Jets-Dolphins game will be televised in Miami

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Typically, the league grants a 24-hour extension of the deadline for selling all remaining non-premium tickets only when an assurance has been given that, if the tickets aren’t purchased by paying customers at 100 cents on the dollar, they’ll be purchased by the team (or its sponsors) at 34 cents on the dollar.

Though it’s unclear what specifically happened in Miami to sell 85 percent of the non-premium seats at Sun Life Stadium, the team has announced that “the number of tickets sold since an extension was granted on Thursday, September 20, 2012, now complies with the NFL requirements to telecast games locally.”

Chances are that owner Stephen Ross once again wrote a check for the remaining tickets.  If that’s the case, here’s hoping that no one decided during the 24-hour period of false urgency that, instead of risking not seeing the game on local TV, they’d buy a ticket or two (or more) and attend it in person.

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  1. I feel so badly for all of the Miami area population now. Stephen Ross once again screws over Miami.

    First he buys the team and makes them the 2nd biggest laughingstock of the league.
    Now he buys out the remaining tickets and intends to inflict mass vomiting and diarrhea all over Miami to those he happen to see them on TV

  2. My beloved franchise has become a 2nd rate franchise. we cant draft, we cant manage, we have less talent than many other teams in the NFL yet we are up against the cap. I have no idea who we are paying besides Long, Dansby, and Wake, our wr corp is the worse ive seen in the nfl in 20 years of watching, I have no idea what the plan for the franchise is and as a former season ticket holder they call me every week asking me if I’m planning on attending Sundays game…..

  3. I never quite understood why coming on here and crying about your team made anyone feel better. The Fins are down, they’re not out. They won convincingly last week, won 7 of their last 11 and have 4 wins of 20+ points in that time.

    They’ve responded to the outcry to fire Sparano, and drafted a young, promising QB. Let the thing play out. They may not be as bad as you think.

  4. Im not saying this team is Superbowl bound or even playoff bound but lets hold up with all the negativity. Quietly they have been some good things going on lately with the organization… Can you name 5 teams with a better run blocking line than the phins? Reggie bush has played lights out for the last 10 games, Tannehill is our first qb in over a decade that actually looks the role and seems to pick things up very quickly. Thigpen leads the “NFL” in return yards and is extremly decisive and explosive. The D-line has to be ranked in the top 10 in the NFL. And we have a ton of draft picks, and 30 million in cap room next year to build off. And what team wouldnt start these guys Wake, Bess, Long, Pouncey, Thigpen, Lane, Solei, Odrick, ETC See the glass can sometime be half full in the M.I.A

  5. But let us not forget… the fans in Miami aren’t the most loyal fans. Not all but many of them won’t care to watch unless there is some winning and thus some hype. It may be the language barrier in Miami as well… can’t be sure.

  6. As a Ravens fan, I find myself rooting for Miami now after “Hard Knocks.” Philbin seems like a classy guy, who does things the right way. Bush and Co. looked very good last week also. Don’t sleep on them.

  7. It will be a great matchup on Sunday. The circus that is the jets and the clowns that are the Miami Management. I can’t wait!

  8. I live in Miami and due to how good the Heat have been playing the Fins catch a raw deal at times (as do the Marlins). Fans typically want to win NOW and arent interested if you are rebuilding. As a Jets fan, I can honestly say that Miami fields a very capable football team. Fans tend to get nervous when your season is in the hands of a rookie QB

  9. “If that’s the case, here’s hoping that no one decided during the 24-hour period of false urgency that, instead of risking not seeing the game on local TV, they’d buy a ticket or two (or more) and attend it in person.”

    This makes no sense to me, so by that rational no fan should ever buy a ticket to any game for any team in any city.

  10. mikeboy this is not a 1 year thing or 2 year thing this has been going on for more than a decade. Heck last time we went to an AFC championship game was 1992, 20 years ago only 2 other teams havent been in AFC ship game since and both are expansion teams. So excuse me for “crying” on this board. Just expression real frustration!

  11. “How many people can afford $200-$400 to go to a game in this economy.”

    Especially in Florida’s unique tourism based, zero tax revenue system. The struggling world economy and Florida’s growing reputation as a bizarre freak show combine to form a situation in which people don’t want to go there to spend money. In the absence of any sort of real industry, people ain’t got no jobs.

    Plus the Dolphins wouldn’t be worth watching if they gave hand jobs at the gate.

  12. stop complaining about the prices at these games. yes, some seats are $400. i’m going to the game when the patriots come to miami and spent $60 for a nose bleed. i’d rather be up high so i can see the entire field and watch plays develop than two rows behind the sideline not being able to see if a WR caught a ball on the other side of the field.

  13. jnelly,

    The Dolphins are not alone. The Bengals also haven’t been to a conference championship game in over 20 years, and they’re not an expansion team.

    Ask Chargers fans about that.

  14. General memo to Dolphin fans–Before you cite last week’s game as indicative of the relative quality of your team, consider the opponent. The Raiduhs are not exactly among the league’s elite (and my saying that means they’ll probably kick the stuffings out of my Steelers this week).

  15. jnelly1906 I get that, but how long has Philbin been here? You can’t blame the last 20 years on Ross either. Building a team takes time, and the right people. Ireland has had his moments of shame, but do we really know how good, or bad he is after 2 drafts?

    Fans need patience. Without it, we’ll never end the cycle of rebuilding, and people unhappy.

  16. Better days ahead.. Don’t sleep on Miami going forward.. The previous regimes set us up for disaster by overpaying free agents and trading away valuable draft picks.. Ireland deserves credit for doing exactly what Riles did to set the heat up a few years ago

  17. I have been patient, im still patient but I think my frustration is well placed. I have no problem with Philbin or Tannehill (even though in all honesty I didnt want him but he may make me eat my words) I have more of a problem with Ireland. He came here to be the GM with Parcells then Ross didnt get rid of him because there was question marks on which exec picked what players. I say this when I was a kid if me and my cousins were playing in the house and broke a vase and no one fessed up, we all got punished. Thats what Ross should’ve done. Bring in a new GM and coach. Now Ireland stands to possibly get fired at the end of the year now we gotta bring in a new GM who’s coach isnt “his guy” and BAM the cycle starts all over again! And of course we should have the better if not best run blocking OL we have a #1 overall pick, the highest drafted center of all time, 1 2nd rounder, and 2 3rd rounders starting!!!

  18. Miami fans are fickle and have got a brutal unemployment and foreclosure rate…. coming up with $400 for a family of 4 to go to an NFL game isn’t high on most peoples list I’m sure…. but prices keep going up….

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