Report: NFL finally reaches deal with Time Warner Cable


The NFL has apparently reached a deal to end a longer-running impasse than the one with its officials.

According to Scott Soshnick of Bloomberg, the league has reached an agreement with Time Warner Cable to carry the NFL Network and Red Zone Channel.

Time Warner has about 12 million subscribers, and was the last major cable carrier without a deal with the NFL.

The league was careful to point out the lack of Time Warner’s presence when it signed a deal with Cablevision, noting it was the only one of the top nine carriers without the channel.

It’s a huge get for fans in New York City, as well as smaller markets such as Charlotte which were locked in with TWC. Of course, at least one customer in Charlotte (Gruden thumbs, this guy) got tired of waiting and switched.

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  1. Hmm. So, as a TWC subscriber… while I’m sure the Red Zone will be a premium channel, where will the NFLN be? Hopefully included in the digital package I already have…

  2. what abt sunday ticket?

    I think NFL sunday ticket is the greatest invention ever brought to American society,

    there is nothing else in this country that is as exciting and drama-filled at around 3:30 when all the 1st wave of games is heading into the 4th Q and you get to surf through all the dramatic finishes

    and then get rewarded with a fresh slate of 4:00 games followed by the SNF game on NBC,

    then NFL network post-game ,

    and then NFL game shortcuts which puts every game from the day in 30 minute intervals cutting out play clock and commercials,

    from am to pm , NFL sunday ticket is greatest ever.

  3. Great!

    Now, what does the NFL plan on doing for those of us who no longer feel like paying a cable/satellite bill every month, when we get beautiful hi-def TV for free with just an ANTENNA?

    You are alienating potential fans, but your stupidity, as always will rule the day.

  4. I’m guessing the emergence of Thursday Night Football all-season prompted more people to switch this year. Especially considering the largest market’s home-team was on NFL Network two of the first 3 weeks of the year (which was clearly on purpose).

  5. Why any true football fan doesn’t have directv and NFL TICKET I will never understand. I make sure if I move directv is my first call to get a time set up. First off they have great technology, The DVR has big memory record 2 things at once or they have the ultimate DVR which records 5 at once and u can get whole home which means with 1 DVR u can record something. Than watch it with any other normal reciver. Than the NFL Ticket you can get redzone mix channel the quick cast on Monday -wedsenday which is every game cut down to 30 mins while getting to see every play. So if you didn’t want to watch whole game of bills u can watch that. Plus you can watch every game even blackout games so like I can watch chargers game should I choose to than you get NFL TO GO which means frOm laptop smart phone whatever Internet device you just log into acct and watch whatever game you want. I am a MA so I work in family practice office were I’m 10 hours a day mon-thurs shift cause I’ve got more senoriaty over other MA so I get mon-thurs while they work tue-fri it is doctors office so only works week days anyway so what I do is my brother buy the NFL TO GO from me for 60$ and he hooks his laptop up to his tv. Watches the raiders yes I know nasty but whatever so like I said can’t belive a big football fan would even have time Warner over directv.

  6. wait. explain… I have TWC, does that mean the NFL Network and Red Zone are magically going to appear in my channel lineup, or do I have to pay a fee, like with HBO?

    I’ve been watching Red Zone on my Verizon phone and the idea of seeing it larger than 4″ is making me dizzy with possibility.

  7. Better late than never Time Warner Cable! As a TWC subscriber I am happy about this news, but I’m sure they will charge an extra monthly fee to carry the channel.

  8. I own a townhouse in Orlando and have been stuck with TWC(Brighthouse) for a while. We recently got Embarq’s service, Prism, in our area and I was about ready to make the switch for that reason alone. I still might.

  9. Just get the NFL package on DirecTV and you wouldn’t have to worry about any of this.

    Once you TWC peeps get the NFLN, check out the “NFL Replay” on Mon, Tues, Wed (I believe). They take several top games from the weekend before and condense it down to an hour, getting rid of all the delays between plays and, thank heavens, penalty delays.

    Then they add in quick post-game interview bits during the game. It’s cool to see what a coach or player said about a particular play as the play is being run. Good stuff!

  10. I’ll believe it when i see it. This has been a long long time coming, just happy i got to miss the game last night. Hopefully itll be there before next Thursday

  11. @true9erfan66 – Not everyone lives in a home that they own. I have a townhouse and I am not able to have Direct due to HOA regulations not allowing us to attach anything to the outside of the building. Also, there are a lot of people who can’t have it because they don’t have a anywhere to place the dish facing in the proper direction.

  12. any word on when it goes live ? i already have the sports & digital package .

    i had to move and where i am at they will not allow any dish .so i am stuck with TWC ..this will help ease the pain . i sure do miss my Direct TV .

    i am in central Ohio ..i hope its up in time to see my beloved Browns play this Thursday night . even though we will probably lose that game i still want to watch just like i have since 67 .

  13. I just dumped Time Warner for Dish TV a few weeks back because of the NFL Network.

    Now, I’m glad I did it for many more reasons beyond the NFL Network. Time Warner, in my case at least, was a nightmare of a provider.

  14. true9erfan66 says: Sep 21, 2012 11:30 AM

    Why any true football fan doesn’t have directv and NFL TICKET I will never understand.
    Some of us aren’t exactly able to face southwest, cut down all the trees in the yard, and avoid snow and rain during football season.

  15. I would love to drop my Game Rewind package from and replace it with the Sunday Ticket. But as a condo owner that cannot happen unless the Sunday Ticket is available through cable networks.

    That’s the change I’d like to see! (After the real officials are brought back.)

  16. true9erfan66 says: Sep 21, 2012 11:30 AM

    Why any true football fan doesn’t have directv and NFL TICKET I will never understand.

    I like to watch games when it happens to be raining really hard here. On my son-in-law’s Direct TV setup, we get a blank screen and “searching for signal…”

  17. Yeah, most us peeps in NYC, especially those of us in apartment building, aren’t allowed to hang satellite dishes out our window. If I could I would. TWC getting NFL network and Red Zone is the best news in a long time on the cable front for us. I practically crapped myself when I read this news. I have been streaming games on my mac for the past two years because of this…it will be nice to watch games on my TV from now on.

  18. ‘Bout time. Just how much is my cable bill going to increase now? I’m already paying for over a hundred food channels, foreign channels and other crap that I never(ever) watch. What a rip!

  19. For the condo owner who can’t get directv :

    Directv does offer a “streaming only” version of Sunday Ticket for $300.
    You just have to call and tell them you’re not allowed to have a dish on your patio.

    I have this via ps3 streaming…quality is very hit or miss.

  20. rhinosteel6 says: Sep 21, 2012 12:30 PM

    Congrats to everyone who didnt have access to Redzone, Its the best thing since the Bible!

    It is indeed awesome to say the least. Sadly our local provider wants our second born child and our dog just to watch it. I guess it’s a pirates life for me until they come down to a reasonable price.

  21. NFL Network will be on Time Warner Cable’s digital basic tier.

    NFL RedZone will be on the sports tier.

    Yes includes brighthouse too.

  22. About time. I dumped TW 5 yrs ago over this. No way I’m leaving Dish now, but I’m happy for my neighbors that have TW.

  23. Wake me up when TWC gets off their wallet and bids on Sunday Ticket.

    Until that time DirecTv gets my hard earned jack.

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