“Bizarre scene” in Jets locker room as Scott threatens reporter

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A “bizarre scene” is apparently unfolding in the Jets open locker room, as linebacker Bart Scott apparently threatened to punch a reporter.

According to the Twitter feed of Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, the incident began when Dan Leberfeld of JetsConfidential.com took a cell phone photo of Scott, who then suggested Leberfeld “get a life.”

Words were exchanged, and according to Hubbuch, Jets PR man Bruce Speight stepped between the two, the “only thing that seemed to prevent fisticuffs.”

Scott apparently threatened to punch Leberfeld, who replied “Yeah, and I’ll sue you!”

Scott said: “I don’t care!

Earlier this offseason, Scott declared a “media mutiny,” by which he meant boycott.

If the Jets are trying to dispel the notion of a circus, they have a funny way of going about it.

65 responses to ““Bizarre scene” in Jets locker room as Scott threatens reporter

  1. if ur gonna step to bart scott

    be ready to throw down

    dont counter with the old “ill sue” line ,

  2. Can’t stand the Jets but good for Scott, why would media guy be in the players locker room taking photos? Scott should have shoved the camera down the guys throat.

  3. I’ll probably be in the minority, but I’m siding with Bart Scott on this one. I can’t think of a good reason this guy could have for taking cellphone pictures of athletes he should be covering. At the very least it’s unprofessional and I’d be pissed, too. It also seems this guy might have been intentionally trying to escalate the situation to get a bigger story or wind up the story himself.

  4. I’d get sick of guys following me around with a camera phone, too. All the guy’s going to do is stick it on his dorky website. Jets shouldn’t let the guy in the locker room.

  5. I read the headline totally expecting the article to be some inexplicable freak out from Bart Scott. But a reporter snaps a picture of him with his phone, in the locker room, like he’s some kind of zoo animal? I’m no Jets fan, but just because a member of the press has the ability to do this, it doesn’t mean he should.

  6. If his tackling is any indicator, Bart might be starting something he can’t finish. Guy is all mouth, no skill, got his contract riding Ray Lewis’ coat tails and couldn’t start on any other team in the NFL without the Circus master coaching a team.

  7. Media, male or female, should not be allowed in the lockers rooms period!

    They have media rooms or can wait out in the halls to speak or interview players & staff.

    If sexy Rexy has control he’d lock the doors on them for the rest of the season. The media has done the Jets no good at all this season.

  8. Just as several others took Scott’s side, I do think he was right. I mean come on- pictures in the locker room – is this guy a perv or what? Then the threat of “I’ll sue” would have warranted giving him a face full of knuckles for sure. What a wimppy dude.

  9. so much for Rexy saying the Jets are not being a 3 ring circus. guess he was telling the truth that the Jets are gonna win the super bowl this year and they are the beat team in NY

  10. Wow so the coward said “Yeah and I’ll sue you” what kind of man is that?

    Man the media is full of spineless guys just like this. I really wish Bart Scott broke his nose, he deserves it.

  11. Cue of the circus music and somebody pull Mr Scott’s tiny car around front. Thanks.

    The dude probably shouldn’t have taken the pic, but Scott did NOT have to blow up. It takes 2!

  12. geniusfan says:
    Sep 21, 2012 2:44 PM
    Wow so the coward said “Yeah and I’ll sue you” what kind of man is that?

    Man the media is full of spineless guys just like this. I really wish Bart Scott broke his nose, he deserves it.


    The real coward is threatening somebody who you are clearly more superior than. It takes a real man to threaten a reporter. I wish Bart did break his nose and than get arressted for assult and than get sued and suspened and fined from the league.

  13. eyeh8goodell says:
    Sep 21, 2012 2:14 PM
    “yeah and I’ll sue”.

    What a coward and pathetic excuse for a man.


    Who’s worse, the one who threatens violence, or the one who threatens retaliation?

  14. What kind of “perv” is this reporter (Dan Leberfeld)…taking cell phone pictures of players in the locker room?

    If I were a Jets player, I wouldn’t like it…never know where that picture might turn up if the reporter happens to be some sicko.

  15. Once this team goes 1-4 with losses to Miami, SF and Houston, this team implodes and the media will be calling for Tebow to start The team finishes the season at 9-7 barely missing the playoffs. Rex Ryan gets fired and Tebow finally gets his wish and gets shipped to Jacksonville.

    You heard it head first……….

  16. What happened to this guy? As a Jets fan, I am disappointed in the way he handles himself. The guy came in as a leader of the D but now he is a joke….dump em

  17. Scott is so self important. He reminds me of Joey Porter. Once he’s gone no one will remember how he played, but only that he was a jerk. “Can’t wait” until he’s out of the league.

