past games, like the fans are here. Barring turnovers it should be a good ground and pound game, with about a 23-16 result.

  10. AP has been playing too much Madden. This game isnt going to be played in Rookie mode. Its not going to be a good day for him. Its going to be a worse day for Ponder because hes going to be stuck in 3rd and long all day trying to find a window to throw the ball into that isnt there.

  11. I am a lifelong Vikes fan, but I am also a fantasy owner who tries to stay grounded in reality. Therefore, while keeping Harvin in my lineup, I benched Purple Jesus this week. I hope he makes me regret it, but I have my doubts – that 49ers D looks pretty beastly right now…

  12. Love ya, AP, but PLEASE do your talking on the field.

    During Peterson’s rookie season, the 49ers held him to a career low of 3 yards, on 14 carries. Meanwhile his understudy, Chester Taylor, ripped off an 88 yard TD run in the same game.

  13. He obviously meant that the first two teams they’ve played are heavy on the pass and light on the run, while the Vikings emphasize the run more. He wasn’t trying to say that they’re going to see something they’ve never seen before. Talk about making something out of nothing.

  14. Wow….okay…… I have all the respect in the world for AD, but if they don’t keep that defense honest then it’ll be over by halftime. You’ve got to pass in this league, at least enough to keep the box from being overloaded.

  15. He’s right the 49ers haven’t played a running game like the Vikes yet, but the 49er Defense has played in Nickle or Dime about 90% of the snaps so far this season and is still the #6 rushing defense in the NFL. The 49ers will be in their base defense most of the time Sunday and it will be a long day for Peterson and Gerhardt.

  16. Why haven’t the media leeches brought up the fact the Mike “ya need a quarterback” Singletary is somewhere on the sideline in Minny? Not like them to miss something like that.

  17. Yeah, I’m sure he will do great against SF, because he put up an incredible 60 yards against that defensive juggernaut of the Colts…

  18. Die hard vikes fan but that’s a lot comin from AP considering his past performances vs. the 9ers…that being said I hope he’s right and starts layin the lumber!


  19. Says the guy who totaled a whopping 60 yards against the colts d. Peterson added “the niners are good, but they’re no colts.”

    Also, I think thankheaven may actually be Christian Ponder. Being on here all the time would explain why he’s not good at professional football. Leading the league in completion percentage? My grandma could complete 70% of her passes if they were all less than ten yards, and she’s dead.

  20. AP is a great player, and I admire his attitude, but the truth is, he probably isn’t going to rush for more than 60-75 yards. The first two weeks of the season the Niners ran largely a nickel package to stop the pass (Packers/Lions Offenses), and they were still stopping the run with a 3 man pass rush the majority of the time. Everyone else was dropping into coverage, and Willis sat for a large portion of the Packers game due to passing packages. Against the Vikes, Willis and Bowman will be in on every down, and the 49ers will be playing to stop the run. If they can stop the run when they play to stop the pass, I think it’s a safe bet to say they will stop the run when they play to stop the run. Nevertheless, it will be fun to see the league’s best runningback take on the leagues best rushing defense.

  21. boy there must be mostly 49ers fan on this page adrian did not say we were going to win or lose just that he is looking forward to the challenge

  22. @klunge. Who’s whining? Harbaugh called refs out on bs calls. 98% of posters here have cried about the refs non stop. Staley said lions played a little dirty. He certainly wasnt saying it in a whining manner. He said it. In the context of them still getting the better of the D despite it. Besides that’s hardly a revelation anyway. The whole world knows it and their coach embraces it. The fans? We certainly aren’t whining. We are sitting back and enjoying watching some of you writhe in misery. I guess maybe its you that is whining because them winning is driving you crazy

  23. The Vikings will probably lose, but let’s play the game and see what happens.

    As the old saying goes……. ‘on any given Sunday’

  24. thetokyosandblaster says:Sep 21, 2012 10:59 AM

    Also, I think thankheaven may actually be Christian Ponder. Being on here all the time would explain why he’s not good at professional football. Leading the league in completion percentage? My grandma could complete 70% of her passes if they were all less than ten yards, and she’s dead.

    But could she complete 75.8% of her passes? He’s also fifth in the league in yards per attempt at 8.3, so I don’t think they were all less than 10 yards.

  25. Unless they’re trolling, no sane Viking fan expects to win Sunday. Nonetheless, two points must be made here. First, AP wasn’t saying the 49ers haven’t seen an offense as good as the Vikings (he knows we’re mediocre), what he meant was that the Vikes offense is quite a bit different that the Pack and Lions’ pass-first systems. Second, having said that, the 49ers likely won’t be playing the 2-deep safeties this game like they did the last 2, meaning if AP gains over 50 yards it will only be in the unlikely event Ponder and the recivers open the defense up through the passing game.

