Jerod Mayo picks up $21,000 fine for hit on Early Doucet


Last year, Pats linebacker Jerod Mayo found himself fined $25,000 for hitting former Colts quarterback Dan Orlovsky in the head/neck area when he was defenseless.  Last week, Mayo hit Cardinals receiver Early Doucet in the head/neck area when he was defenseless.

And Mayo has been fined $21,000.

So says the league office, which makes fine information available from the prior week on Friday afternoons.

Also fined from the Patriots was safety Steve Gregory, who drew a $7,875 penalty for a late hit on Cardinals tight end Todd Heap.

Stay tuned for more fine information.  And get ready to make the perfunctory “it’s not football!” complaints.  Which also still complaining about the Bucs treating the final play of last Sunday’s game like it’s football.

18 responses to “Jerod Mayo picks up $21,000 fine for hit on Early Doucet

  1. Jesus, that hit by Gregory was barely anything. The Mayo hit, I agree was against a defenceless receiver and worthy of a fine, but I didn’t realise they were fining guys for hitting someone just as he’s going out of bounds. Calling it roughing, fine. But fining him? Seemed soft.

  2. I actually thought the Gregory hit was far worse, it was well out of bounds. MAyo, from what I recall, used his sholder to hit a guy that was running directly at him. MAYBE he was defenseless, but what was Mayo supposed to do, step out of the way and let him run free?

  3. Was at that game. Remember that Mayo hit, which drew quite a few oooh’s, and aww’s from the crowd. Perhaps that is what Goodell is trying to eliminate from the game.

  4. Next time he or any other NFL player wants to earn a fine, stop and think, instead of throwing my money away like that, I could buy my man PhD a new car. Just leave a msg here and I’ll let you know what I’m in the market for.

  5. Last Sunday te buccaneers were clearly going after Eli manning. It was tom coughlins fault for not noticing or maybe even the giants offensive line, whoevers fault it was they’re on the giants squad and should be ashamed, I loved that play.

  6. Are you f-ing kidding me? That hit by Mayo was just a good solid clean hit, shoulder to chest, textbook. It is part of the physical aspect of the game.

    So what does Goodell want these guys to do?

    Next thing you know he will have one side dressing in pink tu-tu’s and the other side with pink skirts so you will know which side is which and then they will dance for four quarters, flip a coin to decide a winner and call it a game.

    I’m about to offiically give up on football if CLEAN hits are no longer allowed. This is beyond ridiculous!

  7. I’m struggling to think of a $21,000 worthy hit by Mayo during that game, but if it’s the one I’m thinking of he avoided the head and laid his shoulder on a ballcarrier without leaving his feet. What else do you want from the guy?

    The Gregory hit was way worse, and way more unnecessary. I don’t get the math on this at all.

  8. This is a BS fine. Completely avoid the head/neck. If you have an issue with the fines, blame the concussion lawsuits. They’re trying to prove their concern for player safety.

    Fine money goes to charity btw.

  9. Gregory’s hit was made out of bounds and could have been avoided. When it happened,everyone around me was saying he would be fined…and he was.
    I watched the Mayo hit again on replay and it was clean away from the neck and head with no launching off his feet. It’s the NFL where most hit are violent, and some are more than others. Bad fine, but that’s what you get in goodell’s NFL.

  10. that hit was on a big third down play. mayo gave him a good lick but the receiver did a good job and held on to the ball and got the first down (i think the cards got a field goal out of the drive). so, since the hit itself was perfectly legal (shoulder to chest, no launching) the nfl is basically saying mayo shouldn’t have made a play on the ball at all and should have conceded a first down in a tight game…

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