Steelers announce Harrison and Polamalu out for Oakland trip


The Steelers made official Friday what was already expected — linebacker James Harrison and safety Troy Polamalu won’t play Sunday in Oakland, according to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Harrison’s sore knee still won’t allow him back, while Polamalu’s Week One calf strain will now cost him a second straight game.

Shelving them gives the Steelers a chance to get their defensive leaders back after their Week Four bye, which they need.

The Steelers will also be without running back Rashard Mendenhall and linebacker Stevenson Sylvester, while tackle Mike Adams (back) has not practiced this week and was listed as questionable.

20 responses to “Steelers announce Harrison and Polamalu out for Oakland trip

  1. I doubt the absence of Polamalu or Harrison will have much impact on the game. The Raiders couldn’t beat the Sacramento Mountain Lions right now.

  2. #43 is missing more & more games every year..time to start looking for his replacement,and I don’t mean Mundy or Cromartie/SmiSmith, Troy just can’t keep his legs healthy, and what’s a safety who can’t run? All good things come to an end.

  3. Finally – the Steelers show some indicia of an appreciation for NOT rushing a player back too soon.

    I can’t even count how many times we rolled out players who were NOT ready. Last year, we ran out Ben, Pouncey and Wood wayyy too soon. It cost us.

    Back in the Cowher era, we destroyed Kendrell Bell’s career by rushing him back too soon. Bell was an NFL DROTY.

    Get healed up. Then light people up. But don’t run out guys onto the field who are limping and gimping.

  4. No need to bring these guys back before the early bye. Get them both ready for the meat of the schedule and a run to a 7th Lombardi.

    To the haters; keep doubting and the Steelers will just keep winning. You only wish your franchise had the leadership and stability that Pittsburgh has in place.


  5. Yeah..Bell was never the same! I’m thinking Troy and James should be ready after the bye week.. so makes no sence to play um.

  6. Troy is a pro bowl safety and I’m sure if he couldn’t run he would have been cut this summer tell you what I do know he can out run you bad leg and all!!! Troy will be back when ready not before Go Steelers !!!

  7. he’s being paid as if hes playing. Crazy how restructuring contacts work. Cant wait to watch the steelers lose to the lowly raiders

  8. If Harrison isn’t even practicing how effective is he going to be back in his first game after all this time ? Harrison is 34, maybe it’s time to consider parting ways….
    It seems like Troy has strained that calf many times, likely to continue to occur without warning.

    With those two, that’s a lot of cash riding pine….

  9. Sounds like a #43 groupie to me..I keep it 100% Troy hasn’t been himself the last few seasons.. don’t know what games you been watchin, and if you think he deserved to be a pro bowler last year (one of his worse statistically) you don’t nuthin about the game..he’s Definitely on his last contract.

  10. Contracts and tomorrow are promised to know one, injuries and sports go hand in hand. Not going to throw Troy under the bus because he misssed a few games. Serena Williams wouldn’t have won the last two Majors and the Olympics if she had listened to all the people saying that she was too old to compete with the 21 year olds. Over 30 and still kicking butt. Troy has that same fire he’ll be back making plays soon

    Go Steelers!!!

  11. i don’t follow the steelers, but does Polamalu every play? i allways seem to hear reports he is injured or when i flip to the game i don’t see him

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