  26. conormacleod says: Sep 21, 2012 9:41 AM

    This “bulletin board” nonsense is for the fans. If the 49ers players need this in order t23o get pumped up to play against the best RB in the NFL then they have already lost. Harbaugh and his team know exactly what AP is capable of, and I highly doubt they are over confident based upon past games, like the fans are here. Barring turnovers it should be a good ground and pound game, with about a 23-16 result.


    AP having 23 rushes for 16 yards sound about right.

    27-13, Niners win.

  27. If you listened to AD’s quote with context and voice inflection he wasn’t saying anything taunting or malicious. He was just being matter-of-fact that both GB and Detroit are pass-first teams. Buuut that being said….doesn’t bode well considering the team’s bread and butter defense is defending the run first. Considering they’re 6th against the run AND essentially have played in nothing but nickel and dime packages ought to be a daunting concern.

  28. Yeah well see Thankheaven, defenses are loading up against Peterson and giving Donder little Blitzen, seeing if he can beat them. So far he’s beaten the Jags. At home. In overtime. With a long field goal. Has a ways to go before he’ll be able to add to the Vikes’ loss column in the Super Bowl.

  29. Adrian Peterson is clearly one of the best running backs in the league…possibly THE best. That being said, Im still going to sit him on my fantasy team in favor of Shonn Greene, who has the privilege of running against the Miami Dolphins fairly weak run D.

  30. I like the fact everyone here has an opion on what will happen or won’t First let me just say, Is San Fran better on D sure! But no one can be sure of the out come! Let’s see ther are Turnovers, injuries god for bid! missed plays, and oh yes those little yellow flags! The one thing the two teams have in common is both have QB’s that are more game managers than field commanders, And seeing as how everyone else has an opion on Peterson’s carries, and yards Peterson may not break the big run! But does enough to keep the 9ners honest

  31. Saying that the vikes dont have a chance against the niners is igmorant any team can get beat on anygivem just ask tje cardinals

  32. Wright is going to play which means a deep threat. The niners are absolutely overlooking the Vikings. Don’t be surprised if the Vikings win.

  33. For all you people harping about Peterson rushing for only 60 yards against the Colts: It was his second game back after only a little more than eight months from an injury that typically takes a year to heal for cripes sake! And even then the return usually isn’t back to normal yet.

  34. @thankheavenfornumberseven

    Here’s the thing about stats besides wins, they don’t much matter.

    Do you really think it’s relevant to bring up Ponder’s completion percentage when they’re 1-1 against two (based on last year) subpar teams, and about to play a 2-0 team that’s often thought to have the best defense in the league?

    Alex Smith hasn’t thrown any interceptions, but if they were 0-2 that wouldn’t matter much would it?

  35. Niners had only one 100 yard rusher last season, and that was Marshawn Lynch who barely made it over 100 yards thanks to a big 1st half… Not to mention that we were minus Patrick Willis in that game. AP is a beast but, the 9ers d is amazing this year, better than last seasons d.

  36. I just thought I would point out that SF has given up 3.2 yds/car. Against the Lions and Packers…… That’s not very good. So they weren’t in their base D? Okay, then spread the field and give it to #28 and see what happens. The Packers and Lions got 3.2, so Peterson should get….. I won’t speculate. The Niners won’t be playing the same D they have the first two weeks, regardless of how the Vikings line up, but let’s not get caught up in less-than-dominant performances against subpar rushing teams.

    Let’s be honest….the tipping point for this game will be the fact that the Vikings have no one that can play with Davis 1-on-1. Peterson will get his due, Harvin will do his best to keep them in it, and they will try to dink and dunk their way to a few FGs and maybe a TD. But trying to keep the WRs and Davis in check will be too taxing for a young and underwhelming secondary. All Smith has to do is not make any mistakes and the Niners should walk away with this one pretty easily.

  37. Let’s forget about last year! It’s a brand new season! Yes San Fran has beaten both the Packers and the Lions But can no one can say that either of those teams have a better running back than Peterson Or that they are more commited to running the football than the Vikes! Ponder has been good at the short passing game. The Niners have to at least respect the Vikes run game. This will be a closer game than one might think! It might even come down to a field goal! It’s why games are played on the field & not on paper! Stats and records are great! and all! But they all get broken at some point!

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