Cam Newton pulls the “they didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves” card


There’s something about losing to the Giants that makes opposing teams think that the Giants didn’t actually have anything to do with their loss.

Echoing Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, who said of Green Bay’s playoff loss that the Giants “didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves,” Panthers quarterback Cam Newton gave similar comments after Thursday night’s Giants victory.

It was nothing they did, it was all on us,” Newton said.

Newton may be trying to say that the Panthers have to play better, and he’s right about that. But I’m pretty sure something the Giants did contributed to their 36-7 victory. Newton’s three-interception night must have had at least something to do with the Giants’ defense, right?

“Offensively, we didn’t get the job done,” Newton said. “We knew what type of game it was going to be. Of course, they have elite defensive linemen and elite guys on defense, but we have good players on offense. If I was a fan of the Carolina Panthers I would be holding my head down in shame of the product that was out there today.”

As Newton walked off the field, he looked like he was holding his head in shame.

126 responses to “Cam Newton pulls the “they didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves” card

  1. Come on Cam? Really?? Be a man and accept that a better team that happens to be the defending Super Bowl champs beat you every which way you could be beat.

  2. Trust me, Cam. We are.

    And you didn’t beat yourselves. I’m a huge fan, but you got waxed – at home – in prime time. The Giants beat you – badly. You didn’t beat yourselves.

    And I’m not sure how, but Eli is under-rated. Or maybe I don’t see enough Giants’ games. Either way, I was impressed.

    Grow up, Cam. Stop pouting. And get ready for those scumbag Falcons in 10 days…

  3. Sick of the disrespect. In the game I saw last night, the Giants put a real beating on your team Cam. After the game, if you beat yourself I could understand…

  4. Newton knows the Giants outplayed the Panthers. They also know they were out coached. Losing like this at home on national TV? Stings more than any other loss could. You ask him tomorrow how he feels he’ll praise the Giants all day.

    Just a horrible night for the Panthers. Manning was on it. McDermott was not.

  5. That’s almost as bad as RG3 And Out with his “the Rams were mean to me” comments. Some of these young QBS better man up or get out.

  6. You have to give credit where credit is due. The Panthers got taken to the wood shed by a better team. Period.

  7. Eli is elite. I never used to think so, but he can flat out ball. Cam not so much. Big Ben vs Eli would be one awesome super bowl. “Battle of class 2004”

  8. That was a complete beating – offense, defense, and special teams (two fumbled returns… shades of San Fran).

    Maybe Cam should be the next NFL player to host Saturday Night Live, as the Giants let him know he is definitely Not Ready For Prime Time.

  9. Real lesson: The Saints’ defense is awful.

    Look at Cam’s and RG3’s stats against them, and compare them to their other game.

    It’s time to stop praising guys for doing well against the Saints’ defense.

  10. Come on Cam, you didn’t lose by a FG… got trounced!! All you could muster on offense was one lousy TD, a disgrace

  11. Imagine if another second year QB, like Ponder or Gabbert had an awful game like that, and made that crazy comment, everyone would be killing him, but the media darling Newton (on a relatively healthy team) continues to get a pass, with the ultra-optimistic ‘Cam will be better” comments.

  12. I’m not hanging my head down low, Cam. It’s one game. I will congratulate the NYG fans on an impressive win and wait till next week.

    Cam, excuses are for losers.

  13. These guys need to look in the mirror first and admit the better team won that day.

    Note: The Packers and the Giants played in the Divisional round of the playoffs last year, not the NFC Championship game.

  14. eventhorizon04 says:
    Sep 21, 2012 7:57 AM
    Real lesson: The Saints’ defense is awful.

    Look at Cam’s and RG3′s stats against them, and compare them to their other game.

    It’s time to stop praising guys for doing well against the Saints’ defense

    I Agree, Saints D is worst in the NFL

    The Panthers beat the Saints and thought they won the Superbowl. They thought they were better than what they really are and went into the game against the Giants still riding on the win against Saints

  15. What a flat our boring Carolina Offensive game-plan.

    How many more times you gonna try that college level half-back option draw before you realize they figured it out? Yikes!

