Janoris Jenkins fined $15,750, Josh Morgan fined $7,875


Redskins receiver Josh Morgan had the costliest mental mistake of Sunday’s game in St. Louis, when his 15-yard penalty for throwing the ball at Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan pushed Washington out of range for a game-tying field goal. But Morgan didn’t have the costliest fine to arise from that game.

Morgan was fined $7,875 for throwing the ball at Finnegan, the league office confirmed today. That’s a standard fine for acts of unsportsmanlike conduct that don’t cause any type of injury to an opponent.

But a costlier fine from the same game went to Rams rookie cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who delivered this brutal hit on Redskins tight end Fred Davis. Jenkins’ fine was for a hit to the head or neck area of a defenseless receiver.

Other players fined in the Redskins-Rams game, which featured plenty of hitting after the whistle from both sides, included Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander ($15,750 for a horse-collar tackle of Rams punt returner Danny Amendola, Rams defensive end Robert Quinn ($7,875 for a hit to the head of Redskins left tackle Trent Williams) and Rams guard Quinn Ojinaka ($7,875 for a late hit on Redskins linebacker London Fletcher).

42 responses to “Janoris Jenkins fined $15,750, Josh Morgan fined $7,875

  1. The NFL should take all this fine money and put it towards getting their game officials back on the field by Sunday.

  2. And how many of those were flagged? I know the London Fletcher hit wasn’t and that was absurdly late. And cheap.
    It also appears a bit “off” that one would be fined so much for throwing a football at someone vs. trying to take a guy’s head off or a horsecollar. Makes no sense.

  3. Jenkins hit looked pretty legit. I don’t know what the guy was supposed to do. Fining a guy for throwing the football at another player wearing a helmet and pads is stupid. Doesn’t the league know that we all see this as a dirty game anyway?? Sportsmanship?? Sportsmanship is the last thing that Goodell would recognize or value.

  4. So for a guy that makes $1 million a year, a $21k fine would amount to .021% of their check. I have always thought that if I made that kind of money, I wouldn’t change my play at all because of a fine. What’s $8k when you’re getting another $992,000? Just sayin…

  5. How the league can fine Janoris Jenkins is beyond me. He is doing everything a defender should do and stopping the offensive playing from catching the ball by laying the wood on him. Anyone that thinks he is intentionally trying to hurt him is a moron. These players are playing so fast there is clearly no malice aforethought. He wants to make a big play for his defense. Cause a dropped pass or a fumble. This is the same way I was coached all through high school and college. Keep laying the wood. Don’t keep changing the game, every player knows that this play could be their last, and that’s how they should play it.

  6. The Rams were clearly one of the teams that took advantage of the replacement refs in pushing the envelope to see how much they could get away with.

    And they got away with plenty in the game which helped them win, but only after the game do they pay the price for it. I guess the Rams could say the win was worth the fines if it gets them in the playoffs.

  7. I am still not sold on the defenseless receiver rule. I can understand not blowing the guy up if the ball is uncatchable, but if he is in possession of the ball I say you gotta destroy the man.

    Before you Redskins fans disagree, think about Sean Taylor knocking some Cowboy or Giant receiver unconcious. Exactly. Your smiling right now.

  8. How much were the Rams fined for all the “dirty” hits on RGiii? $0.0 – and this proves he is a crying baby…Boom!

  9. The crazy thing is, that is a very substantial amount for Jenkings. Not like he’s got a big contract, and the contract he does have, he is probably only seeing a quarter of the money.

  10. This is funny considering how people are criticizing rg3 for Complaining about the dirty playing of the rams.people are basically saying he needs to stop complaining, when come to find out he was actually right

  11. By the way, if you look at the pic of the hit on this page, notice where the ball is and that Jenkins did not lead with his helmet. Looks like a clean hit to me.

  12. I bet the NFL is squirreling all this money so when
    they lose that concussion lawsuit for like a billion
    dollars,they can say “hey what do you know we
    just found a billion dollars!”

  13. A defenseless receiver hit warrants a fine per NEW league rules .. To the genius who referenced Sean Taylor .. It’s 2012-13 season with different rules … That is a dumb comparison

  14. How in the hell do you arrive at $15,750 or $7,875 ?
    is there an algorithmic process for that – or is it like everything else that godell does just pulled out of his backside?

  15. I love Sam Bradford going nuts in the background after Jenkins lays Davis out. Clean hit IMHO. I wish the Lions had taken Jenkins instead of that T Rex armed Riley Rieff

  16. Right to the shoulder pads. wtf? that hit was clean and legal. The question i have is, is Roger Goodell playing fair? or his he paying off his legal team for all the off season BS?

  17. have any of the people commenting on that it was a “clean” hit watched football in the past 5 years? they don’t allow that kind of hit anymore. was it awesome? yes. but its not a legal hit anymore. a flag should have been thrown, and a fine should have been (and was) assessed.

  18. You guys need to stop watching the slow motion replay. It’s quite obvious in real time that he had no ability to defend himself. Jenkins also launched his shoulder into Fred’s helmet/neck area which is against the rules. He clearly makes contact as you can immediately see his head turn sideways on impact.

  19. For that one guy callng out Sean Taylor for doing the same, you proabably never watched him play. He never led with his helmet, and stuck his shoulder pads to their chest. Probably one of the most textbook tacklers i had ever seen. At 6’2 225lbs, he didnt need to lead with his head to deal punishment.

  20. Janoris fine is bogus. He even moves his head out of the way and leads with his shoulder. It was just a hell of a hit. But should not have been fined. Good work by a rookie. Looks like both teams were pretty evenly fined there RG.

  21. If people actually watched the clip of the hit on Fred Davis you can see he never had possession of the ball and Jenkins left his feet and launched himself head first at Davis’s helmet. Dirty play from the loser Jenkins who by the way, his mom is also a hooker.

  22. Well said deangelo. However, Sean was about 235lbs. Man, I miss that guy. Big, fast, athletic, and with a very good understanding of his position as well as accountabillity; I doubt we will see another Redskin like that in our lifetime.

  23. The league is trying to justify the current officiating by handing out more fines in games where people are complaining about the officiating. The downside is that when the real officials return the flags will be flying. I feel for the rookies in theeague who aren’t going to know which way to play. Due to the different styles of officiating. Goodell is taking the
    League and plunging it down the toilet.

  24. Alexander didn’t horse collar that man. That was a complete crap call. The hit on Fletcher should have been fined for 50,000 just based on how classless it was. You don’t hit London Fletch when he is already on the ground. No fine for Finnegan? This week there will be at least one fight in the league because these refs can’t get a hold of the game.

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