Rex Ryan wants to “put some hot sauce on” Reggie Bush


Jets coach Rex Ryan says his defense needs to get physical with Dolphins running back Reggie Bush on Sunday, and Ryan is taking a cue from Bart Scott in describing how to do it.

Ryan praised Bush when talking to reporters this week, but in praising Bush he also made clear that he thinks the Jets must bring Bush down, and they must bring him down hard.

“Reggie Bush is, everybody knows, he’s a special player,” Ryan said. “He’s got great speed, that’s the first thing that jumps out at you. He’s shifty. He runs with a little more power than people give him credit for. . . . Obviously we have to do a great job of getting a lot of guys to him and then get him on the ground. Put some hot sauce on him, if you will.”

Ryan was referencing comments from his linebacker, Bart Scott, who said in 2006 that he was going to put some hot sauce on Bush. At that time, Scott played for the Ravens, Ryan was Baltimore’s defensive coordinator, and Bush was a rookie for the Saints. When the Saints and Ravens met that season, Scott said Bush took a cheap shot at him and that he went after Bush’s ankle in retaliation.

“The media darling, aka the golden boy of the NFL, tried to take a cheap shot at me, so I told him I was going to put some extra on it,” Scott said of Bush at the time. “He can do all those shakes he wants, but I wasn’t going anywhere. I put a little hot sauce on that ankle.”

Six years later, Bush is second in the league with 241 rushing yards, and he’s preparing to meet Scott and Ryan again. Bush hasn’t been an easy player for defenses to put hot sauce on recently.

46 responses to “Rex Ryan wants to “put some hot sauce on” Reggie Bush

  1. I think its funny that Rex Ryan still thinks he has a top 5 defence. Aside from Revis they dont have much.

    Miami probably puts up 20 or more against that bunch of over-hyped mouth pieces.

  2. Rex was also fondly remembering the days when he’d knock back a dozen tacos when he made this comment.

    Joking aside, I think Rex has done a great job of getting a lot of those dangerous pounds off his body.

  3. There is so much I like about Reggie Bush, and he has more class than Ryan & Scott put together, so I really hope he does well against those 2 Wind-Bags. But if any of you saw Reggie on NFL-Network yesterday, I find it interesting that he was so Super-Cautious in answering questions, and almost refused to answer before the other player. It seems as if he is still recovering from the whole Heisman-Being-Taken-Away thing…

  4. I’m guessing it was getting past Rex’s dinner time.

    He followed it up by saying they would slow down Miami’s running attack like “cooling hot fudge on his sundae” and that they would cut through the Dolphin defense like “perfectly cooked roast beef on a kaiser roll dipped in it’s own au jus.”

    The press conference took a bit of an ugly turn when the head janitor quit when he refused to send in any of his men to mop the pool of drool under Ryan’s chair.

  5. And this guy thinks his job is secure/forever? He’s an idiot. I mean he may have some skills with X/O’s but he really is an idiot…and a weird idiot (not that there is anything wrong with that). I don’t see anyway he’s a Championship coach. Great D Coord, bad head coach. Nothing wrong with that, just the way it is….

  6. “Divisional game in 2 days and all Rex can think about is food”
    and feet with hot sauce on it.

  7. Roger, are you reading this?

    Seems your sanctions against New Orleans didn’t get the attention of the other teams in the league.

  8. they rendered Reggie ineffective for the rest of the game. Scott blatantly twisted his ankle after a tackle, no flag….no fine, admitted on TV after the game to doing it. No big deal. No investigation

  9. I hope Reggie has another big day. It’s not only him but the o-line has been solid. Keep disrespecting the Phins even though they are 6-2 over the jets in the last 8 games. TH17 baby I hope the Phins finally has a franchise QB to build around. Over 30 million under cap and allot of picks for next season.

  10. Reggie Bush has a good week against a terrible team and all of a sudden he’s a “good back”. Give me a break. I hate the Jets as much as the next guy but they will likely send him back to mediocrity this week.

  11. Phins fan here. They are only 7.1M under the cap currently ,but are taking hits of 5.5M and 4.8M for BMarsh and Vernon Carey respectively. Those will be gone next year along with Jake’s huge number of 12+Million due to signing bonuses and other ways of circumventing the cap number for player.

  12. So the head coach wants his players to perform some illegal, extra curricular activity on Bush after he’s tackled????

    That is so mind-blowingly stupid. Isn’t Ryan at all aware of what’s happening to the Saints?

  13. Given all we’ve been exposed to over the recent months, how is this:

    ” Scott said Bush took a cheap shot at him and that he went after Bush’s ankle in retaliation.”

    Not some kind of “bounty” or, more accurately, a dirty blow?!?

    I, for one, believe all this is blown way out of proportion, but it is hypocritical that you guys whine about the “violence” and yet let this go without question.

    C’mon man!

  14. I’m guessing 31-10 Miami. Jets will completely fail. Legaduu nannee will have TD/110 yds. Reggie 2 TD/155. Hairline grabs 6 for 85. Marcus Thigpen gets a return TD.

  15. All you have to do with Reggie Bush is keep your quicker LB’s to the outside and clog the middle with your d-line. I’d personally stay away from the Blitz and focus on Bush, at least until late in the third quarter. What that will leave the Dolphins with is a flustered Tannehill.

  16. Easy win for the JETS. 27-3.?? Really?

    Guess you forgot that the Dolphins have beaten the jests 4 out of 6 times since Wrecks starting blabbering…. I know reality is hard for jet fans but it’s time to wake up. Your team is average at best!

  17. I doubt that the jests will “fluster” Tanny if the Texans couldn’t after three tipped passes

  18. I’m just hoping the Jets don’t get fried by the heat, suppose to be 90 and sunny, O and humid, and it’s a down pour here today which means the Jets can’t even practice in the sun & heat, but Jets will beat Miami, they have to, San Fran & Houston next!

  19. Easy win for the JETS. 27-3.?? Really?

    When they play the fins they are the fins’ PETS!


    27-3 Miami!

  20. I think this might be the year to fat boys mouth finally get him in more trouble than he can talk his way of this statement right here is basically a public bounty on Reggie Bush and if he gets hurt him and Scott should get fined and suspended for the rest of the year if not life

  21. No one ever accused these two of being smart…. or knowing when to shut up!

    Hat tip to sclazo for reminding me that the “Phins are 6-2 over the jets in the last 8 games”

  22. This team likes to boast all the time when playing a team that is a non-playoff team. I can see them squeking a win this game only b/c of the defense is good against the run and Miami has a rookie QB. Now that being said, they better win b/c they have 49ers and Texans up next and if they lose to Miami I can’t wait to see if Rexy boasts. Good Luck!

  23. i love all you flipper fans. you guys think you will win a playoff game this decade?

    anyway, congrats on being 5-3 vs rex the last few years. it has been a nice turnaround from the jets going 17-5 vs you guys in the decade before.

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