League doesn’t rule out ejecting a coach


So if coaches continue to bully and berate replacement officials, could one or more of them be ejected?


As the guys at The Dan Patrick Show determined earlier this week, the NFL has no record of any head coach ever being ejected.  But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

On Friday, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said that an ejection hasn’t been ruled out.  “It’s always a possibility if someone goes too far,” Aiello said.

On Thursday, the NFL reiterated a warning to all coaches against going too far when disrespecting replacement officials.  Until action is taken, however, we don’t expect anything to change.  There’s too much riding on these games, and too much pressure on these coaches to win.

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  1. Last nights game was the cleanest game I’ve seen from the Junior High crew. Monday’s was the worst.

    Fox should have yelled at that crew. The deserved every four letter word that was directed towards them.

  2. During this game you could see one of the officials mouth to the other official to throw J. Fox out of the game but the official wanted know part of that.

  3. Do these guys like Fox realize what buffoons they make of themselves? Grown men behaving like spoiled brat kids who had their lollypop taken away. Embarassing!

  4. So…

    ….don’t yell at the 3rd class refs, even if you lose and it costs you the game and potentially affects your employment status.

    Your job is not nearly important (and by that extension winning games) as it is for us to play hardball in contract negotiations and grind down the other side.

    Hello coaches – meet rock and hard place.

  5. Man, there is such a huge disparity between the demeanor of officials between MLB & the NFL. Coaches have long bullied officials in the NFL, while they seem content to just take it and keep their eyes forward and/or calmly explaining why they ruled the way they did.

    In MLB, you so much as make a snide comment that the umpire overhears, and you’re hitting the showers early. Zack Greinke throws down his glove in disgust at his own mental mistake and he gets immediately tossed after throwing just 4 pitches because the egomaniac at first base thought he was showing him up.

    I’m not saying that the NFL should adopt the other extreme, but after watching how John Fox was behaving while anyone who can count to twelve knew he was in the wrong, you have to start wondering where the line is.

  6. Now if they eject a few coaches guess what that will leave you with?

    Why of course, replacement coaches dealing with replacement officials.

    Just what we need? Sigh

  7. jimcaldwellsucks says:
    Sep 21, 2012 3:48 PM
    Last nights game was the cleanest game I’ve seen from the Junior High crew. Monday’s was the worst.

    Fox should have yelled at that crew. The deserved every four letter word that was directed towards them.


    John Fox was the main reason it got out of control. He was pushing opposing teams players, yelling at the refs, encouraging his players to ignore the refs.

    The refs did not deserve what he did. The coach, not the refs, were the embarrassment.

    That idiotic challenge of his was also the worst. There was no upside even if he had won that challenge.

  8. Ha, these guys don’t have the balls to eject a coach. They wouldn’t even eject a player after they shoved by him!

  9. It has gone about as far as it can, and still keep the integrity of the game intact. I see both sides of the disagreement, but the bottom line is true. The fans once again are getting screwed. We pay a lot of cash to watch these games. It sucks to watch your team lose on a bad call. Momentum is such a big thing in the NFL because the teams are so evenly matched. One bad call, can literately cost a team the game. We who bet it cost, we with mouths that talk smack pay, some of us our whole week is ruined if our team loses. Heck we get 16 games a year plus playoffs. That alone makes every call important. We put in instant replay to get the calls right. We change rules to make it easier to call, because it’s important. Time to trade in our big boy office for a little boy office, and take those big boy pants off and slip on some little boy pants, eat some chicken and get the real guys in before the game, players, coaches and all are lost to some distant world they wont be able to come back from, kinda like the defensive backs are now.

  10. I’d like to see the lock out end just as much as the next person, but seriously . . . . let’s see these coaches act like the grown men they are supposed to be. You can disagree with a ref without making an embarassment of yourself. The replacement refs are here to stay until the lock out is resolved. Deal with it.

  11. They should throw a coach out. These guys get out of hand. And saying “there’s too much riding on these games” somehow gives the coaches license to harrass the officials the entire game over whatever they want? No, it doesn’t. Toss em.

  12. I love the guys who say that these coaches are in the wrong. A. Have you ever played a sport? Players and coaches who get to this level get here b/c they put their everything into it, so having a replacement ref make a terrible call that can jeopardize all their work b/c the NFL and Refs are too greedy to make a deal is painful. B. What team do you root for, b/c I’m sure your team’s coach is def waaaay different than the Harbaughs, Foxes, etc out there.

  13. The easiest solution is a rule change. Allow teams to challenge any play as long as they have time outs. When they are wrong and the ref is right, you lose a time out. When you’re out of time outs, you’re out of challenges. Having this rule of two (or 3 if the refs are really bad) be the max is ridiculous. Why limit a team to have the correct call made 2 or 3 times a game. If the refs are any good, then there won’t be many challenges and/or the teams would run out of time outs. The reason the NFL will never do this is b/c they know refs, especially these refs, make so many obvious mistakes that the games would last 5 hours b/c teams would rarely lose a time out.
    If coaches knew they could override the refs when they were wrong, they wouldn’t need to get fired up about the wrong calls, they could just challenge the calls. The problem is the coach knows they can’t challenge all the wrong calls so they are trying to disuade the ref from making another bad call against their team.

  14. If just one coach were to get tossed, we’d see two things happen–One, the coaches would start showing some respect towards the replacement officials; and Two, the backlash from coaches and owners would force Goodell to get off his duff and settle with the striking officials.

    I’m not sure which coach I’d most like to see ejected. I’m leaning towards Jason Garrett on that one, just to see the team’s real coach, Jerry Jones, absolutely explode.

  15. @mjkelly77 says:
    Sep 21, 2012 3:46 PM
    I hope I get to see the next 49ers game. The biggest crybaby whiner could be in trouble. If Hairbough gets thrown out, I swear his head will explode.
    Still bitter about the beat down the niners gave your lame cats! Don’t worry, your pathetic team won’t make the playoffs anyway…time to jump off the bandwagon.

  16. Amazed an NFL coach has NEVER been ejected. I’d have bet that somebody would have went after an official at some point, even if it had been decades back.

  17. Is it just me or are there now refs on the sidelines in black jackets who weren’t there before? Are these “monitors” going to be the ones who throw the coach out? Goddell is a JOKE! It almost appears like now the league is controlling the game and the refs on the field when things start getting crazy? I go to most home ravens games and sit 3 rows off the field and I don’t recall seeing them before this year with the replacement refs? If they spent half as much time negotiating with the real refs than they did with issuing stupid statements on player conduct, reducing physical contact the game would be much better off!

  18. Coaches have always yelled at refs then they make bad calls. The NFL threatens to eject them so they will stop complaining about all of the blow calls. The NFL is a GREEDY PIG!

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