  16. eventhorizon04 says: Sep 21, 2012 7:57 AM

    “Real lesson: The Saints’ defense is awful.”

    This is true right now.

    “Look at Cam’s and RG3′s stats against them, and compare them to their other game.”

    RG3 vs Saints: 19/26 320 yards 2td/0int 42 rushing
    RG3 vs Rams: 20/29 206 yards 3td/1int 82 rushing

    Both of those individual performances look pretty good to me.

  17. Ok Cam, yes you made bad decisions on offense but that defense just got out played and you guys as a team didn’t stand a chance.

  18. Nope eventhorizon04…epic fail. RG3 did it week two as well, is leading the league in QB rating and the Redskins lead the league in scoring. Granted only 2 weeks in but he did it against more than just the Saints D. He’s overhyped too but RG3 has already shown a difference in how he handles himself compared to Newton. Compare their games all you want, but their character has no similarities.

  19. Im a packer fan, and i tried for a second to back up clays comments, but it didnt take me long to stop. What you can say that doesnt make you look like a fool is “we didnt play well, and like a good team, they took full advantage. They were the better team today.”

    Thats all you have to say.

  20. As a fan of the SB XLVI CHAMPION NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS, I hope we hear chirping like this every week for the rest of the season!

    Speaking of chirping, next up those birds from the arse end of the NJ Tpke!

    Go Giants!

  21. I find it hard to take any QB serious when they celebrate two times for a rushing TD while down 23-7.

  22. NYG is a sleeping giant. They slept against the cowboys game and early last season. If they know how good they can be they could be undefeated. That team has talent everywhere and coached by a HOF coach.

  23. Did you see Newton celebrate his TD at 23-6 down? Embarrassing. Can’t think of an elite QB who’d celebrate like that down by 17.

  24. When you play as laughingly terrible as Cam and the Panthers did the Giants really didnt have to do too much to beat them,no defense was apparent against NY and the offense sucked so bad he couldnt hit a reciever if he was standing next to him so Cam does have a point in a way.

  25. I don’t think Cam is taking anything away from the giants. The giants clearly beat them in every phase in prime time… All he’s saying is that he needs to play better as well as everyone else… He can’t have 2 or 3 turnovers in the Redzone and the punt returner can’t fumble twice on special teams, especially twice inside there own territory. I know one was at the end and inside his own 20 but I forgot about the other 1 although I also think it was inside the 20

  26. Cam is a punk. At the end of the game he didnt want to shake Eli’s hand and when he finally got out there, didnt look at him.

  27. eventhorizon04 says:
    Sep 21, 2012 7:57 AM

    How about the Rams defense that RG3 shredded and the Bengals defense he’s going to on Sunday.

    Rg3 is already better than Cam at this point.

    Anyways, the Giants are a good team and played great, but holy cow were the Panthers unprepared and awful. I’m not sure what the panthers defensive scheme was coming in…. it appeared to be, lets only rush 4, sit back in prevent and give the Giants WRs as much space to operate as possible. Pathetic defense, and Cam absolutely killed them on offense.

  28. The Panthers defense should be nicknamed the Don Knotts defense.

    If the Panthers thought they were rebuilding, the Giants demolition team didn’t break a sweat creating more debris.

    If Cam hits the shower like he hits receivers, he will never get wet.

    If the Panthers had an average QB the game might have been tolerable viewing.

    The Panthers are not a prime time team. They would struggle against 4 am infomercials.

  29. Cam needs to be more humble when he gets beat quite easily. He scores and pulls the superman rain dance and they are getting killed. A couple of the new QB’s have much more class than this. This is not a sign of a leader.

  30. Hey Cam, why not take out a full page ad in the Charlotte Observer to share your delusions like your buddy.

    On another note, I’m sure I speak for all Giants fans when I say I hope the Eagles beat themselves next Sunday.

