Packers were expecting to face Flynn, and vice versa


This is not the way it was supposed to work out for Matt Flynn.

This week was supposed to be the teacher-apprentice game on Monday Night Football, where Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers tried to beat his old backup.

But after signing a three-year deal which will pay him $8 million this season, Flynn gets to stand and watch as Seahawks rookie Russell Wilson has stolen what was supposed to be his moment.

It’s not my decision to make,” Flynn said, via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. “I’m proud of the way that I’ve played and I’ve picked everything up and how I’ve handled coming into a new situation. I can’t control anything. I’m just trying to make the team better and make myself better, and stay confident.”

As O’Neil points out, Flynn didn’t lose this job so much as Wilson grabbed it and crammed it in the back pocket of his Levis (whose commercial he’ll star in Monday).

That’s why the Packers are as surprised as anyone they aren’t playing their former backup this week.

“I definitely felt from my experience with Matt that we’d be playing against him come Week 3,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. “There’s no question about that.”

“It hasn’t gone the way he would have wanted so far,” Rodgers said. “But he’s a competitor, and hopefully he’s going to get an opportunity at some point, either there or somewhere else.”

The best news for the Seahawks is that if Wilson backslides, they have a proven, competent backup plan in place. But as important, one who isn’t pouting or making an unusual situation difficult.

“Initially, it was a shock to him,” Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said. “He took it like any quarterback you hope would take it. He wasn’t happy about it. It wasn’t how he had expected it to go or saw it in his mind.

“Once he moved on from that, he has been great for Russ.”

That’s good news for Seahawks, who weren’t afraid to let money keep them from the decision they obviously wanted to make. As cheap as Wilson is on his rookie deal, Flynn’s hit isn’t as bad as it would otherwise be, and the fact he’s handling things like an adult keeps it from undermining a rookie trying to learn.

24 responses to “Packers were expecting to face Flynn, and vice versa

  1. Players have to have some class before they can be Packers. The Packers teach their players class.
    Flynn hasn’t lost any of it.

    Getting injured just before the start of the season really hurt Flynn in the unexpected quarterback competition.

    The QB situation for the Seahawks is not permanent.

  2. I’ll tell you what Matt… if you are not happy there, we would WELCOME you back to GB backing up Rodgers.

  3. As a Seahawk fan, I look at it this way: We’re paying Flynn and Wilson, combined, about the same amount we were paying Jackson and Whitehurst last year.

    I consider that to be a major upgrade.

    Flynn will get his chance. If not in Seattle, then wherever they may trade him in the next couple of years. Flynn would do himself no good by pouting, and let’s face it: There are far worse fates in life than being paid $6.5 million a year to not play football.

  4. Flynn is a sharp guy. He knows any NFL backup QB is just one play away from becoming the starter.

    Plus, making a crybaby fuss now would only make it tougher to catch on with another team down the road.

  5. 1) Flynn played with the best receiving core in the NFL which added to his success.

    2) Russell Wilson can ball. He has a great arm and moves well in the pocket.

    3) Packers will win anyway- Flynn or Wilson.

  6. I think Flynn might still have a chance. The Seattle defense and run game is good enough that it will keep them in games, but if they’re losing that means a lot of the blame is going to fall on the QB.

    Of course, so far they lost a game to a team that beat New England, and blew out Dallas. For Flynn to get his chance they do have to actually start losing at some point.

  7. Even if Flynn isnt playing in this game he can be quite valuable since he played for the Pack. He could probably provide some info for the Hawks D

  8. Flynn needs to take the Tebow approach – have his surrogates complain about playing time and threaten to force a trade, all while denying HE said anything and claiming to be a team-first guy which keeps himself in the news, which is all he really wants anyway.

  9. Russell won the job, nobody handed it to him.
    Beside Lynch, and Turbin are going to wear that Packers defense out…Only thing Russ will have to do is hand off the ball and watch them go.
    Packers defense has given up 40 points to Seattle’s 27.
    Packers defense has allowed 280 yards on the ground through 2 games…Seattle has 297 yards rushing in 2 games.
    This game isn’t going to be a easy as a lot of Packers fans think.
    Go Hawks!

  10. I’m comfortable with either of these guys commanding the ship. And just to put things in perspective, Wilson now has the same amount of career starts as Flynn – more after Monday. Both are classy guys and happy to have them here.

