Jermichael Finley: Agent’s criticism of Rodgers didn’t come from me


Blake Baratz, the agent for Packers tight end Jermichael Finley, wrote on Twitter last week that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers “isn’t a great leader.” Finley wants everyone to know that his agent’s opinion is not his own.

Asked how much of Baratz’s agent came from him, Finley insisted that none of it came from him at all.

I’d say zero percent of it,” Finley said, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “Like I said, he’s got his own opinion. He’s an agent. He has tons of clients around the league. It’s not my problem what he sends out. I could [not] care less as long as he takes care of my business at the end of the day.”

Baratz has said that tweeting about Rodgers was “a mistake,” although he hasn’t said he didn’t mean it. It’s not clear what Baratz, who also represents Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop, was basing his opinion of Rodgers on. All that is clear is that Finley doesn’t want anyone thinking his agent’s opinions are his own.

“He’s the leader of this team,” Finley said. “He’s the man. I respect him as a player. Outside of the locker room, I’m a fan of Rodgers. We’re all good.”

Rodgers called Baratz “silly,” and Packers coach Mike McCarthy called him “ignorant.” It remains to be seen whether Finley will decide to call him “not my agent anymore.”

33 responses to “Jermichael Finley: Agent’s criticism of Rodgers didn’t come from me

  1. We’ve been hearing about this ball dropper’s potential since he was drafted. Can people just accept the fact that he is a slightly above average player. He will never be on Gronk’s, Davis’, Hernandez’s, or Graham’s level.

  2. and I could care less about his agents words too, or Rodgers feelings … but being that the two of you are starting on my fantasy team, I would love to see some plays be made, Finley your suppossed to be a

    “match-up nightmare”

  3. Finley needs to grow up. PERIOD. He has all the talent in the world, but he can’t seem to put it together, on the field, on a consistant basis. He has said in the past it was because he and the quarterback are not on the same page. Now this? If he isn’t not a bust yet, he is well on his way.

  4. Hey Baratz!

    Whether Aaron Rodgers is a great leader or not (I think he’s great, and I’m not a Packers fan), he’s the quarterback (and you’re not), he’s earned a Super Bowl ring (and you haven’t), he wins a lot of games (and you can’t), he makes millions (and I doubt that you do), and he decides who gets the freaking ball (and you don’t).

    So who cares what you tweet? Or, in your case, twit.

  5. Brett Favre was a leader. He never embarrased a receiver on national TV the way Rodgers did to James Jones. Clearly, Rodgers is not a leader.

  6. “Rodgers called Baratz “silly,” and Packers coach Mike McCarthy called him “ignorant.””

    Gotta love McCarthy’s comment and wish I could have seen him actually say it.

    Wish Finley would kick this dude to the curb.

  7. Finley really hasn’t done much since he had that breakout game in the 09 playoff game vs the Cards. The team also won the SB without him.

    Sure he has a big game every now and then (3 TDs vs Bears last year), but he is very inconsistent and drops too many passes. And that’s disappointing because Rodgers does target him a ton.

  8. rickastleydancemoves says:

    where do you get that FINLEY is even above average? what stat? what year? when?

    this guy is average. this guy is replaceable. this guy is flat out lazy…. if he worked he would be an above average TE and a ‘match up nightmare’

    haha name one game where this guy was a match up nightmare… oh wait.. i remember that ONE playoff game where neither the cardinals nor the packers defense showed up… and the packers still lost

  9. So Aaron doesn’t kiss Jermichael’s ass, and an agent gets her privates bruised. BFD.

    Who is Blakely Boritz anyway? A 30-something power agent wannabe? Blakely’s words mean zero to anybody with a brain, which includes Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy, Ted Thompson, and me.

    “Next question.”

  10. Yes j972 fine job collecting all the empirical data needed to determine rodgers is not a leader. And if you consider that to be embarrassing what A rod did to JJ an embarrassment you must be new to america and American football

  11. Finley actually started out with an agent who was an even bigger knucklehead. He’s obviously not the greatest judge of character. Except of course when it comes to Rodgers.

    I’m pretty sure he meant Aaron.