  31. Was I the only one that changed their opinion on Cam Newton last night? It had nothing to do with the way he played, albeit atrocious. But, the way he held himself on the sidelines. He constantly put a towel over his head, didn’t pay a bit of attention to Coach Shula as he was showing him the images of the formations after his first interception and just looked the opposite of a team leader. Don’t want to sound overly analytical but it was too obvious for me. This isn’t Auburn Cam, the read option isn’t the end-all-be-all.

  32. way to step up and take responsibility kid, if u robbed a bank would u blame the bank cause the money was there?

  33. i was reading a few comments prior to the game about the giants “excuses” on why they would nicks, bradshaw, diehl, hixon and then rivers left the game hurt.

    Cam, take that stupid towel off your head. You guys got absolutely smoked. They could have put up 60 if they could punch it in on their red zone attempts.

    Can you imagine if their best WR would have played? your team couldnt even hold ramses barden down and you looked confused out there with the delayed handoffs and throws into the dirt. Youre right though, you beat yourselves.
    Carolina was so outplayed they sat manning and brought in their B team with 7 mins to go..Mind you the team was already depleted to being with.

  34. Good job. I dont know when the last time I saw a team beat themselves so thoroughly. The ultimate self-smackdown! Keep it up!

  35. What are you talking about Cam? That game was as bad an effort as I have ever witnessed and you ruined my Thursday night. Offense, defense, special teams, coaching, every aspect of the game tells me your team is trash!

  36. Cam basically spoke the truth in this sentence:

    “They have elite defensive linemen & elite guys on defense, but we have good players on offense.”

    Yep. And Elite trumps “good” every time, Cam. There has been a lot of hype locally about the Panthers but truth be told they were invisible in the free agent market, and have only improved by baby steps. Reality check time. And the play-calling last night didn’t help one bit.

  37. Cam Newton got more than beat. He got outclassed by Eli Manning, the 2xSBMVP. Eli is so unassuming, gracious, and flat out GREAT, that people who don’t know any better think he lacks “swag”.

    True character and true colors come out in a loss. Cam Newton got exposed on the field and off. Doing his Superman nonsense and then that ridiculous press conference. Never understood the hoopla around Newton, but people love Paper Tigers. And miss the real deal. Eli Manning is the real deal.

    Great win for the Giants.

  38. Ron Rivera should have been fired in the 3rd quarter. Pathetic coaching and preparation by the Panthers. I could have coached them better last night.

  39. The rest of the league sure makes it easy for the Giants to constantly play the disrespect card. I can’t remember the last team the Giants actaully beat.

  40. Sorry panther fan, newton will NEVER get you where you want to be. He’s not very smart and thinks that athleticism will solely get it done at this level. NO scrambling qb has EVER won a superbowl, sorry griffin fans, he won’t do it either.

  41. Been trying to like Cam Newton since his rookie season …… pulling a Superman celebration when you were down 23-0 makes that even harder.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Meanwhile, Eli Manning just finds ways to win.

    (Pats fan here, btw)

  42. Cam your partially right. The Giants didn’t beat your team, they beat the heck out of you by the ends staying home and going up field boxing you in so you couldn’t run around end. Forcing you to pass into coverage and intercepting your throws.
    Yes the Giants beat you big time Cam.

    The other bad news. Now teams that havent played you yet will watch the film and see the most of your runs are not up but the middle but away from the ends. Your passing is ok but only if you can run to take pressure off your passing game. No the giants had your number and beat you solidly.

  43. Lot of good comments here.

    Eli literally looked bored at one point in the first half in the huddle. I think he was like ‘really? that’s all you’re going to do to try to cover these guys?’

  44. skins23 says: Sep 21, 2012 9:37 AM

    Ron Rivera should have been fired in the 3rd quarter. Pathetic coaching and preparation by the Panthers. I could have coached them better last night.


    Totally agree. Worst defense in a long time. Eli played spectacular but there were WRs with 4 defenders standing near them and not trying to do anything. just watching Eli play catch. Rivera should be on the top of the Hot Seat list.

  45. NO scrambling qb has EVER won a superbowl, sorry griffin fans, he won’t do it either.

    Just a stupid comment, really. I guess you never heard of Steve Young, who like RG3 can run AND throw.