  11. As a SEA fan, I am not happy like Flynn. I DON’T believe Wilson played that much better than Flynn, and I think you show respect to the elder and give him at least the start. It doesn’t hurt Wilson at all to sit and watch his first year, and it was expected.

    To not take Flynn for a spin and see what he can really do – is crazy in my book. We may have one of the best QB’s in the business and we don’t know yet.

    This is Carroll’s crowning mistake.

  12. one other fact I would like to mention.

    Darrell Bevell played QB at Wisconsin as well – and did very well in early 90’s. You cant tell me that didn’t play a part in the decision.

    I am sure he got lots of phone calls from home about Wilson starting.

    Also, on this thread are a bunch of Bagger fans anyway – and there will be a lot of cheering anyway for Wilson on Monday night.

  13. I PRAY the packers come in here and think this is going to be a cake walk. I do feel terrible for Flynn and truth be told the entire off season I figured he would be our starter. However, one thing Seattle is figuring out is that Russell Wilson is the REAL DEAL top to bottom!! No one could have kept this kid from realizing his goals.. NO ONE!!! he is the consimate pro!!! AND HE IS A ROOKIE!!!! Seattle is going to shock a lot of people this year!!! Yes even you Green Bay!!! I love Aaron Rodgers but the Packers have no clue what they are walking into Monday and if they arent careful they will leave Seattle as bruised and beaten as the Cowboys did last Sunday!!!

    Seattle 31
    Green bay 14


  14. With Flynn at the helm, we would probably be 2-0 right now.. It’s cool that Wilson is working out and all, but Flynn would have dissected the KC defense also. Wilson is still making the rookie mistakes and, lets be honest, has been average in the first two games. Not saying average isn’t good for a rookie and all, but he is a rookie and all. This stupid talk about how Wilson now has as much experience as Flynn is ridiculous, there is a reason QB’s sit behind vets, and Flynn has 4 years of experience learning NFL defenses and offenses.

  15. Wow.

    Anyone who thinks that the Seahawks, behind a rookie qb on MNF is going to more than double the packers scoring should at least share their drugs with the rest of us.

    Russell is going to get sacked. A lot. Good kid, and I’m happy for Seattle as they’ve got two good qbs now.

    But the Packers pass rush will rattle this kid, and the Packera have had a long time to prepare for this game.

    Packers 30, Seahawks 17.

  16. Same thing the cowboys said!!! If this game were played at lambeau it would be a different story!!! I PRAY they come in here thinking that very same thing!!! This defense especially at home is gonna continue to shock everyone!!! Its just your turn to find out Packers!!!

  17. I don’t understand the rhetoric from Seahawks fans that the Packers are taking this game lightly. I guarantee you they aren’t. They don’t take any team lightly. It’s not McCarthy’s MO.

    And outside of the over-the-top Packer fans, we all know that it’s hard to fly all the way to the far west coast, pass a couple time zones, play against a loud crowd and get a win on the road. The game will be tough regardless.

    In regards to the QB’s; I think Flynn would be a better option to win this season but Wilson has a ton more potential and will be better in the future so the coaching staff went with the future on that call.

  18. Packers’ job is to score more than 21 points. If they do that they should win. This would be a good time for the Pack to get their offense rolling again. And Charles Woodson is about due for a Pick 6 I think. Won’t be easy, but you don’t get many gimmees in this league.

  19. Not taking anything away from Greenbay but I will gurantee you that they have no clue as to the physicality of this Seahawk football team.. and “loud croud” doesnt do the scene at the clink ESPECIALLY on Monday night!!! I get the fact that you guys are on top of the heap but I will say this… Wether they take this game seriously or not Seattle is set to PUNCH THEM SQUARE IN THE MOUTH!!! And San Francisco is in our divison.. Go back and watch film of the two games Seattle and San Francisco played last year!!! And now try to imagine Seattle with TWICE the quarterback!!! San Fran dominated you in your house and now Seattle will DOMINATE YOU in theirs!!!!

  20. Man, I’m going to have to disagree with you there. I don’t think there’s a more physical team than SF, who the Packers already faced.

    The main difference is that the Niners have some semblance of offense.

    The Seahawks do not.

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