Maclin, Dunlap out for the Eagles this week


Eagles coach Andy Reid said that wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and left tackle King Dunlap are out for Sunday’s game against the Cardinals, per the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Maclin’s been bothered by a hip pointer all season, with last week’s against the Ravens his second. Dunlap’s down with a hamstring strain.

Without Maclin, the Cardinals will have an easier time defending the Eagles passing game (as I’m sure Ray Horton has already divined). Rookie Damaris Johnson is expected to start in Maclin’s spot.

Demetress Bell will return to the lineup in Dunlap’s spot, after being replaced by Dunlap in the preseason.

10 responses to “Maclin, Dunlap out for the Eagles this week

  1. So the combined weight of our starting WR’s for this week is less than a typical lineman?? Sweet.

  2. You bitter Eagles fans crack me up. If Tom Brady was confused by the Cardinals Defense, Michael Vick is about to be perplexed!

    Cards 16 Eagles 9

  3. Kreedos says Tom Brady was confused . Look like you are confused his offensive line has been terrible since preseason. They missed a field goal Cardinals won. A field goal that was makeable . That offensive line protecting Brady is not as good as the line in Philadelphia. Even after losing Kelce and Dunlap their replacements are just as or even better. Also have fun scraping Kolb off the ground and thank-you for Drc and Vinnie Curry ..

  4. Kreedos says:
    Sep 21, 2012 2:05 PM
    You bitter Eagles fans crack me up. If Tom Brady was confused by the Cardinals Defense, Michael Vick is about to be perplexed!

    Different team, different situation, different mindset. I think you have it backwards. Your defense has to prepare for Michael Vick. Tom Brady is a standard quarterback (well… the best ever standard quarterback). He stays in the pocket. Vick is unpredictable when he’s hot so I think come Sunday you will be eating your words. And our WR’s are going to spank your secondary (go ahead PLEASE overlook Johnson and double Jackson and SEE what happens).

    Score: 21/10 Eagles

  5. Cards have a good defense but Eagles are ranked #1 in yardage. They might slow them down but the only thing that can stop the Eagles is themselves.

    Cards O on the other is pretty useless. The Eagles D has been great.

    They could win the game but only with the help of special teams or defensive TDs.

  6. Had to come back to this one…

    All of you Eagles fans can kick rocks. Specifically “eaglebranded ” and “bobonmycob”. The scene of the day was Vick getting pummeled into the ground with grass stuck in his facemask …

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