Dolphins’ Brian Hartline: Loving Tebow is like loving the Kardashians

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As the Dolphins prepare to welcome Tim Tebow and the Jets to town on Sunday, one Dolphins player is already getting sick of hearing about the Jets’ backup quarterback.

Dolphins receiver Brian Hartline got exasperated with media questions about Tebow and compared him to reality TV stars who became famous without really accomplishing anything.

“That’s you guys, how much you love [him],” Hartline said, via the Sun-Sentinel. “Everybody loves him, but the same people go with the Kardashians. I don’t know what they did, either.”

Before Hartline talks too much about the Kardashians, he might want to consider that he shares a locker room with Reggie Bush, who knows a little something about “going with the Kardashians.”

And before the rest of us talk too much about Tebow, we should remember that he was on the field for all of three offensive plays and six special teams plays in the Jets’ loss to the Steelers on Sunday. Tebow may be as famous as a Kardashian, but he gets as much playing time as a bench warmer.

32 responses to “Dolphins’ Brian Hartline: Loving Tebow is like loving the Kardashians

  1. Last time I checked he was a 2x national champion and a heisman winner.

    Which is WAY more than that joke of a family has ever done.

  2. Im not a Tebow guy, but Ill tell you this, hes accomplished a heck of a lot more than Brian Hartline.

    Know your place.

  3. Nobody in the Kardashian family has ever won a Heisman or two BCS National Champtionships (for what it’s worth).

  4. He’s a media focal point. Better than a benchwarmer but not worth talking about him now. Tebow needs another team.

  5. Tebow is a good person and a good football player, but compare his NFL career accomplishments – won 1 playoff game – to how much attention he gets, and it’s completely out of whack.

    His last team traded him away.
    His current team doesn’t let him pass the ball.

    He’s basically a running back at this point – he has more “carries” than pass attemps as a “backup QB.”

  6. Watching the NFL for the Dolphins is like watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians to see Bruce Jenner.

    I’m not a Tebow fan exactly, but he has more to show for his career than Brian Hartline IMO.

  7. I am really happy to see a lot of people thinking the way I do. First, what has Brian Hartline done in his career? I don’t blame Tim Tebow for the attention he gets considering he’s not once made an outlandish statement or gotten in trouble, it’s the media that puts him under the scrutiny. Second, what Tebow did do Mr. Hartline is lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs and a playoff win…Have you ever had a snap in the playoffs since entering the NFL? A lot of hate for a guy that plays with passion and works hard…You tell me the last time you saw a quarterback play special teams. The guy wants to play, and will do whatever it takes to get on the field.

  8. Did I accidentally click on He doesn’t get all this buzz because of what he did 4 years ago. I don’t see Troy Smith or Sam Bradford dominating the headlines these days.

  9. Lets not talk about his two national championships or college career in general. It’s called “what have you done for me lately?!” He is a backup player that doesn’t play. I’m not sure why he gets attention either. I mean does Brian Hoyer or Shaun Hill get attention for nothing? No. Stop living in the glory days.

  10. chalkruz1989 says:
    Sep 21, 2012 9:27 AM

    You tell me the last time you saw a quarterback play special teams.

    Romo played some special teams in the past. Still brings a smile to my face thinking about it.

  11. Another day, another meaningless tebow story. Meanwhile, what has graham Harrell or Rex grossman been up to? Since we care so much about mediocre back up qbs…

  12. This is the NFL. Tebow’s college accomplishments mean nothing here. He is a gadget play guy and nothing more. If he were to start for the Jets for any extended period of time the team would suffer for it. Brian Hartline is not “out of line”.

  13. Hartline is still pissed off about that 41-14 butt whoopin that Leak/Tebow and the Gators hung on Ohio State in the 2008 National Championship Game. If I was him Id be jealous of Tebow too….Tebow has 2 rings, you have none. Move along now…..#SEC

  14. I don’t think he is dissing Tebow or saying he’s better, I think he is just trying to point out that the media has made Tebow a celebrity, not Tebow. The point about national championships and heisman throphy’s doesn’t make a lot of sense either – there have been a few of those guys that have tried and failed in the NFL, why is Tebow any different?? Sure, he won some games last year along with a big playoff game – but if he is so great, why is he out of Denver and now a backup?? It’s because the media loves him and made him a celebrity.

  15. How many Heisman Trophy winners busted out in the NFL? Quite a few. Many college stars find out they just don’t cut it in the NFL, particularly QB’s. JaMarcus Russell had a great college record, we know what happened there. The publicity for Tebow is tabloid-type, do you realize he is doing a shirtless photoshoot for Vouge ? A womans fashion magazine!! What a media suckup!!! His play on the field speaks for itself. He’s a fullback or tight end.If he would just SHUT UP AND PLAY, and AVOID THE CAMERA, I would begin to have respect for him. He uses being in the NFL as a platform for his publicity and attempt to make him a “brand” that he can cash in on in the media. A future career as a TV Evangelist or Politician(Republican) come to mind. T.M.I. about Tebow , I think most of us would agree.

  16. Wait a minute. Who says the Kardashians have not accomplished anything?

    Bruce Jenner won the Decathlon at the 1972 Olympics and today, 50 years later, he still exudes an image of radiant health and muscularity.

  17. I can understand if the media asked a Defensive player about this but a WR? Media makes too much of Tebow and I am a Jets fan. The kid goes out their every Sunday and plays to his best abilities – leave it at that.

  18. Let’s see Hartline, he won 2 national championships in college, a Heisman, oh and I seem to recall 8 wins last year including 4 thrilling 4th quarter comebacks. And didn’t he throw an 80 yard touchdown pass to beat the Steelers in a playoff game, while also throwing for 316 yards total in the game. Sure, he needs work, and sure, he hasn’t been on the field this year, but it’s hard to say Tebow has “done nothing.”

  19. He has as much right to give his opinion on Tebow as the media does asking him questions about Tebow rather then Darrel Revis who he’ll actullly play against. And this is the NFL not college. Tebow is a great kid, great college football player (if not the greatest) but he hasn’t done anything this season warranting all this attention. Lets move on.

  20. Stop saying Tebow hasn’t done anything this season, neither has Fitz….season is far from over. Im a Fins fan and I do not want a close game in the 4th qtr and Tebow comes in…he is way more competent than Sanchez to me. Hartline needs to play ball and not let the media trick him into making a immature statement. If it doesn’t help you win why on Earth are you doing it? I wish Hartline had the work ethic of Tebow, he would become the next Jordy Nelson a lot faster.

  21. Tebow lovers, take a step back for a moment…. ANYONE could have said the same.

    As opposed to attacking Hartline for this comment, think about any all other BACKUP QBs.
    None get the hype and attention so it is weird that Tebow gets more press than sanchez does. Not a crazy comment if you take your blinders off.

  22. Hartline just had the gumption to say what 99% of NFL players and 90% of NFL fans know…. Tebow is a joke….

    thanks for calling it out Hartline, at least someone did….

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