Greg Jennings says he’s playing Monday night


On Thursday, we shared Packers coach Mike McCarthy’s take on wide receiver Greg Jennings’ status as he tries to return from a groin injury.

The word was fairly glum. McCarthy said Jennings didn’t feel great after practicing earlier in the week and that the receiver was still trying to get a “handle” on it. There wasn’t any discussion of Jennings’ status for Monday night’s game with the Seahawks, but the prognosis didn’t sound good on that front.

Jennings spoke to the media Friday and sang a different tune. While he admitted to being less than full speed, Jennings said that he was able to do what he needed to do in practice on Friday and plans on playing Monday.

“I’ll get through it,” Jennings said, via Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “I’m a positive guy. I’m not completely worried about it lingering too bad. It is what it is. It’s going to be something I’m going to have to push through right now. If I can get close to 100 percent, that’s all I’m looking for. I’m not looking to be 100 percent because that will never happen, ever, probably in my career. Ever.”

If Jennings does play, he’ll probably see fewer snaps than he would in another week in hopes of limiting the likelihood of a recurrence of the injury. The Seahawks have played well against the pass during the first two weeks of the season, so it may be tough sledding for the Packers through the air.

10 responses to “Greg Jennings says he’s playing Monday night

  1. It is tough to “get a handle” on a groin injury.
    Jennings is a tough guy and a quality person but I’m hoping he doesn’t play too much in that game. Seahawks have their own problems anyway. Breno “Lurch on Roller Skates” Giacomini is a starting OT? Seriously? Wilson better be ready to scramble.

  2. Don’t worry Greg. Even if you don’t play the Pack have that steady realiable Finley who catches one in three passes, and they have Jones who after several years feels he will be able to learn to pass routes by the end of this season and stop making Rogers look like a Jerk.
    I think Jordy Nelson is still on the team but I could be wrong. The ball never gets to him anymore. BY the time he is open, Rogers is scrambling to the sidelines.
    The Pack receivers just haven’t stepped up to the plate and are now just average at best.

  3. i love how all you packer fans are so confident!!! this is not last year with your cinderella packer dreams and this is not your same old seahawks!! dallas was very confident also before they ran into the PROBLEM and they have a better running back and running game than the packers and what happened to them????? you will learn what the loudest stadium and best fans in the nfl sound like on monday night at century link…….hold on buckle up tight welocme to the seattle seahawks 2012 edition enjoy the ride! and oh yeh? make sure after you get your A­­­¤° kicked you eat a BIG CROW

  4. WOW, the sea hag fans must have been waiting for a team for a long time, or else the radiation from Japan has finally caused mutations. Who would have known that they even had a team, and here they go getting all grouchy. Please be adult enough to apologize Monday when you lose. We know how to play Wilson, who will be brought back to earth.

  5. Beyonderhawk, I don’t think I would be as confident as you are with a rookie qb going into his first big game…. Granted you are at home, and Seattle is known as a tough place to play… But how loud will they be when their team is down by 17 in the first quarter?? Green Bay is still one of the best teams in the NFL, and that kills me saying it being a Lions fan…. If they do in fact get Jennings back and healthy, you’re going to be in a load of trouble….

  6. “make sure after you get your A­­­¤° kicked you eat a BIG CROW”…
    Ya right man… and I assume (in the words of Hassleback) “we want the ball and we’re gonna score” once the SeaHawks win something then lets hear what you have to say…
    Go PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (one exclamation point for each championship)

  7. @mickydubbs:
    While I agree that Beyonderhawk got a bit carried away, I think you did the same thing. Our stadium is loud no matter what the score is. We’ve been through some terrible years, but you won’t ever see #12 giving up on the Seahawks the way Detroit fans abandoned the Lions. NOTHING will keep #12 quiet, EVER. Unlike Lions fans, who I have to wonder if they actually exist, because I’ve never seen one in person.

    Oh, and those Green Bay receivers better keep their heads on swivels. Our DBs were hammering Dallas’ receivers all day long. There’s a reason they were dropping passes, because they just got physically dominated by our 6′-3″+ 240lb+ DBs all day long. You don’t see it on TV, but our DBs and LBs were smacking dudes so hard and so late it was unreal. Anyone who crossed the middle got smacked, HARD, didn’t even matter if the ball was coming to them. I saw our guys hitting Dallas receivers who weren’t anywhere near the play. I saw a couple Dallas receivers get laid out after the whistle. Bam Bam Chancellor and Ring-Worm Sherm don’t mess around, they bring the boom every play. You come in here, you’re going to get punched in the face. Hard. This ain’t Holmgren’s Seahawks. The Legion of Boom is going to bring the hammer down, and if Jennings has an injury, he’d be smart to stay on the bench.

    Welcome to the New NFC West. Toughest, most physical division in the NFL. You think SF was rough? Our secondary’s even bigger, they hit harder, and they want to hurt you. And y’all still have to play Arizona, with those mean sons of guns on their D-line, dudes who wanna hit your QB late like they were doing to Wilson. It’s gonna be a rough year for Green Bay.

  8. Im glad he back. The Pack will need all their weapons this week In Seattle.. The seahawks are a physical nasty(But Legal) group of players. If they find a way to get pressure.. Its lights OUT Pack. Rodgers Is a monster but hes playing a team similar but BETTER than the niners in the back half and play the run exceptionally well. Very good chance the Packers go 1-2 after this week.. Great Game either way.. Respect will be earned!

  9. How can one Hag lover admit that he saw several late hits, to the QB and far off the ball, while the next Hag fan says they play legal. You guys may be up and comers, but who would know cause who pays attention to you guys out there, but earn it first and win something. Either shut up until then, or apologize like a man when you are wrong.

  10. *aa1829*
    -If Im wrong this week Im wrong.. No shame. And what you think I care what another fan writes if my statement contridicts his? Hmmm ur not a smart man obviously… This isnt a collaboration I base my understanding on my own acts.. Those were things he saw C’mon man.. Even the announcers on TV talked about how physical and legal they punished players. Do I ignore that bc another fan saw different?

    But Facts are facts.. The seahawks HAVE ONE OF IF NOT THE BEST SECONDARY IN THE NFL .. There the biggest.. The Most physical.. and all ballhawks 3 out of 4 made the probowl and not just based on reputation, all had to earn it! All young, fast, big and play with a mean streak! There up in the topteir of teams in numbers but who cares, bc if u understand matchups there typically inflated until about week 5 or 6 when the range of teams has come to light..The Packers havnt played an offensive team thus far. (last year the bears the hawks and 49ers were all in the bottom third in offense) But top 3rd in Defense. So please save me about the Greenbay defense is good crap. After week 1 they looked horrible.. after week 2 there the best pass defense or 2nd..Mind you BOTH games were at home and they were embarrassed after week 1 bc The niners ran right over them! C’mon its OBVIOUSLY too early to tell. I mean what is Clay gunna get 48 sacks this year? dude!

    Outcome! Seahawks win monday. Pound on Green Bay recievers all day and ur running game doesnt get “started” this week either! This week its strength agaisnt strength and weakness vs weakness. Never been a homer! Im realistic! This Seahawks team is about 2 years from being a top team in the NFL, but that doesnt mean they cant Beat one! (**the PACKERS certainly are one!**) Especially at home with the matchup’s nightmares they give to people on defense!

    Sea 27 GB 17

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