  46. clamnewton says:
    Sep 21, 2012 7:19 AM

    Trust me, Cam. We are.

    And you didn’t beat yourselves. I’m a huge fan, but you got waxed – at home – in prime time. The Giants beat you – badly. You didn’t beat yourselves.

    And I’m not sure how, but Eli is under-rated. Or maybe I don’t see enough Giants’ games. Either way, I was impressed.

    Grow up, Cam. Stop pouting. And get ready for those scumbag Falcons in 10 days…


    This comment and about 98% of the comments above said it all.

    I seriously love it when everyone in the media, tabloids, etc, picks the Giants to lose a game. I actually become more concerned when the majority picks them to win.

    Regarding Cam’s comments, everyone knows, even Panther fans, that when someone makes a comment such as this, there is a hint (a huge hint) of “soreness.” I can’t say anything, that is how the world is and, unbelievably, most of the teams that Giants beat seem to share this feeling.

    Not to totally change the subject but it is amazing though, and correct me if I am wrong, that the only team that really do not do anything similar to this type of attitude is the New England Patriots.

    I don’t know Cam, let’s see….

    Did the 37 points just majically appear on the away team’s side of the scoreboard?

    What about the three passes you gave to the Giants’ defense?

    Do me a favor, just watch the game and see what you did wrong. Specifically, watch the moments when the Giants scored and the teams’ reaction and watch the only time your team scored and YOUR reaction.

    The game should show you how a seasoned team does it versus how YOU do it.

    Sorry, but as your age and experience shows, you have a lot of growing up to do.

  47. The biggest culprit who’s getting away with the most trouble in Carolina is defensive coordinator Sean McDermott!!!

    He ruined the Eagles defense when their team was more talented than this Carolina Panther team is!!!

    Ron Rivera should fire McDermott and take over the DC duties until season’s end!!!

  48. I turned this game off after the Giant’s opening cakewalk TD drive. Completely unsurprised at the 36-7 blowout final score. Despite all the talk of “parity” it is not only incredibly easy to tell when a game is over, but it’s happening earlier and earlier in the game, often in the first quarter now.

  49. Cam Newton more like Sham Newton !

    As I thought teams would work out how to stop him, can’t count the Saints game as their defense is terrible.

    The Buccaneers and Giants have showed how to beat him and I expect the same from the Falcons next week.

    As for Cam he comes across as a diva only interested in himself and how he can market himself. Sitting on the bench away from your team mates with the stupid towel over your head and to make it worse doing his stupid Superman impression after playing badly all game and scoring a meaningless TD when getting blown out on prime-time TV.

  50. Oh please.. The Giants destroyed Carolina… Next week they will be destroyed by my Eagles. Hey you blue boys have extra days to rest your going to need it!

  51. Cam got slapped in his own backyard. Does the Superman after scoring and still way down REALLY?? No we destroyed you in all aspects of the game. Another Clay Matthews crybaby….. He will never be a champ like ELI never……

  52. Giants fan here. The only thing the Panthers gave the Giants was some soft, of coverages and the Giants taking advantage when it was presented to them. There were a couple plays I recall Carolina only rushed 3 down linemen. Certain things do not work.

    Really though you can look at any game and say so and so should have played a more aggressive scheme in that situation, and so on. However in this case no matter how you slice and dice it there is no way Cam Newton should be saying they beat themselves. Giants only dressed 4 WR’s and the Panthers chose to double Cruz, so Barden came and executed. Brown picked up where he left off and gave the Giants a 100 yard rusher, which hasn’t been common counting last year. The o-line missing David Diehl blocked very well.

    I agree completely with Coach Rivera. Also for the record, it looks pretty stupid saying that you beat yourselves when you lose by 29 and the Giants could have went over 50 if they converted on other situations.

  53. I was gonna make this whole chains, whips, and sado-masochist thing out of Cam’s statement, but as dumb as that might have been, it wouldn’t match to the utter stupidity of his statement in a 29 point deficit.