  12. I definitely don’t love Finley and I’d love to see DJ Williams and Crabtree get better and better, but anyone who thinks Finley doesn’t have better than average talent is crazy.

    His primary problem has been injuries and drops. If he was less injury prone and just went back to catching the ball like he did coming into the league (when beat writers raved about his hands) he would be top 5 in every category. He was third in TD’s for tight ends last year even though he was playing hurt and dropped a few more. Talent is there; head probably isn’t.

  13. >this guy is average. this guy is replaceable.

    This guy scored more TDs than all NFCN TEs and WRs except for CJ, Jennings and Nelson last season in the NFC North. His presence on the field frees up the WRs. FO rated him as the 5th best TE in the league last season. Glad to see ignorance still reigns supreme here.

  14. Dude would catch everything during mid 09 til his injury in 2010… since then, drops and yap…

    Dude does free things up for the WRs, all those 1 on 1 chances Nelson and Greg got in 2011 compared to 2010 w/o Finley in the middle….He does for WRs what a Great Interior Pass Rusher does for the edge rushers, eats up the attention and gives the outside guys 1 on 1 chances.

  15. Finley is one of the most frustrating receivers in the league. With GB’s receiving options he’ll never get fed like the elite TEs in the league, but if he were to just live up to his potential and catch balls he’d easily be one of the best in the league. If he outprices himself and leaves GB I have little doubt he’d explode for a new team.

  16. Harvin had 9 tds. James Jones had 7. That just goes to show how good Rodgers is. That Nelson, Jennings had some many tds and Finlay and Jones had solid numbers too. It says more for Rodgers then it does for Finley.

  17. I don’t care if he sometimes can’t make a tough catch or runs his mouth. However, dropping easy catches on 3rd down really kills his value to the the team.

    I won’t throw him under the bus yet as I still recall how the Packers had squat at TE once Keith Jackson retired.

    – Bubba “only useful inside the 10” Franks
    – David “next year will be a break out year” Martin
    – Tyrone “1 big play a season and nothing else” Davis
    – Dirtbag Chewie
    – Wesley Walls when he was 103 years old
    – Ben “that one time I recovered an onside kick vs the Vikings” Steele
    – Tory “he’s somehow still in the league” Humphrey

    The only guy I can’t really rag on is Donald Lee who performed decently for a mid-season waiver pickup. He performed well enough that the “mouth of the South” Finley could spend a year in the dog house for not being able to shut his trap.

  18. Yo Finley, the agent works for you….what he say;s reflects on you.
    So either you agree with what he say’s, or you tell him to shut up.

  19. Interesting that Finley said Rodgers is the leader of the team but he did not say he is a good leader just that he is the leader.

    I’m a niners fan but I think Rodgers is a good leader and both of them are great players.

  20. “It’s not my problem what he sends out. I could [not] care less as long as he takes care of my business at the end of the day.”

    Sounds more like Finleys agent was talking about Finley.

  21. “It’s not my problem what he sends out. I could [not] care less as long as he takes care of my business at the end of the day.”

    Finley, “it would not be your problem” if you CAN this turd of an agent. He constantly calls out other players in the NFL (apparently this guy doesn’t have any business skills) and it’s amazing anyone is willing to let this guy represent them. This guy REPRESENTS YOU, which mean he acts on your behalf, which means his comments ARE your problems. If it wasn’t your problem, then why did you have speak up about it? My boss takes care of me at the end of the day, but if he was throwing my peers under the bus all the time (especially a friend), I would tell him where to shove it.

  22. Not my problem? It is a reflection on you J-Mike and not a good one. He is not taking care of your business by making a comment like that–he is takin money out of your pocket.

  23. I just wish the announcers would quite annointing people as great after one decent season. This guy is typical of many tight ends I’ve witnessed over the years that; they are pretty darn good until they get their bell absolutely wrung like a freight train and they never are productive again.

    Finley is dropping balls because his eyes are fixated on the DB’s and who is coming up to lay a lick on him. When the ball gets there its too late, dropsy time.

    This boy don’t want no mo hurt!

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