  18. And yes, this instigating “reporter” should be kicked out of the locker room for good….great points above…

  19. Don’t know the particulars of the case, and don’t care much for Bart Scott, but why is a reporter taking cell phone photos in a locker room????

  20. Y’all know that if wasn’t for reporters none you you would have any way of knowing what was going on with the Jets, right? Good or bad, it’s the media that brings the NFL to you.

  21. The “I’ll sue” was a little lame since he would be much better off with, “and you’ll go to prison”. I agree with the other posters, who said that it is kind of pathetic for a big, professional athlete to physically threaten a writer physically.
    That said, they either allow camera, and pictures to be taken in the locker room, or they don’t. If they do, then the writer was right, if not, the writer was wrong for snapping a shot. Considering all the locker room shot I have seen over the years, I suspect that cameras are allowed.

  22. According to Hubbuch, Lederfeld has as history of trying to provoke Scott. Sounds like a vendetta to me. And yes, some reporters carry vendettas against certain players.

  23. Seems to me that most of these reporters are the kids who had their underwear run up the flagpole by the football players. Couldn’t make the team and still hold a grudge.

  24. Funny. I used to be very entertained by Bart Scott, but now I just shrug off these outbursts. Why do I only hear about Bart Scott when he is saying something assinine? Hey Bart! How about coming out and having a good game this week against Miami? I was starting to forget you were even on the team.

  25. Bart should at least buy Dan a new pair of pants, I’m sure aforementioned pants were soiled during the incident.

  26. Yeah, you really shouldn’t be taking pictures in a locker room. “Jetsconfidential.com” is hardly a media outlet and that why shouldn’t have been allowed in the locker room in the first place.

    Can anyone with a hack website get press credentials now?

  27. if a guy eggs on a millionaire to the point of violence just so he can sue. that should be brought before the court and that lowlife should get nothing

  28. Bart Scott’s Mansion was on a recent Tanked episode. My first thought of his ridiculously large home and equally ridiculous koi ponds was that I wonder when the bank is going to foreclose.

  29. What a loser. The players are in the locker room after practicing and trying to shower and change, and some reporter whips out his cellphone to take pics?

  30. If Bart would have been able to throw him a beating and I were the judge I’d throw the lawsuit out after I threw Lebernan a beating myself.
    Good thing I’m not a judge.

    What a creeper.

  31. Reporters have to much access. They need to stay out of locker room. Dan Leberfeld is known for provoking players. Why would he use his cell phone for pics? Especially after Bart was drying off?? Gezzzz!

  32. The reporter may have been asking for trouble, but the cell phone pics aren’t an uncommon practice. Notice there was other media on hand to report on this incident, so it wasn’t like the guy was sneaking around like a perv or anything. And looking at the jetsconfidential website, they post video and photos of player interviews in the locker room.

  33. I hate the Jets, and Bart Scott is one of my most hated Jets, but I am on his side here. Picture not withstanding, don’t engage in a potential fight if you’re not ready to fight, and please don’t include “I’ll sue.” Sick of people in America suing and running to the cops when they provoke fights and then get smashed. Some are saying that Bart shouldn’t threaten a reporter who he knows he can crush. Well, I am sure that Bart Scott could crush me, but if I got into a conflict with him and believed in my stance, we would just have to fight and he would just have to crush me; no law suit.

  34. I’ve had it passed my head about that “I’ll sue” bs. Give me a break already. Too many cowards suing and claiming bs, and they win. How about that moron that caught the huge snow ball from Shaun Ellis and was raising it up in the air like he won something. Lo and behold he tries to sue and claim all sorts of trauma (physical, mental, emotional, hand, using had to….).

    Now this little chicken twurp brings that up. I’m sure he would’ve pulled that emotional trauma card and claim that whenever he enters a public restroom he cringes. Give me a break. This guy should lose his job for that. That is unprofessional.

  35. Leberfeld was just sending some pics to the ol’ gunslinger’s phone- why did Scott get so upset?

  36. If I was Bart I wouldn’t want to talk to the media either. The only difference making play he has made in the past two years was when he kicked Revis in the head. Bart was amusing when he could play. Now he misses tackles and needs to shut up.

  37. I love the folks who credit the media for being the reason we have sports coverage. When’s the last time anyone read a football article and came away amazed at the literary “skill” of the journalist? we could replace many of these self-important d-bags with third graders and get the same info. the TEAMS provide unprecedented access and spoonfeed these pilot fish. The truth is that Chad Pennington hit the nail on the head when he let the NY media know they should feel privileged for their jobs… but we all saw how the sharks frenzied on that one.

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