Will Smith: My meeting with Roger Goodell went well

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In a rare instance of one of the players implicated in the Saints’ bounty program actually having something positive to say about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Saints defensive end Will Smith said today that his Tuesday meeting with Goodell was productive.

The meeting overall went well,” Smith told the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “I got a chance to go in there and tell him what happened in the meeting room. And we have to see what happens.”

Smith giving Goodell his side of the story may be a good first step, but he acknowledges that doesn’t mean Goodell won’t eventually go through with his initial plan to suspend Smith for four games.

“I don’t know,” Smith said. “At the end of the day, it comes down to the commissioner. At the end of the day I can’t judge or gauge his level of what he is going to discipline or if he is going to discipline at all.”

The fact that Smith thinks there’s even a chance that Goodell won’t discipline him at all is a sign that their meeting did, indeed, go well.

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  1. The fact that Smith thinks there’s even a chance that Goodell won’t discipline him at all is a sign that their meeting did, indeed, go well.

    Actually it’s a sign that Smith fessed up and told the truth. Commissioner Goodell will reduce his suspension to two games and the other miscreants will take note.

  2. No matter what Smith and Vilma said in a locker room, their actions on the field in no way justified Sean Payton being suspended for a year. At this point, how can Goodell correct his mistakes and severe abuse of power he’s imposed on the Saints?

  3. @silentcount. I don’t think we’ve heard all the evidence the NFL has on Payton. I think he facilitated bounty contributions by Mike Ornstein, a twice convicted felon. Ornstein, who was Reggie Bushes agent at the time isn’t a league or club employee. So why would an outsider contribute literally tens of thousands of dollars? I think he was gambling. If he had a clean record, you’d have to give him the benefit of the doubt. But both his felonies were mail fraud involving the NFL. And of course, there is the Reggie Bush UCLA thing. So Ornstein is slimeball, and could easily be gambling on Saints games. The NFL doesn’t want that out there, but I think that’s part of the reason for the stiff suspensions. (Yes I watched Conspiracy Theory one to many times.)

  4. Goodell actually knew Ornstein loooong before Coach Payton & Reggie Bush came to NOLA. This whole Saints fiasco has been Goodell’s way of trying to get a feeble old man (Benson) to sell his franchise to a Los Angeles based owner.

  5. @silentcount: Payton is being punished for all that happened because he is the head coach and responsible for everything that happened. Is the punishment excessive, who knows.

    I think that Smith should have a reasonable expectation of a reduced suspension. From the beginning, I honestly believe Goodell was throwing the hammer at people, when they come in, he reduces the punishment, and it is a win win. The league gets to look like the good guy both for reducing the punishment AND for taking action while the player looks good for being upfront and contrite.

    It should be interesting to see what happens though.

    1. If Smith’s suspension gets reduced but still happens, that means that Goodell was right all along while the players weren’t, that will play against the other 3 players.

    2. The other players should really be watching because this could directly impact how they should react to the do-over.

    3. If the suspension gets reduced, it will also mean that there was alot of posturing for nothing. It will cost all players alot of credibility moving forward and make what few judges will rule in their favor more reluctant to do that again, as the perception of the players just trying to get out of paying their dues looks more likely.

  6. I believe that payton was punished for a few things. I believe he also got punished for the Vicodin incident. There was a gag order on the ordeal so we never found out what was the end result. His punishment was a combination of a few things thats been going on for a few years now. Probably another reason he hasn’t said much. I believe that he will be reinstated by week 12. And everyone else’s punishment will also be reduced including the Saints possibly getting some draft picks back. I might completely wrong but it could be a possibility.

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