Falcons’ Ray Edwards fined $8,000

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In the debacle that was the six-minute delay late in the first quarter of Monday night’s Broncos-Falcons game, dozens of players were pushing and shoving, some put their hands on the officials, and coaches left the bench area to yell at the officials. But only one player was penalized.

That player, Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards, has now been given an $8,000 fine for his actions in the fracas.

It’s not yet known whether anyone else was fined for the fracas, in which the Broncos fumbled and players from both teams were pushing and shoving in the ensuing pileup, while the officials haplessly looked on.

It’s also not yet known what steps the NFL has taken to make sure that the collection of replacement officials working that game don’t botch another game as badly as they botched the game on Monday night.

5 responses to “Falcons’ Ray Edwards fined $8,000

  1. Wonder why JD Walton wasn’t fined for grabbing/moving an official in the fumble scrum? Guess the League isn’t going to stand up for replacement officials.

  2. Maybe I’m crazy….but perhaps the coaches need to control their players/teams a bit. Maybe they deserve a fine or two. The refs can’t do it all. I can tell you, I lost all respect for Fox during that game. In my world, if my employees did not perform according to the rules, I’d be held accountable. Why are the coaches off the hook when their “employees” aren’t following the rules?

  3. losangeleschargers17 says:
    Sep 21, 2012 1:20 PM
    Dear falcons Philip rivers unlike Peyton Manning will not gift wrap 3 turnovers for you. I prepare for a long flight home after the bolts dominate.

    I’m not a Falcons fan but you should just be happy you didn’t lose either of those games, considering both of the teams will likely be drafting in the top 5 on next years draft.

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