Greg Schiano drops by PFT on NBC Sports Network

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Giants coach Tom Coughlin suggested that Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano’s behavior at the end of last Sunday’s game was akin to that of a horse’s rear end.

You’ll get to hear from the horse’s mouth on Friday afternoon when Schiano sits down with Mike Florio for an interview on Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network. They’ll talk about what went down at the Meadowlands, how Schiano plans to approach such situations in the future and other issues of import to the Buccaneers as they prepare for a game with the Cowboys in Week Three.

The crew will also take a look at this week’s Giants game against an NFC South foe, Thursday night’s 36-7 rout of the Panthers, and tell you everything you need to know about the rest of the weekend’s slate. Florio, Erik Kuselias, Hines Ward, Amani Toomer and Peter King will all be on hand to share their thoughts on Week Three’s schedule. By the end of the hour, there won’t be anything of import left undiscussed.

You can watch it all at 5 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network.

15 responses to “Greg Schiano drops by PFT on NBC Sports Network

  1. Do you guys offer transcripts of these shows?

    As a Bucs fan I am interested in hearing what Schiano says, but the fact that I am deaf makes it impossible for me to follow what is being said.

  2. I have a feeling Schiano won’t have a suitable explanation for not playing all 60 minutes at the end of the first half or not playing all 60 minutes when allowing a running back to walk into the end zone.

  3. This guy just got into the NFL and already wants to act like some smart ass..He clearly doesn’t know the culture of the NFL..When a surrenders with taking a knee the other team accepts it..Its over! This coach has to go thru some life lessons in the NFL..good luck

  4. I hope you have the courage to ask him about Mike Silver’s lastest column. He destroys this turd in that column. Apparently most of the NFL scouting departments hate this guy.

  5. The Glazers suck
    The Bucs suck
    Schiano sucks and acts like a tard.
    Like to see Their crappy QB, Freeman get blasted at the end of the game.

  6. I hope you have the courage to ask him about Mike Silver’s lastest column. He destroys this turd in that column. Apparently most of the NFL scouting departments hate this guy.


    That was the most vague article I have ever read in my life. He uses nobody’s name and provides no actual numbers. He constantly uses phrases like “a lot” and “one guy” which is not how you should write such an article. If “a lot” really was a lot, then why would he not provide the actual digit?? He sounds like a vindictive twit and even tries to act like Schiano purposely “dissed” the Naval Academy… Get real. That was a joke of an article that only losers like yourself would buy into.

  7. This guy played football at Bucknell lol. He walks around like he won the Heisman Trophy playing for Alabama. Hes an egomaniac and has a bad attitude. He wont last long in the NFL going after guys like Coughlin.

  8. phony whatever your name is why show that play in the first half you try it the first time at the time you need to now the league knows we will try it you dont show your hand in the first half your probally some jack that doesnt know sports you isten to media lil bit#c

  9. Schiano is a tough SOB! You can’t fault a guy for coming into to the NFL and standing up for what he believes. I’ve noticed a big difference in the way the bucs carry themselves on the field this season compared to last year. It’s a bunch of soft pu**ies who whine and complain about this man.

  10. GO BUCS! All coughlin does is complain about his players getting hurt. First the bucs now a camera man.
    The bucs didn’t go for the fumble just b4 half cause it wouldn’t of benefited them. They just had a pick 6.

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