Andre Brown said lesson of Jim Valvano kept him going

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For all that he learned in school, Giants running back Andre Brown’s best-applied lesson was from his college’s late basketball coach.

The former N.C. State running back invoked the words of former N.C. State basketball coach Jim Valvano after his own testament to persistence in last night’s win.

Never give up,” Brown said, via Newsday’s Bob Glauber, echoing the words of Valvano’s famous speech while he was fighting cancer.

“He always said, ‘Never give up in anything you do,'” Brown went on. “You persevere. You keep at it.”

Brown spent his rookie season (2009) on injured reserve, tearing his Achilles on the final day of training camp. He’s been cut eight times by five teams, and spent last year on the Giants practice squad.

“Even though I was getting released, I kept getting signed, so somebody wanted me,” Brown said. “You get cut, but someone signs you, so it means you’ve got some talent.”

That made his first NFL start in his home state (the Panthers were also one of the five teams to employ him briefly) that much sweeter. Brown finished with 20 carries for 113 yards and two two touchdowns.

“I feel like I can play in this league, and I got the right team,” he said. “I’m comfortable with my guys. These are the guys that drafted me, they believed in me, and they came and got me back for a reason. This is not the end. I’m satisfied, but I still want more. I don’t want this to stop.”

It shouldn’t. The Giants have had success over the years using multiple backs, and while it was just one game, Brown showed he deserves a chance to be one of them.

17 responses to “Andre Brown said lesson of Jim Valvano kept him going

  1. @voiceofreason, You are a fool. He said he was using Jimmy V’s speech as motivation and inspiration which is exactly what Jimmy V intended when he made the speech! Keep going Andre!

  2. @voiceofreasonsays, shoo troll shoo. Back under your bridge you liar.

    I remember a post where you said you would stop posting if the red skins weren’t undefeated when they faced the steelers and they lost the next game.

    Clearly your words are empty and meaningless.

  3. Andre the Giant! Saw that coming last week at the Bucs game. Bradshaw better get off the snide, or he’s on the pine. Great showing for my Giants, but you media fools have given Carolina way too much hype. 49ers game will be the barometer of NFC dominance. GO BLUE!

  4. @voicefreason, that might be the dumbest thing anyone has ever said. In what part of his comments did he compare his life to Jimmy V’s speech? He stated that it motivated him to never give up……Clean it up.

  5. @ridleymethis…
    Yep!! I remembered him saying that also. Be a man Voice and keep your words.

  6. He played well last night. He looked comfortable , and ran with patience and determination. Good for him.

    @voiceof reason: I think your parents want you to move out of their basement soon!

  7. I recently read that he still drives his 1991 Mazda 626, the reason being that it reminds him where he came from and where he is now. Good for him, it’s refreshing to see a player like this nowadays.

  8. He did pretty darn good last week when Bradshaw was hurt.

    13 carries for 71 yards. Most likely would have gone over 100 yards last week if he played the whole game.

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