  54. naw the Bucs exposed him this means no orleans is a bad team and the Buccaneers are better seeing that they should have beat the Giants LOL

  55. Yes I am a Giants fan and yes I am feeling very good this fine morning after the B team beat Super Man I think Eli ran for more yards the Cammy

    A few things I did not understand why was cam sitting around with a towel on his head instead of talking to his team and coaches to find a way to do something? Did you notice when the pulled Eli he was on the sideline with his helmet listening to every play.

    What was up at the end of the game Eli had to hunt all over to talk to Cam? And then cam could not look him in the eye. That was childish was he in the phone booth changing back in clark kent. Or after last night Jimmy Olsen

    This is the NFL it is full of ups and downs if you let the game get to you your done.

    Look at Eli on sunday throw 3 bad balls gave up 21 point and did not hang his head he went out and won.

  56. If this had been a Jay Cutler news conference, people would be flipping out calling him a whiner and a baby. Cam looked like he was pouting in the news conference. I watched ESPN after and Mark Schlereth totally gave him a pass, while berating Jay Cutler last week.

  57. mymanmccoy says:
    Sep 21, 2012 10:04 AM
    Sorry panther fan, newton will NEVER get you where you want to be. He’s not very smart and thinks that athleticism will solely get it done at this level. NO scrambling qb has EVER won a superbowl, sorry griffin fans, he won’t do it either.


    Steve Young begs to differ. He was a lefty to boot. I get what you’re saying though. These young QB’s like Cam and Griffin would do well to study #8 and what truly made him successful. He could kill you from the pocket was dead accurate outside the pocket and he could run.

  58. These are selfish men. The Giants are a good team. They won by having a good game plan and playing great football.

    To bad both the Packers and the Panthers are not man enough to give credit where credit is due.

    Hey, let them say what they want. Lets just keep winning.

    Go Giants!

  59. Yeah Cam here’s a thought, make sure that you are atleast within an eight point deficit before breaking out your trademark Superman celebration after a short TD run.

  60. The Panthers were getting crush. Then Cam scores a TD and does is so called signature move according to the NFL netwk, How Stupid did he look?? I mean they are getting crushed and does that after he scores. LOL!

  61. Out played, out coached, and out worked. Didn’t notice till late in the 3rd quarter, and started telling the fans around me every play for the Panthers on offense, pass or run. The safety over the top of Smith would crash the line on run plays almost every time, and stay in coverage on pass plays. They knew 90% of the time what it was. There is a tell somewhere Chud, you better find it and fix it.

  62. Remember that Deion Sanders interview with Cam??? When he said “Yea, Tom Brady is great and he has that preparation part down but ‘preparation is not God given’…”

    Time to do a lot more of that “non God given” stuff, Cam….

  63. When I was watching the highlights, I started thinking…if the Giants were to win another SB this year, would they get the hype a team like the Patriots got during their run? And the answer is: probably not.

    I think it’s because they don’t have that they’re such a good overall team, that people sometimes underestimate their strength. When the pats are coming to town people expect Tom Brady to start walking on water or something. When the G-men do, they just sort of expect a tough game, but for some reason the media hasn’t anointed the Giants the same way they did even Aaron Rodgers and the Pack. Whatever, a win is a win. And when the opposing QB throws 3 picks, I can understand him saying they beat themselves, because its kind of true. But you don’t need to express it that way at the press conference. The only way you get to do that is if you’re a TRULY elite team that layed an egg. The Panthers aren’t that.

  64. That’s the thing about the Panthers that is so annoying to me. They look at themselves as a super bowl contender and actually think the Giants upset them. It’s a joke! The Panthers were never in this game and can’t play the we blew it card.

  65. Cam’s got some growing up to do. He needs to learn to keep his emotions in check and maintain focus. But he’s a second year quarterback with sky-high expectations on an offense that ranked 32nd two years ago and really hasn’t added much firepower to complement him. He’s going to have games like this, especially against Super Bowl caliber teams like the Giants. He just needs to mature emotionally and keep learning the pro game. Peyton Manning went 6-10 and chucked 23 picks in his 4th NFL season. He turned out alright. So will Cam.

  66. Hey Cam, you remember that “being a bad teammate” thing you talked about during the offseason? You’re doing it again.

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